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  1. tommie1351

    Brazilian Rosewood Burl into BEM By Pierce Custom Cues

    Here is a new 4 point Brazilian Rosewood Burl into BEM. It has 3 veneers( Holly, Green and Black) with a Lizard wrap. It has a 3/8x10 solid Ivory joint and Ivory ferrules and Hoppe Ring. 2 Great hitting Pierce Shafts. Let the pictures tell the rest. Call anytime 209 823-9444. Custom Jim Baxter...
  2. tommie1351

    Dayton Custom Plain Sneaky Pete

    Here is a REAL Sneaky pete, custom made by Paul Dayton. This cue has never been chalked. Call me 209 823-9444. Butt 15.15 oz Shaft 3.40 oz 12.89 mm Cue Has Sold
  3. tommie1351

    Dayton BEM Cue With of Hondurus Rosewood Burl Inlayed Windows

    Here is A BEM Cue by Paul Dayton. I has a Butt Sleeve with Honduras Rosewood Burl inlayed windows. It has Mini rings at all points. Has a brown with white spec linen wrap. Has a nice Radial flat faced joint. 2 very long tapered shafts that hit a ton! The Birdseye is very intense. Call me and...
  4. tommie1351

    6 Point Cocobolo W/BEM And Ebony Recuts by John(Jack) Madden

    Here is a 6 Point beauty by Jack Madden. It has a Light Cocobolo nose with BEM and Ebony recut into it. Has a 3/8x10 flatfaced joint. It has a Macassar Ebony butt sleeve with silver ringwork at all points.Has a Cowhide wrap with a protective covering that will wear off until cowhide is exposed...
  5. tommie1351

    6 Point Cocobolo W/ Ebony and BEM Recuts and 2 shafts

    Here is a new Jack Madden 6 point Cocobolo with BEM and Ebony Recut into it. Has beautiful textured leather wrap and silver ringwork at all points. 2 Great shafts that hit great. Call me and make a deal, 209 823-9444. Butt 15oz Shaft 1 3.7 oz 12.80 mm Shaft 2 3.8 oz 12.80 mm Asking $1050...
  6. tommie1351

    Dufferin Butterfly Conversion W/ 2 Shafts

    Beautiful Butterfly Dufferin conversion with 2 great shafts. This conversion was done by Tony Zinzola and very nice. Let the pictures tell the story. Butt 14.98 oz shaft 1 3.84 oz 12.80 mm Shaft 2 3.88 oz 12.88 mm Asking $425 Shipped & Insured
  7. tommie1351

    Madden 6 point Cocobolo Cues W/Recuts

    Check these 2 new 6 pointers in from Jack Madden with recuts!
  8. tommie1351

    Madden Calif. Rosewood W/Leather Wrap

    Here is new (never Chalked) Madden great Ca. Rosewood that hits a ton, that hits a ton, as does all jack's cues. Very nice textured leather wrap with 3/8x10 flat faced pin. Nice silver ring work at all points. Call me and lets make a deal 209 823-9444. Butt 15.69 oz Shaft 3.51 oz 12.70 mm...
  9. tommie1351

    Cocobolo Players Beauty By Jack Madden

    Here is a new, beautiful, never chalked Dark Cocobolo players cue by Jack Madden. It has a white with brown spec linen wrap. 3/8x10 flat faced pin size. Let the pictures do the talking. Call me and let's make a deal 209 823-9444 Butt 15.50 oz Shaft 3.52 oz 12.87 0z 12.87 mm Asking $600 shipped...
  10. tommie1351

    Eddie Farris Cocobolo With Zircote Handle Wrapless Beauty

    Here is a great hitting Farris Cue with 2 dense shafts. Dark Cocobolo with dark Zircote handle. Ivory joint with G-10 pin, Ivory ferrules and butt cap. Nice ringwork at all points. Let the pictures tell you the rest. Call me and deal 209 823-9444. Butt 16.37 oz Shaft 1 3.52 oz 12.70 mm Shaft 2...
  11. tommie1351

    Ébony "Black Beauty"by John "Jack "Madden Cues

    Here is classy Ebony cue by Jack Madden. It has a 5/16x14 piloted joint. Has a Textured Leather Wrap with Jack's classic silver ringwork. Has Holly inlays in butt sleeve with2 great hitting Madden shafts. Call me anytime 209 823-9444. Butt 15.18 oz Shaft 1 4.11 oz 12.82 mm Shaft 2 4.26 oz 12.87...
  12. tommie1351

    Pierce Laminated Cue with Leather Segmented Handle

    Very lightly used Black & White Ebony laminated butt with 2 great hitting shafts, one lightly used and the other is new, never used, just test. The Butt is laminated for strength and beauty. Leather segmented handle is beautiful with great ringwork. One shaft has collar a fatter than the other...
  13. tommie1351

    Pierce Sneaky With a Linen Wrap

    Here is a very nice and new sneaky with a white with brown specs linen wrap. 3/8x10 flatfaced joint. a dynamite shaft that hits a ton. Call me and let's make deal 209 823-9444 Butt 14.25 oz Shaft 3.70 oz 13mm shipped and Insuredsold
  14. tommie1351

    New 4 Point 4 Veneer "Old School" Cue From Pierce Custom Cues

    Here is a new 4 Point, 4 Veneer ( white, green, yellow, and black) "Old School" beauty. Ebony points into intense BEM with great ringwork at all points. Black with green specs Irish linen wrap. Has that well known great Pierce hit with a flatfaced 3/8x10 Juma joint. Points are dead even. Call me...
  15. tommie1351

    New 4 Point Beauty Just In From Pierce Custom Cues

    Check out the nice BEM with Ebony (Dead Even Points) into it.
  16. tommie1351

    "Gambler Cue" Ebony, Amboyna Burl & Tons of Ivory

    Here is a nice cue with a "Gambler" theme that I designed myself and very proud of. It is Ebony & Amboyna Burl with all the white being Ivory. The wrap is real Lizard, not embossed leather. It has 4 points of Amboyna Burl & 4 veneers (black, red, white and blue) with inlays in every point. It...
  17. tommie1351

    8 Point Vollmer, Ebony Ivory & Silver

    Here is a great deal on a 8 point Vollmer with 125 Ivory and Silver inlays on Ebony that goes into some very nice BEM. Cue is straight together and apart. Has a beautiful Lizard wrap and an adjustable weight system. Call me any time 209 823-9444 and let's make a deal! Butt 14.85 oz Shaft 4.16 oz...
  18. tommie1351

    Just in From Greece

    Here is a beautiful Vollmer my friend in Greece sent me to do something with for him. Ebony with Ivory & Silver into BEM.
  19. tommie1351

    Titlist Conversion

    Here is a beautiful conversion by an unknown cuemaker from the Northwest. He is very sought after in his area is all I know and this cue is done very well and as good as any I've seen. Let the pictures and specs tell the story. You are welcome to call me anytime, 209 823-9444. I added a great...
  20. tommie1351

    Titlist conversion

    Conversion by an unknown cuemaker, very nice! The darker shaft is the original and is stiff hitting and very low deflection shaft. The other shaft is a Pro Tapered Paul Dayton with a very long taper and moves the ball real well. 3/8x10 flatfaced joint.