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  1. 8pack

    Why cte doesn't work for me.

    Cte to me is nothing more than a fractional system. Everyone should have a psr and the beginning instructions of this system gives you that ..which is great. I also feel is place's my body maybe over cutting maybe under cutting..maybe sometimes on the money From there I have to make adjustments...
  2. 8pack

    Would the truth be revealed?

    It seems aiming gets a lot of back and forth, my system is better then yours. In my opinion some put the eyes and body in a bad manner to get on shot line. Aiming should become second nature an somewhat have a flowing manner to it. What Im saying, think long you're probably wrong. As a...
  3. 8pack

    Why is it?

    Why is it that when some of us (not all) get challenged we go off the deep end when things are going not as planned . Before you know it, we're in a bad hole thats impossible to get out of. Is it something we gotta prove to ourselves, hey this is part growing in the game, this will make me...
  4. 8pack

    Who really cares!

    You hear an awful lot on how do the pro's do it.(Aiming) What makes you think that their not doing what your doing? Are there shots you hit really well? If so, who cares how some one else does it. ;) If you haven't spent enough time at the table , I'm betting nothing gonna work well for you...
  5. 8pack

    Players cue

    Are the players graphic design pool cues not real inlays?
  6. 8pack

    The stroke.

    Needing some advice. Im having an issue with my arm coming into the body instead of going straight through the shot..causing misses. Anyone have any suggestions on why this happens. Thanks for any advice. Anthony.
  7. 8pack

    Was Jay Right ?

    Scroll to around 15:20. Shane passes on a push out that everyone probably shoots. To make matters worse, Jay makes the comment he don't think Shane could execute the shot that well. :eek: Are you kidding me, are best player cant execute that shot.
  8. 8pack

    Players hxt shaft or LD shaft.

    Looking for a players hxt shaft or a LD shaft that fits a radial pin.
  9. 8pack

    Players hxt shaft.

    Looking for a players hxt shaft for a radial pin.
  10. 8pack

    Mr Wilson

    Do you guys think the Mods here do a fair job . Also is Mr wilson the owner this site? If not, how do I make a complaint against him?
  11. 8pack

    The Eye's

    Just wondering how important the eye's are ,even after locking on the shot line. I feel they play a very important part of the shot, at least until the cb is gone. Anyone thinking other wise, try running a rack of 9 ball , right before you pull trigger close your eyes. Not easy to...
  12. 8pack

    Feel and Rhythm + Aiming.

    ( I think )When it comes to aiming, if your system requires you to take longer then a few seconds to figure out the shot, you'll never understand what feel and rhythm can do for you. Knowledge is required for certain but if you don't let go at some point, YOUR dead stroke will never happen...
  13. 8pack

    Pocket screws.

    I have a gold crown with these type of pockets.I need to get replacement screws. Not sure of the size screws I need. Any help would be appreciated . Thanks
  14. 8pack

    The ghost ball!

    If someone is useing the ghost ball system,to me this would imply that they're trying to hit a certain spot behind the ob. If your doing something else your not a ghostballer. Would this be right? Think so. While feel is in most every aspect of playing it sure doesn't mean your ghostballer...
  15. 8pack

    Removing threads.

    Is it possible to remove certain post from a thread instead of closing it? It's seem a little unfair that this happens . Need a different solution for the troubled ones.
  16. 8pack

    Jb..vs...Lou-one pocket shot

    In one of the matches John needed one ball and Lou needed two. Lou is faced with a spot shot or playing safe on another ball. From what I recall Lou decides to play safe and pass on the spot shot. Question,if your faced with a spot shot and your opponent needs one ,do you pass on it or play it...
  17. 8pack

    Looking for a jester jump/break cue.

    Anyone have a good deal on a jump or jump break cue. (jester) Thanks
  18. 8pack

    Whats the call.

    Playing one pocket-Player(neither player) doesn't realize how many ball's he has and actually made 9 when he only needed 8.He fouls on the the 9th ball.I actually gave it to him but not sure what is the rite call .
  19. 8pack

    Stick speed.

    Just wondering does it matter if your breaking with a 14 oz or a 25 oz cue if the cue ball is going the same speed? To me it wouldnt seem to make a difference,but I'm not sure.
  20. 8pack

    Broken Butt cap.

    I have a cue that has a crack in the butt cap.Just wondering if anyone here can put a new one on it plus have my initials put on it .Pm me if you can and what you would charge. Thanks