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  1. MOJOE

    Real Prize money. Chinese Pool

    1st place paid around $147,000 USD. Not a bad payday. The best would be hard pressed to make that in an entire year playing pool. Perhaps one day but probably not any time soon.
  2. MOJOE

    12.9mm Revo shaft, 3/8 x 10 for sale.

    Sold to Brian.
  3. MOJOE

    Kamui Magnetic Chalker with Kamui Chalk

  4. MOJOE

    JB Cases order status / updates?

    Got a reply, end of discussion. :)
  5. MOJOE

    Predator SPORT 3×4 BLACK SOFT CASE For Sale

    Sold$ $old.
  6. MOJOE

    Predator Air 2 Jump cue

    Like brand new. If interested in pics, email me. It's literally chalked and never left my home. My Itrader is perfect. SOLD
  7. MOJOE

    Digicue Blue FS

    Used once. SOLD
  8. MOJOE

    Play Great Pool by Mark Wilson book

    Somehow, I ordered two books by accident. I'm willing to sell one of them at a small loss. I paid the standard $70 shipped but willing to let one go at for $60 shipped the continental US. If interested, email me at Paypal accepted and preferred.
  9. MOJOE

    9' Diamond Pro for sale, cherry wood. Pro cut.

    I have a used but great condition cherry Diamond Pro. This is cherry wood, not oak. The cherry is a premium wood from Diamond. 3 piece slate Pro cut pockets 4 3/8" Cover and light included Balls are NOT included. Located in SW Ohio. $3500 Buyer to arrange move and tear down. See pics at...
  10. MOJOE

    Digicue for sale..

    Digicue for sale. Gone!
  11. MOJOE

    Efren still my hero.. 5 on the snap.

    This guy never ceases to amaze me. May not be of interest to everyone but I found this break to be pretty awesome. Made 5 on the snap including the 9. Never get tire of watching him play. Click here for 5 on the snap.
  12. MOJOE

    Accu-stats stream question. American rotation over banks?

    Just a question for the stream today. Is there a bigger audience for American rotation than there is for the later rounds of banks? I can speak for myself saying that I won't buy the stream for American rotation but I would definitely be watching banks and 1P if they were a choice. Perhaps...
  13. MOJOE

    Samsara True Shaft 3/8 x 10. FS

    Hardly used. Great condition. Extremely low deflection. 3/8 x 10. $old.. Thanks Damien Great shaft, I'm just not a low deflection guy.
  14. MOJOE

    Quick Mosconi Cup Stats

    18 Matches Player 8 of those went Hill Hill Team USA wins the team match hill/hill Not counting the team match the following players received X wins.. Mike Dechaine.. 25% win rate..Doubles, 2 losses and one win. One singles loss. 2 of his 3 doubles matches went to the hill. I felt the...
  15. MOJOE

    Ryan Theewen Custom Cue, OB Classic, Extension, Cocobolo & Birdseye

    Cue has been sold.
  16. MOJOE

    Michael's Banks tourney in Fairfield Ohio.. Results

    Anyone know how the banks tourney ended up this weekend? Just looking for any results if anyone on here might know. Thanks!
  17. MOJOE

    They just don't get better than Jack Zimmerman and Todd..

    Jack and Todd worked on my older Diamond Pro on Saturday. They tighten up the pockets, leveled it, and put new Simonis HR cloth. I've can only say that that it's never played nearly this well. The table is dead nutz level, pockets are perfect and the cloth was installed with a perfect touch...
  18. MOJOE

    FS Predator Roadline SP6GN

    Cue has been sold.
  19. MOJOE

    Predator Roadline SP6GL Like New.

    I screwed up.. Wrong model, sorry.
  20. MOJOE

    Target Pool F/S

    Complete and in excellent condition Target Pool. This is EXTREMELY hard to find. All components are included. Comes with;; Full size Target Half size Target Target Pool Booklet Target Pool Box Target Pool Score sheet. $old