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  1. Vahmurka

    Ohio Open, US PRO SERIES

    And if we get back to the idea Mike Page mentioned, that the match outcome depends on the format very little - then the dogs DO NOT have THAT chance in reality. The chance people seem to believe in, be it in a positive or negative fashion. Sorry, but shoot-out is not a set. It's a specialty to...
  2. Vahmurka

    Ohio Open, US PRO SERIES

    Darren Appleton through his World Pool Series events showed that even such a dubious thing as a pool shoot-out can be made more fascinating and challenging. Makes me wonder how one who decided to implement shoot-out decider could pick a 'standard' version over that one, proposed by Daz.
  3. Vahmurka

    Rules- 2021 International 9-Ball Open

    If omit a second final set, the format is no longer true DE :) Because you don't give a player who took the hotseat a chance in case of a final match defeat, meaning he could be eliminated with one loss only. Of course, I understand that an extended final set in such case is your acceptable...
  4. Vahmurka

    Rules- 2021 International 9-Ball Open

    Event format largely depends on how many tables the hosts can provide to handle N number of players. To my understanding, double elimination turns into single elim mainly to speed things up at a certain point. (My eternal love seems to forever be multiple round robins as used at the IPTs...
  5. Vahmurka

    US Open 9-Ball -- info on early events?

    The data my friend and myself were able to gather has first scoreline for the final match appearing at 1990. And it says, 11-10 Varner over Sigel
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    Rules- Big Foot 10-Ball International Tournament

    Ah, c'mon, that's a good one. Otherwise 10-ball is no different to 9-ball (apart from the break obviously). If a runout is on and there is a combo on the 10, sink it, spot the 10 and proceed with the run. Otherwise just pass that option :)
  7. Vahmurka

    Rules-2021 International One-Pocket Tournament

    Although there are no official WPA rules on One Pocket, general rules and definitions could easily apply. Pretty sad the pool world can not follow the similar guidelines, hence players get lost over the rulings at international events. The thing is, the head string is NOT a part of so-called...
  8. Vahmurka

    Rules- 2021 International 9-Ball Open

    Stu, at the Eurotours single elim stage Round 1 accommodates 32 players. 25% is pretty common I think. There are events where half of the field advances to stage 2, and that's obviously way too many. 6% is what Matchroom seem to like (and that might be too tough for my personal liking)
  9. Vahmurka

    US OPEN coverage

    This is golden. Great observations! Yes, 9-ball is a problem (because no other games are going to get proper attention/development ). Winner breaks is a problem, for the reason you mentioned and for another obvious reason a match might end with a losing player not getting a single chance (and...
  10. Vahmurka

    SJM Sizes Up the Matchroom 2021 US Open

    Not intending to spoil the party, but as it stands now, the price to be paid is pool being draught to the game of 9-ball. Are you ready to pay this price? Are we ready that the names of the greatest world champions who performed at real pool, like De Oro, Taberski, Greenleaf, Caras and Crane...
  11. Vahmurka

    SJM at the US Open --- The Play Itself and the Social Experience

    YES! Hands down! Thumbs up👍👍👍
  12. Vahmurka

    SJM Sizes Up the Matchroom 2021 US Open

    One of the things which confused me and got puzzled on the way the tournament is run, was Runouts statistics at cuescore service. Many matches got me thinking there might have not been an ipad operator/scorekeeper/whoever. There were enough matches which could have not ended without a single...
  13. Vahmurka

    SJM at the US Open --- The Play Itself and the Social Experience

    I think during one of the matches at Table 1 I spotted Stu first and Bob Jewett also, not very far. Didn't notice Fred Agnir, but the audience was shown for a brief time only and I coudn't examine all the mugs there :) Nice to see true pool fans we all know from AZB. Stu, appreciate your...
  14. Vahmurka

    SJM Sizes Up the Matchroom 2021 US Open

    Speaking of TV time for pool being sought of, I wonder whether TV audiences in the US are still bigger than that of YouTube? The way I see it, nowadays to get wider coverage one has got to forget TV broadcasts and drive to the Web. Install a PPV model at some respected and advanced platform, and...
  15. Vahmurka


    I've just came up with an idea (sorry golf addicts ;) ) If a player changes cues midway into the rack, he(she) continues playing with this very cue until the end of his(her) inning! :D Imagine running out with a shorty, LOL A player must make a shot, i.e. drive the cue ball with the stroking...
  16. Vahmurka

    So you don't think Matchroom is making a difference...

    It says 'Darren' on the cup Daz is holding. Proper drink then :) Yeah, I had hard times to hold emotions either
  17. Vahmurka


    In other words, a poor positional play which most probably would have been penalized (or at least result in a loss of an inning at the table) - was not. A 4-rail kick around the angles performed by Biado in the final match was a beauty! Unfortunately it resulted in a fould shot due to no rail...
  18. Vahmurka

    Ball with no number

    Nice badge! And the signature Vici Cuniculam reads "I beat/conquered the bunny" in Latin 😃
  19. Vahmurka

    Texas Open Performance Ratings

    If you follow the link to DigiPool in the opening message (it directs to Performance), simply browse to Bracket tab
  20. Vahmurka

    Sky and Shane Squabble

    at the credit of penguin who posted it in other thread, the drama in detail: