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  1. nobcitypool

    Excellent Midwest Table Mechanic

    Jack Zimmerman and his friend/assistant (name slipped my mind, getting old) finished my table today. Picked up rails last Sunday, was back today on time to reinstall perfectly as promised. 860 HR, new Artemis cushions, modified rail height and angle to match blue label, modified pocket angle...
  2. nobcitypool

    OB2+ 5/16 x 14

    Sold. For sale is an OB2+ for a 5/16 x 14 pin. This shaft is in very good condition, lightly played. I can't swear 100% but I believe the tip is a Ki-Tech Medium or Soft Medium. $110 includes USPS Priority shipping anywhere in the Continental USA. Preferred method of payment would be Paypal...
  3. nobcitypool

    OB Rift Break Cue + Weight Set

    Sold For sale is an OB Rift Blue Break Cue that includes the OB weight set and tool. 5 weights, 4 are shown, one is presently in the cue. Cue is clearly used but in reasonable shape. A few dings on the butt (none through the paint) and a couple of dents on the shaft that haven't distracted...
  4. nobcitypool

    Two Way Shots

    Watching the pros and having played some against pros, it seems like even when they miss, they don't leave much of a shot for their opponent (unless the shot is just a complete muff). Obviously, this isn't by chance. Admittedly, I don't think much about two way shots but started thinking...
  5. nobcitypool

    Should We Really Try To Hit CCB?

    I've been working a lot with the Bullseye Billiards drill for CB control. Found early on there were a few I struggled with. At first, I thought it had to be something wrong in the set up, I wasn't even close. But I thought it had to be me and kept working at it. Finally figured out it was stroke...
  6. nobcitypool

    Monster Josey Ebony on Ebony Cue - 4 Day Sale - No Longer Available

    Monster Josey Ebony on Ebony Cue - 4 Day Sale This Ebony on Ebony Josey is up for sale, retails at $5,000 but you can purchase it for $2,825 via Paypal or Money Order. All the white, except the ferrules, is ivory. Pictures don't come close to doing this cue justice. This cue is in 100%...
  7. nobcitypool


    Several people have asked for someone to post pictures of the OB136. I've been trying to get one of these since September, finally arrived today just in time for Christmas. The good folks at Cue and Case jumped through some hoops to help me acquire this, people should check them out if you're...
  8. nobcitypool

    Most Favorable 9 Ball Rack

    I've gone through the Joe Tucker material on racking which was quite good on evaluating the racks from other people. My question is, if you were racking your own on either a 9' Diamond or a Valley Bar Box, what order would you rack the balls in (looking into the rack, starting at the 1 ball)...
  9. nobcitypool

    How About Those Bears?

    A less volatile subject? The Bears seem weak from center to edge. And Cutler seems to throw ghost balls to his receivers. I think if he'd just pivot objectively, he'd throw less interceptions. Discuss.
  10. nobcitypool

    Stevie Moore Playing on Live Stream Now

    Playing at our bar in Birmingham, first round of the 9 ball tournament. Up 5 - 0 in a race to 9. Free. Rob Saez got a first round bye and will likely play his first match tomorrow. Tom Kennedy drew a local favorite and strong player. Not sure who will be on the next...
  11. nobcitypool

    How Straight is Your Stroke?

    Just curious. My first drill every day, which also serves as a great warm up, is the straight stroke drill where you put the cb on the button, stroke it to the other end rail and bring it back over the button. I also combine this with a speed drill similar to the mother drill taught to me by...
  12. nobcitypool

    Best Pool Training Devices

    I've found two that have helped and wondered what other people's experience has been. I think the best, far and away, is the Break-Rak. No question, if you want to improve your break, you still have to break racks of balls. But there are a ton if things you can work on with the break-rak. At a...
  13. nobcitypool

    Beautiful Blackcreek MW 48 Hour Fire Sale

    For the next 48 hours, this cue will be for sale for the sum of $875. No trades and this is my bottom dollar. Includes insured USPS shipping in the CONUSA. Will accept Paypal or Money Order. This is less than I paid for it a year ago and I felt like I got a great deal at the time. If I...
  14. nobcitypool

    Renfro, What's Up With Soft/Medium and the Chalk?

    Chris, you're vacation at the Us Open is over. :) Where's the goods buddy? I've been using the soft on my new OB2 + since I got it in late July, looks the same as the day it was installed. Didn't mushroom at all.
  15. nobcitypool

    Is This a Legal Shot?

    I ran across this short instructional video. He says he jacks up to avoid the double hit yet the cb follows the ob down the table. Looked like a double hit to me. What do you think?
  16. nobcitypool

    <$> <$> Big Josey For Sale <$> <$>

    This Ebony on Ebony Josey is up for sale, retails at $5,000 but you can purchase it for $2,450 via Paypal or Money Order. All the white, except the ferrules, is ivory. Pictures don't come close to doing this cue justice. This cue is in 100% condition with 2 unchalked shafts. Will ship...
  17. nobcitypool

    OB Rift Review

    My OB Rift Speed Break Cue arrived today. I got the wrapless and purchased the weight kit they sell for about $25 that includes a long allen wrench. Nicely balanced and has a very solid feel. I played around with the weights a bit and found I got the best results with the biggest weight...
  18. nobcitypool

    **&** Awesome Ebony on Ebony Blackcreek w/Ivory **&**

    This cue is no longer for sale. It has been sent back to Travis to repairs and refinish the buttcap. For Sale here is a big Blackcreek Ebony into Ebony with lots of Ivory. Everything white is Ivory. Ringtail lizard wrap, 1/2 Stainless Steel compression joint. This cue has been played but is...
  19. nobcitypool

    -%-%- Blackcreek MW FS - Incredible Wood -%-%-

    For sale here is a beautiful Blackcreek Merry Widow made for me by Travis in 2013. Ebony Forearm and Butt, Sapelle Wood handle with custom ring work at A, B, C, D and E. Two unchalked shafts, right at 13 mm. Each shaft around 4 ounces, total weight around 19.6 ounces. The Sapelle Wood is...
  20. nobcitypool

    2 Recent Acquisitions

    Received this Durbin Cue directly from Mike a couple of weeks ago, simple, elegant Brazilian Rosewood MW. Photos simply can't do this cue justice, the wood is gorgeous and I thought Mike did a great job figuring out the perfect ring work to compliment the cue. Kangaroo black wrap. This is my...