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  1. Poolmanis

    TAOM V10

    And Dr Dave also uses Taom... ;) And Taom cost to13€ for us here. I bought my Taom Pyro 2020... So not so expensive if i use it about year.. And it saves money for me also because i don´t lose games by getting bad contacts. I can see more and more pros use it. Some that are even sponsored by...
  2. Poolmanis

    TAOM V10

  3. Poolmanis

    2021 AZB Ghost Challenge - Official Thread

    I have been long away from pool. First came little burn out and then i had back issues and long flu. I think it was good to have little vacation from playing and i enjoy it a lot again. Played now a lot about week and got in decent shape. I actually tried beat pro ghost 7-0 couple nights but...
  4. Poolmanis

    TAOM V10

    I tested it now briefly and I can say it is better than Pyro. Sticks in tip like messy Kamui but it is as clean as Pyro. I don´t know how they made it but they still improved. Just wow.
  5. Poolmanis

    Action Alert!!!! Fedor Gorst vs Alex Pagulayan-10 Ball race to 75 October 12-14th

    If they would use template racks i would take Gorst but Triangle racks nerf break advantage so I would pick Alex on this one.
  6. Poolmanis

    Beating a top 100 player in the world???

    oops. I forgot 2 out from list. played 6 players total from 100 list. Lost to Kaci race to 6 100$ 10ball 3-6(5 pack to Kaci from flip) and Jayson Shaw banks 0-3 DDC first round.. i was totally worn out from car drive from New York and could not hit anything yet.. Btw. Makkonen did beat me 2 year...
  7. Poolmanis

    Beating a top 100 player in the world???

    I have played 4 players that are in top 100 list and managed beat 3 of them. I also lost to them more often than win. All Finnish pros. Lost to Alex Pagulaian 8-13 on WPS 8-ball event back in 2017. We played some 30$ per rack one pocket vs Pagu too and played even. Games went 2-2. That was nice...
  8. Poolmanis

    Accu-Rack dissapointment

    My friends who are Finnish Pro players said years ago same things about accuracks that OP. So i agree even i don´t have first hand experience.
  9. Poolmanis

    SVB vs Chang Update Thread

    I think SVB gonna take this because he is so used to play big money sets... but we will see :)
  10. Poolmanis

    "I got lucky!"

    I play it on Shooters Pool billiard simulation. I have always been good at kicking but learning 3 cushion really expanded my knowledge :) Nearest 3 cushion table 500km from my city but im still planning to compete 3 cushion Finnish Champs in november ;) I hope i can visit there once before i...
  11. Poolmanis

    "I got lucky!"

    I was playing today small set versus my club member and he was doing a lot of nice safeties.. I clipped couple highlights off from our set. Enjoy. :)
  12. Poolmanis

    Buy a carom or pool table?

    I think same..
  13. Poolmanis

    2021 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    I have not been playing pool and 14.1 for some time but started get back to shape 3 days ago. I did shoot 2 times 14.1 without me keeping score but 3rd day i decided try record something to get more focused training. I did run 2 runs. 42 and second 63 :) I really wanted to get 100 but had no...
  14. Poolmanis


    Diamond rails kill sidespin after 2nd rail when cloth got worn on rails. So many familiar routes that are safe to play on most of tables are possible to scratch on Diamond. New cloth Diamonds play good and not too much adjust needed. Also, worn cloth sometimes get bouncy. Then when u hit close...
  15. Poolmanis

    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    Maybe so. But it is more because formats are different. Race to 10 snooker is like race to 30 9-ball ... or more. If pool matches were so long too snooker players had also zero chances to prevail.
  16. Poolmanis

    Adam Musashi/Mugen cue and Predator Revo shaft

    I asked my friend who has Musashi and he said they might use same radial pin but Musashi have double joint so it wont probably fit.
  17. Poolmanis

    30 Ways to Beat a POCKET BLOCKER

    I´ve actually not been able to play real too much lately but i have been learning to play carom games on Shooters Pool billiard simulation. I play there mostly with Korean pro player who also teach me stuff sometimes. He also stated he does not like memory shots. Meaning you need to understand...
  18. Poolmanis

    30 Ways to Beat a POCKET BLOCKER

    I learnt totally new shot for me! Thanks Dave. That is not happening often nowadays :)
  19. Poolmanis

    TAOM V10

    I think some guy from our club have it already. i gotta test it soon.
  20. Poolmanis

    Judging/visualizing the "weight" of the hit

    Little nitpicking also from here. to get 50/50 speed is actually hair thinner than half ball with natural rolling cueball. With perfect half ball hit object ball goes little further than cue ball.