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    Need info as per thread title. THANKS in ADVANCE
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    TAD Shaft

    5/16 X 18 piloted standard maple blocks into black joint collar only 12.9 to 13.1mm will be considered TAD taper min 4.2oz must be straight $200 or more predicated on ferrule material .835 at joint TIA
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    For SALE/TRADE Fancy BG for TASC Picked this cue up from my old friend Don a while ago. It's everything he says it is i'd like to try a quality steel jointed cue now that i've resumed pounding rails into submission after a 20+- yr hiatus from the "game" will swap for...
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    Bludworth cues

    Were the cues which featured the red dot in the butt cap made by Leonard or his son, Donald? Thanks in Advance, adam
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    Cutting down carbon fibre shaft at joint

    Hi, i've got a "revo" shaft that measures .840, my "blue grass" butt measures .832 and i'd like the shaft reduced in size to match the butt. Can this be done on the same equipment most cue makers have or is special equipment required? Can someone hear do this and what would the cost...
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    Fargo rating

    How does someone find ratings? TIA!!
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    Enigma cue

    i've had many wonderful trading partners in the cue game with our own DEANO being one of the fairest and most trust worthy. i was intrigued when he called a couple of months ago to advise he was sending a cue for me to try and enjoy. He liked the way the cue played and during our 4 decade...
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    Ken Murrell Contact Info

    Hi, I need Ken's contact info. TIA, adam
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    JC ( John Chaplin ) Cue Review

    After a lengthy 15+ year hiatus from pool i got the itch to bang balls and wanted to try a longer cue because i shrank a couple of inches so i contacted my old friend Dean ( azb member "deanoc" ) with regards to who was a good maker with reasonable lead times. Without hesitation he said "John...
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    When is it scheduled to kick off and will it be streamed? THANKS
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    DONALD BLUDWORTH joint pin

    Tried getting a hold of Donald to find out what type of joint pin he uses/used to no avail, so, perhaps someone here can help me out. Thanks in advance, adam
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    link for finals of CHINESE 8 ball

    Hi, Is there a link for the finals? Thanks in Advance
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    For major 9/10B tournaments: Discuss:, balls past side pockets, winner or alternate or nine on spot, re-racks, template Table...size and configuration of pockets, rails, cloth Cues.....jump cues, cue extensions Bar Box Results... for rankings, seeding, etc fwiw as...
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    Alex brick died 11-18-15

    ALEX had no out...
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    Super seniors..houston

    How did the last 4 in the seniors event which concluded today shake out? THANKS
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    Attn collectors, gina polka dot cue

    An old friend has decided to liquidate a portion of his collection. circa early 70's, round MOP inlays below wrap 29" titleist butt, weight 16.3 oz, original linen, finish & tip (water buffalo ?) sft #1, 28", 3.6 oz, 12.9mm sft #2, 28.25", 3.8 oz, 12.5mm slight rollout in butt EXCELLENT...
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    In view of the recent just and unjust bannings the ownership may consider a NEW forum where all, and only, the banned can post. Because they're banned there can be no bannable offence. Can you dig it: fast larry, drivermaker, barton, shorty, coco's many alias's, wheat, painter, hang m high...
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    used master chalk - SOLD

    used master chalk well used master chalk 1 cent per piece ( up to 100 units) + actual shipping cost pm your email address and i'll email pics List Date: 11/23/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: used master chalk -------------------------------------- SOLD...
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    New alex brick rosewood cue[/IMG] BUTT.....15.9oz sft#1.....4oz sft#2.....3.8oz Deep, rich, hand selected Rosewood 5 Eb and Iv rings short yellow mic. (Mason H) ferrules $700 shp'd conUSA TKS Ron
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    NEW ALEX BRICK EBONY and IVORY[/IMG] BUTT...15.6 oz Matched shafts...3.8 oz ea Iv pts, jt, butt cap and frls 5 Eb and Iv rings $2150 shp'd conUSA Lizard wrap RON, tks for guiding this moron through the pic posting process:)