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  1. Tony_in_MD

    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    All of them prior to Fargo Rate. LOL
  2. Tony_in_MD

    RIP Scott Lee

    This is just terrible news, I first met him about 20 years ago. He certified me not long after.
  3. Tony_in_MD

    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    Little Chicago is a town in Montana. Of course there could be a Tavern of that name also.
  4. Tony_in_MD

    Pool Cue Displays

    This cue cabinet was made by a forum member. He does not do that type of work anymore, he is now making cues.
  5. Tony_in_MD

    Why do pros do bar box tournaments? Serious reply's only

    Matt is a 2 time super billiards expo pro am champion, 8 time Mezz tour player of the year, Maryland 9 ball and 8 ball state champion, New Jersey 9 ball and 8ball state champion, and former UPA pro tour rookie of the year.
  6. Tony_in_MD

    Hoppe Titilist Conversion

    Here is mine. My daily player for years.
  7. Tony_in_MD

    Cue Maker Positive Stories

    My cue ordering days are long gone. But when I was active, it was two makers exclusively, Tim Scruggs and Jerry R.
  8. Tony_in_MD

    How do I tel if I need new rubber

    Have you inspected the rails, do you have access to them? If so, apply a consistant pressure down the length of each rail with your fingers to see if you notice any soft or hard spots. Also inspect the rubber to see if it is still firmly attached to the rails and there are no loose areas. If...
  9. Tony_in_MD

    My Home Pool Room Journey

    Oscar does great work.
  10. Tony_in_MD

    My Home Pool Room Journey

    Do you need footers at each end point?
  11. Tony_in_MD

    Who Makes Good Hit Radial Pin Cue/Butt?

    So your statement: "I'm willing to bet most players don't know what their preferred ratio is, or the weight ratio of their playing cue is." Is not true, and if it is that most don't know what their preferred ratio is, would they not care? I am speaking for myself and everyone I have worked with.
  12. Tony_in_MD

    Who Makes Good Hit Radial Pin Cue/Butt?

    Well we just don't know, we also don't care.
  13. Tony_in_MD

    Tim Scruggs cue

    That is the old school TS that was done with a stamp. Nice cue. I picked up one about 10 years ago for 300 dollars. Ended up selling it last year for around 1200 with two shafts.
  14. Tony_in_MD


    I have CF shafts from several small time makers. They are smooth as silk. To the OP how exactly are you taking care of them? I got the wipe part but are you doing anything else? BTW to clean mine I use simple 70% alcohol pads that are used to clean and prep an area for a needle shot.
  15. Tony_in_MD

    Recent Simonis 860 install by a table mechanic........Really?

    I belive a step-by-step exists on this forum.
  16. Tony_in_MD

    Recent Simonis 860 install by a table mechanic........Really?

    Your confusing two different things. The material shown in the gold crown manual is glued to the slate edge to protect the cloth over it from getting cut. The french cuffs as been called by some, is a classy way of finishing the look of the pocket. Some installers use a think piece of plastic...
  17. Tony_in_MD

    Recent Simonis 860 install by a table mechanic........Really?

    You ask for a refund, and then find someone who has proven they know what they are doing. What makes you think, they can fix the work they already did? Seems to me this might the best they can do.
  18. Tony_in_MD

    What is the standard balance point and standard butt size for a Tim Scruggs cue?

    Having Scruggs cues from the 80's 90's and 2000's I can tell you that the butt diameter changed through the years. For the most part they got thinner. It also depends on the cue, I have a titlist conversion that the specs are very different from the other customs I have. There is no one answer.
  19. Tony_in_MD

    Thinking of calling it a day......

    Do some self assessment, determine what it is you need to work on. Spend some QT on these points in your game. If you mostly play 9 ball try playing some straight pool. The change of game may do you some good. Straight pool is a tougher game, and good practice.