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  1. Tony_in_MD

    Shaft tapped for 3/8 10 modified and Radial

    Can a shaft be tapped to accept both a modified 3/8 10 pin and a radial? Thanks. AJM
  2. Tony_in_MD


    Anyone here want to share your experience with the Digicue? Considering one. PM me is ok if you don’t want to post here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Tony_in_MD

    Scruggs Sneaky Pete for sale

    I am posting this cue for a friend. He has a Scruggs Sneaky pete with the delrin but plate that he wants to sell. This cue is 30 years old. Butt - 15.3 oz Shaft - 4.0 oz 12 mm The shaft rolls straight, the butt has a small roll at the joint. SOLD [/URL][/IMG]
  4. Tony_in_MD

    Diamond Pool Table Light

    Listing on Ebay for full sized Diamond Pool Table light. Local Pickup only.
  5. Tony_in_MD

    New Phelps Cue

    I just received this cue after the new year from Alan Phelps, a cue maker in Southern Maryland. This cue is an African Blackwood - Segmented Ambonya handle cue cored with purple heart. G10 Radial pin, and two shafts with Ivory Ferrules. Having played with Scruggs cues for over 25 years, I am...
  6. Tony_in_MD

    Nick Serdula and the Fake Southwest Cues

    I wish to put into context some questions I have been trying to get Nick Serdula to answer regarding statements he made on this board in July 2013 of which he has been asked repeatably to state who but has ignored those requests...
  7. Tony_in_MD

    1997 Southwest Cue for Sale

    CUE IS SOLD Pin number 312 97 Cue Specifics Macassar Ebony nose with Birdseye Maple Points 3 veneers black light blue and green Butt weighs 16.21 OZ. Boarhide wrap and refinished 3 years ago by Jerry R. Cue and has not been played since. Three shafts only one is original SW Shaft 1 3.44 oz...
  8. Tony_in_MD

    Brookline Mass Questions

    I have to be in Brookline Mass. (outside of Boston) next week for a job interview. I plan on being there for 2 nights. I have not had a lot of luck finding some inexpensive sleeps. I have found a lot of B and B's Those of you familiar with the area, shoot me a PM with your suggestions. To keep...
  9. Tony_in_MD

    The Cobra bites again......

    First and only table in the state of Maryland was just completed by Glen "Real King Cobra" Hancock Pics to follow. First the attack cats Yueng and Ling are guarding the Dr. Pepper.
  10. Tony_in_MD

    Will these fit...

    Interested in knowing if these corners will fit a Gold Crown II, The seller did not know, but did tell me they were aftermarket products. The price looks good.
  11. Tony_in_MD

    Cases for Sale

    I have 4 extra cases that I would like to sell as a group, or individually It's George 2X4 Black ostrich embossed vinyl SOLD Latch is broken on case. New latch could be put on case. Instroke 3X5 Black elephant embossed vinyl SOLD case has small scuffs and top pocket seam is torn. Action 2X2...
  12. Tony_in_MD

    WTB 3X6 Whitten

    Wanted 3X6 Whitten. Show me what you got.
  13. Tony_in_MD

    -R- Ebony Titleist Tribute

    I have been working with Jerry R. on an ebony titlist tribute cue. Pics of construction for your consideration.
  14. Tony_in_MD

    Bison vs Pigskin

    Looking for opinions of Bison wrap vs pigskin and lizard. Don't want installation issues I need info about the feel differences between the feel of the wraps. I have cues with textured pigskin, and lizard, for a new cue being made I am looking for another option. Thanks
  15. Tony_in_MD

    -R- Cue soon to be completed

    The cue just arrived today. I took it out for a little work last night for league play. These pictures don't do the cue justice, it looks and plays like a dream. It is 19.5 oz but feels much lighter in my hand, and has a firm stiff feel. The wrap is Buffalo hide, ebony, Birdseye, and all white...
  16. Tony_in_MD

    College Pool Rooms

    I spent the last few days at Bloomsburg University as my daughters laptop took a turn for the worst. While I was there she and I went to the rec center to play a few racks of pool. I remembered the pool room from my days at the same college in the late 70's. There were 14 Gold Crown 1 tables...
  17. Tony_in_MD

    Diamond Light

    I have just taken possession today of a 4X9 Diamond light, and a Bludworth ball cleaner/polisher that I purchased on an online auction. See this thread for details of the auction. Though it is sad that another pool room closed I have to...
  18. Tony_in_MD

    Cue Cabinet by Arounceville

    I have just received a custom cue display cabinet made by AZ'er Arounceville. He is a stand up guy and his work is quality. The case construction is classic and clean. It makes the perfect addition to my renovated poolroom. He did right by me in this transaction, this was actually the second...
  19. Tony_in_MD

    US Open Pictures

    The link below is to photos I took at this years US Open. Enjoy
  20. Tony_in_MD

    Scruggs Rosewood and Ebony

    Picked up from Tim's Shop today a new cue. I asked Tim to surprise me and he sure did with this Cue. Birds Eye maple with Brazilian Rosewood butt, and Ebony and B. Rosewood points. Red and Purple veneers around the Rosewood points. Mother of Pearl, and Ivory inlays, with a Flatfaced Ivory...