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  1. Poolmanis

    "I got lucky!"

    I was playing today small set versus my club member and he was doing a lot of nice safeties.. I clipped couple highlights off from our set. Enjoy. :)
  2. Poolmanis

    Pagulayan vs Kevin Clark 14.1 challenge

    They played couple matches to 150 points. I watched 1st one partially. I forgot to put link to livestream yesterday but it is still there. No spoilers to thread for those who wanna enjoy watching it please.
  3. Poolmanis

    Quezon City 10-Ball Open - FINALS live now on Youtube

    Raga vs Alcano. Race to 15 starting now. livestream:
  4. Poolmanis

    Dennis 10 pack vs SVB from last match is now on Youtube!

    There u go :)
  5. Poolmanis

    New PBA season started!

    here some links to YouTube channels that have a ton of livestreams from PBA:
  6. Poolmanis

    Winner Breaks..

    Is the way how pool should be played. PROVE ME WRONG! :ROFLMAO: Ok. Here is little thought for discussion. 1. Alternative break is ok if matches are short races(max 5-6). Longer matches it is boring to watch. Not suitable for TV if we want to sport grow and interest more people. 2. Winner...
  7. Poolmanis

    WWYD 14.1 after break shot?

    Okay. This layout came out after long time i shot some 14.1 in practice table.. After first break i get this mess and did not want to give up so easily. What offensive shot you would try here? Edit : added also WWYD part 2 pic on this post
  8. Poolmanis

    Lately i have been attracted to different carom games..

    Dunno why ... :rolleyes:
  9. Poolmanis

    Cool short video of me getting drilled by our newest club member..

    and me getting lucky out in second game :)
  10. Poolmanis

    Taom founder interview Finnish(English subtitles)

    Story of Taom Tips and Chalks and some great news too.
  11. Poolmanis

    Probably super quality scotch doubles from Philippines again!

    Raga-Banares vs Chua-Ignacio | Scotch Doubles | Race 60 Day 1 | 05/07/2021 Gotta see it later myself. Just noticed this in my YouTube subs. Please no spoilers in comments guys!
  12. Poolmanis

    Finnish One Pocket Beer Challenge! 30th march 2pm EST

    Tomorrow 30th of march 21:00 Finnish Time(EET) = 2PM EST me and my buddy play and stream some one pocket. We gonna have little twist to have some fun while doing it. After every rack need to start new beer and we have moving handicap. Starts from even and every rack won moves handicap. Loser of...
  13. Poolmanis

    Poolmanis Instructional Main Thread

    Hello AZB. Let me introduce myself for those that not know me first. I am from Finland but been here AZB for some time. I am all around Billiards(Pool,Snooker,Finnish Kaisa,Russian Pyramid and little bit Carom too) player, table mechanic and pool/snooker coach. I have been playing 25 years and...
  14. Poolmanis

    Unreal Gareth Potts Chinese 9-ball show

    I think he was just putting fast racks so he could see that sign girl walk around... Anyways. Most impressive stuff probably i have ever seen. Even with soft breaking. Those tables are no joke.
  15. Poolmanis

    What is Chinese Snooker called in U.s pool terms?

    When you shooting over interfering ball in snooker it is called Chinese snooker. Do U.s players use similar fancy term for that kind situtation?
  16. Poolmanis

    Beat my draw!

    Heyy folks. I just was loosening up my stroke after practice and was trying to get max low english with sidespin. So here my challenge with my best result. Both balls are exactly one ball width from side rail. Can you do better? I am interested especially 9ft Diamond table results because...
  17. Poolmanis

    Philipino Scotch doubles

    Biado official just uploaded Philipino Scotch doubles on Youtube. Biado/Binares vs Raga/Corteza Should be sweet :)
  18. Poolmanis

    all 14.1 lovers. Great computer game for 14.1.

    Hi all! I can´t get on real tables now but I did buy game Shooters Pool. It is great Billiard Simulator. Works especially well on 14.1. I have never ever played so much my life than last week(been in game week and half now). There is small flaws(which 99% of players don´t even...