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  1. sheffield6

    3/8 x 10 g10 joint pin

    would anyone be prepared to sell me just one 3/8 x 10 G10 joint pin, and ship to England, I know its more trouble than its worth, but just thought i'd ask, thanks in advance.
  2. sheffield6

    Kamui soft

    I recently fitted a Kamui soft tip for a friend, which he supplied, he had it in his case, didnt remember where it came from. The tip was unusual, to me , as it had a grey coloured pad on the glue side. Has anyone seen Kamuis like this,and know where they are sold, thanks. the tip...
  3. sheffield6

    The Diamond The Diamond commentating on a couple of money matches from Andy Appletons Vegas Bar
  4. sheffield6

    just a couple of bangers from England
  5. sheffield6

    3/8 x 11 joint pin

    Hi, Would anyone be kind enough to sell one ( yes, one) 3/8 x 11 joint pin, and ship to England. I realise this is more trouble than its worth, but just thought i'd ask. thanks.............
  6. sheffield6

    England v USA

    Game on boys, good luck, you'll need it
  7. sheffield6

    Ronnie interveiw

    Nice interveiw with Ronnie in a more relaxed mood.
  8. sheffield6

    karl boyes v mark grey now
  9. sheffield6

    WTB Sugartree or Olney 3/8x10 shaft

    Anyone got a spare Sugartree or Olney shaft they would like to sell, thanks.
  10. sheffield6


    Is it possible to buy a used Sugartree for around $500, Would be glad of any advice, or offers, thanks.