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  1. logical

    Johnny Archer & Nick Varner Bobbleheads

    SOLD These were out of the box for a while but in like new condition. Will not separate or discount. $45 shipped for both in US, PayPal or Zelle only. These are nicely made and have a nice heavy base. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  2. logical

    Joe Walsh and his Milgauss.

    Sorry...not just wrong section but wrong forum....though I was still browsing a watch forum I frequent...better either get more coffee or take a nap
  3. logical

    A very small part of me wants this thing

    Not really, it looks incredibly uncomfortable, but it is certainly unique. Sent from the future.
  4. logical

    Best slate shaving tools and practices?

    I can barely run out on most 9 ball racks much less run 100+ in straight pool. I already have 5" corners and read that I can shave my slates to get better. Do I really shave them or do I need to get out the grinder? Do I start mid table and cut a big ol groove to the pocket or just carve the...
  5. logical

    Home room house cues.

    We've seen the high dollar works of art. Let's see what the guests have to pick from when they stop by cueless. About half of mine are Vikings, not because I think they are superior to others but I had a few early on, they can be had pretty cheap if you are patient with Ebay and sticking with...
  6. logical

    Delightfully Tacky Viking

    I know they have a well deserved but very outdated reputation for tacky "mother of toilet seat" inlay, but I actually like the newer more classic design Viking cues that I own and use. But just to show that they still got it in the wacky tacky department I stumbled on this one that's so tacky...
  7. logical

    High Dollar (Euros, Pounds, Yen...) cues

    I realize most read only thread titles and just post away but for those who at least give the OP a once over: I am not a collector of cues. I get it and collect other things. A $100 watch will look OK and tell the time...I spends thousands without batting an eye and I'm almost as bad with...
  8. logical

    Aramith super pro set

    Nick in the 3 ball, otherwise really nice set Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  9. logical

    Aramith super pro set

    Wrong area
  10. logical

    My home room saga

    I know there is a "show your home room" thread but this will take several posts over several days so I'm starting a separate thread. I've been away from the forum for a few years due to other priorities, not playing much, work related travel and generally putting pool on the back burner. I'm...
  11. logical

    Enough with the Indians and arrows.

    It's not original, it's not clever, it's obvious, it's hackneyed (look it up) and at best it's stereotyping.........maybe worse. If you want to express that skill is more important than a cue, just say that or at least come up with something original.
  12. logical

    Memphis tonight

    I fly a lot for work but not as much as usual this past year. I was going to fall about 1000 miles short of Delta Gold status...which will be a big plus next year when I expect to fly quite a bit. Anyhow, I'm flying to Memphis tonight to get over the hump and have no plans other than getting...
  13. logical

    Some people just don't have a flair for selling

    Nice pictures.
  14. logical

    For Sale: 9' table cover

    I recently bought a 9' gold crown and discovered my old table cover didn't fit it. My previous table was an antique Brunswick Madison with the narrower rails. The cover will fit a table up to about 60 x 110 overall max, generally any antique style 9' table with the old style pocket irons that...