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  1. JoseV

    Mosconi 2017 - Updates

    Live look at Team USA
  2. JoseV

    Picking what Mosconi team you want to play for ?

    So in regards to who gets picked to represent team USA Or team Europe, can an Euro player say, hey I want to play for team US since I reside in the states now or is it play for team Europe or don't play at all ? I ask because I think Shaw lives in the states now not sure if he is a US citizen...
  3. JoseV

    Zero X Stroke drill

    So I don't want to highjack MVP'S thread on his progress with Zero X, I just wanted to share that I completed the stroke drill and made it to 3K 3072 to be exact, I timed my sessions came out to 63 mins with shooting 256 shots per session twice a day, this was on a GC3 with 4.5 pockets using 16...
  4. JoseV

    Bca 2017 induction.

    Heard on the WPS stream that the BCA induction is going to be at the Mosconi cup. Did this change and will not be held during the U.S. open this year ? Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  5. JoseV

    Frame side to side level issue.

    Ok, so i'm setting up my GC3 using RKC'S installation thread but i hit a road block, i'm trying to level the frame from side to side using a four foot level and a calibrated Machinist level, i get the Bubble on the M Level dead centered but when i push up and down on the table to check for...
  6. JoseV

    Gold Crown 3 bolts

    Ok I have A bag of bolts for my table, I want to make sure I got them all before the guy cones by to install the table. First pic, 7 of these. 2nd pic 4. 3rd pic 18, each has two washers. 4th pic two sets of different screws and 10 smaller bolts 5th pic 18 washers and 8 bolts. What else am...
  7. JoseV

    Black Gold crown 3 price range

    What the price range in you're area ? I have a chance to pick one up for 800 everything matches slate rails etc.
  8. JoseV

    Home rooms.

    To anybody that has a Pool table in a 15x11 size room what was the biggest size table you were able to get away with ? I know about the space guide for table size that will fit in rooms, im not interested in that, I want to know if you can get away with a bigger size then what the charts...
  9. JoseV

    Guns and Cues, Show us your Piece

    Here is my Cue and his Body Gaurds ......................
  10. JoseV

    Funny thought

    Funny thought, I have access to six different tables to practice on for free now these tables are not leveled and you can see the balls drift. If your really focused on the game and make all your shots and no balls caught a drift does it mean that the table still drifts ? I'm playing on...
  11. JoseV

    Predator chalk new!!! new!!! new!!!

    Ty haha my AR photo bombed my pic lol here is the photo bomber. Reading my posts means you consent to my incorrect spelling and poor typing skills.
  12. JoseV

    Predator chalk new!!! new!!! new!!!

    I like the chalk I was able to fit it into a chalk holder Reading my posts means you consent to my incorrect spelling and poor typing skills.
  13. JoseV

    Joss Cues Above and beyond the call of customer satisfaction

    This is what Dan and Debbie sent me for my certificate of authenticity for my cue. This just goes to show how much they go out of there way to please a customer. It just makes my investment that much sweeter if you ask them for one of a kind custom your going to get one of a kind custom...
  14. JoseV

    What's it worth

    I have a BK2 butt here been sitting useless in my case for a few yeas. I looking to sell it but I do not know where to start. As far as price here are some pics It's got one good gouge a not so bad gouge and that little dent the butt is 18OZ the shaft is shaterd what would be a good price for...
  15. JoseV

    Georga state VNEA

    VNEA Georga state team 8 ball singles 8ball and 9ball and jack and jill tournament 31 Aug 1 Sep 2012 at Players pool hall Columbus Ga. Anybody from here going ?
  16. JoseV

    Tip commpression

    Hello, im trying to find how people get hardness ratings for tips is there a machine that does this ? Lets say an Elk Masters tip has a rating around 60.1 now i want to turn it into an Milk Dud how would i figure out the new hardness rating for the milk dud ? Thanks.....
  17. JoseV

    VNEA Handicap system break down

    Can anybody tell Me how the VNEA singles Divsion handicapping system works ? Like who gets two balls who and who don't last week was my fisrt match in this league and i won last week getting aone or two ball handicap against a nine while im at a seven but ended up winning 3 to 1 won with...
  18. JoseV

    Anti social

    I think i have become anti social i spent the last two years in S.Korea kinda no such thing as a Poolhall everyplace i walked into had 1 to 2 Pooltables compared to 9 three cushion tables. I felt isolated from the world of pool so in turn most of the time i played pool by my self which put me...
  19. JoseV

    Its time to go

    25 months 10 days gone, 4 days to go and a 17 hour flight got to love my trazadone im going to sleep the whole flight.
  20. JoseV

    Choices I make

    So I decided to play in a small tourney after pulling 24 hour duty, then practiced for five hours before play started. Bottom line being up 29 hours and trying to play pool did not work for me. :angry: