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  1. brandonspitler

    Banks Finals started yet? Updates?

    im stuck at work, can i get some updates here? thanks ahead of time!! bls
  2. brandonspitler

    Thank You TAR....

    Big kudos to JCIN and the TAR Crew! You guys have really come with it, great matches, and the very best players. Fantastic streaming quality, camera views, and nice commentary. All in all, its where the best players matchup, and I thank you for providing us the inside view with not only the play...
  3. brandonspitler

    Streaming Tunica????

    Has anyone heard if Tunica will be streamed or not? Id love to sweat it, but i havent heard anything. yes/no, free/ppv, tourney matches/action? thanks, Brandon Lee Spitler.
  4. brandonspitler

    Why so few Pinoys?

    This has probably been asked and answered already, but.... Why so few Pinoys at the US Open? By this, I mean, no Efren, no Bustamante, no Alcano, no Orcullo, no Manalo? Also, I recently saw a player on a live stream named Bucky Savanthong, where is he from and where does he usually play? Looks...
  5. brandonspitler

    SVB Results?????

    Can anyone tell me who won the matches in Switzerland these past few days? I heard SVB was playing Regli and Jungo...but who won?? details anyone?? thx, Brandon Lee Spitler
  6. brandonspitler

    This is GREAT!

    I just had to share this! A very good friend of mine, who MUST remain nameless, goes to a pool tourney looking to make a little extra dough. The tourney takes place on the same day as the Sertoma Chili Cookoff here in town. The guy that runs the tourney takes the entry fees, as the tourney gets...
  7. brandonspitler

    My thoughts on Dennis Hatch.......

    Where to start??? The Mosconi Cup, had become kinda "old-hat" to me after seeing the same faces for Team USA every year, Earl, Archer...etc. And it began to feel like everyone was going through the motions. The excitment was lost for me, to say the least. Now...I have been a fan of Dennis Hatch...
  8. brandonspitler

    Public apology!

    i was at the Midwest 9 Ball Tour event at Magoo's in Tulsa, Ok over this past weekend, and i had a major guilt-ridden incident happen on the first night... and this is my apology for what transpired....... i went to the bathroom after having about 4 bottled waters. there were 2 urinals, and as...
  9. brandonspitler

    What is fair???????

    :confused:ok guys...i need honest opinions on this matter... my cousin and i play at a small poolhall in Branson, MO. we are by far the best players in the place, and we try to help others to better their games as well. we play with them all the time, offer our assistance quite often and are...
  10. brandonspitler

    Hey TAR.......

    is there any chance of a big one-pocket match happening any time soon, and TAR covering? who would everyone out there like to see match up and play? i'd love to see an Alex Pagulayan v. Scott Frost maybe? or a Daulton v. Schmidt? i'd love to see some worldclass one-pocket with great TAR...
  11. brandonspitler

    Orcollo / Yang updates???

    hey guys...just wondering about Orcollo - Yang! Have they already played the match? is it 2 days? if so, whats the 1st day ending score??? or if it's over, who won??? HELP! Brandon Lee Spitler.