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  1. Cuemaster98

    Custom High End Musashi Cue for sale!!!

    My friend is looking to move this high end Carom cue (can be used for pool). Cue maker: Adam Musashi Model: NDS 6 These cues were exclusively made for DS : Radial Pin : 3x Max solid 8 shafts : All 3 shafts has “FCaudron black edition” Medium tip. 2 shafts are fairly new and 1 shaft bit used...
  2. Cuemaster98

    Custom AS cue set from the Ukraine for sale!!

    This is a very unique custom cue set made in Ukraine. Never seen anything like it :) The playing cue butt has the most intricate splices that I've ever seen. Solid playing cue with 1 shaft Butt: weigh in at 15.75oz, 28.25" long, Butt diameter is about 1.10" (28mm), very unique quick release...
  3. Cuemaster98

    Old 70's Josswest cue with 2 shafts for sale

    Here's a beautiful old classic 1970 Josswest cue with 2 original shafts. Butt: 16.13oz with 5x16-14 pin and SS collar, dead straight...butt cap was professional changed Shaft 1: 4.05 oz, 13 mm Straight Shaft 2: 3.70 oz, 12.75 mm (minor taper roll, but roll straight) Both the butt and shafts...
  4. Cuemaster98

    Sold Custom Lambros cue with 2 shafts

    Here's a really nice player's Lambros cue with 2 shafts for $1600 Shipped Butt weighs in at about 15.5oz with 3/8-10 pin Both shafts have minor taper roll and 12.5mm but roll flat with the cue together. Shipped via
  5. Cuemaster98

    Sold Purpleheart Ed Young Merry Widow cue with 2 shafts for sale!

    Hi Guys, Here's a custom cue that you don't see posted very often. 1. Lightly played Purpleheart Merry Widow Ed Young with 2 shafts - $SOLD Shipped Butt is 15.30 oz with 3/8-11 pin, dead straight, has a tiny finish chip in the butt sleeve. Original SHaft: 3.7oz 12.70mm, Moori...
  6. Cuemaster98

    Sold Mezz EC7 with Deep Impact Pro H shaft!!!

    Here's a nice combo, the Demo Xpro Shaft with the Mezz EC7....straight together and part. The shaft is about 12.60 mm and weighs 4.10oz, Butt has a united joint and weighs in at 15oz. Straight together and apart. Asking $600.00 shipped
  7. Cuemaster98

    Sold David Kikel 6 pts full splice wrapless cue with 2 shafts - Black Mamba

    Hi Guys, Here's a really cool and rare full splice cue from David Kikel called the "Black Mamba" $SOLD Shipped Butt and shafts are 30" long and cue weighs 19.8ounces. Butt has the 5/16-14 pin in a piloted joint. Both shafts are 13mm with...
  8. Cuemaster98

    Mezz Playing cue set (EC7 plus Power G Break cue)!!!! 1700 Shipped.

    Here's a beautiful Mezz cue sets that include the following for $1700 Shipped via Zelle or paypal: Mezz EC& with Lizard Wrap and original Wx700 Shaft (brand new) Butt is mezz united joint (5/16-14) weight in at 14.91oz and original shaft is 4.20oz 13mm. Mezz Power Break G Wrapless Cue with...
  9. Cuemaster98

    Sold Meucci Gambler with the 2 shafts (The Pro and Original) $525 Shipped

    Here's an old Gambler Meucci cue with matching ring work for the new pro shaft. $475 Shipped via Zelle or 6468247092. Butt weighs in at about 17.40 oz with 5/16-18 Pin. Butt roll straight The Pro Shaft: 12.5mm, Kamui Medium, 3.56oz Straight Orignal Shaft: 12.75mm, Le...
  10. Cuemaster98

    Sold Bill Schick Titlist Conversion with 2 Shafts

    Here's a nice older Bill Schick titlist conversion cue with 2 shafts for SOLD Shipped Butt : 14.80 oz, 3/8-10 with Exotic white joint (good stuff), leather wrap Shaft 1 : 13.20 mm, 3.84oz Shaft 2 : 12.86 mm, 3.54 oz Come with Adam extension (additional weight and original hoppe bolt included...
  11. Cuemaster98

    Beautiful Custom Mike Bender cues with 3x6 Whitten Case for sale

    High End Custom Mike Bender Box Cue Set with Jump Break cue $11500 Shipped Here's a beautiful one of kind box cue by Mike Bender with a custom Bender Jump Break cue specs for the cue: An acacia burl forearm that is cored with ebony for a sweet sweet hit! The forearm is inlayed with 5 long...
  12. Cuemaster98

    Sold Custom Whitten Lite Ostrich 2x4 cue cases for Sale!! 750 Shipped

    Custom Ostrich exotic leatherwork on this beautiful brown custom 2x4 Whitten cue case. PENDING Shipped!!! What a steal!!
  13. Cuemaster98

    Sold Lightly used Whitten LITE 3x6 cue case with double straps and all options 1K Shipped!!!

    This is a beautiful 3x6 Whitten Lite Custom cue case with all the options including a special pouch and double strap. Ring Tail exotic top and side panel. The case is lightly used and was used mainly for custom cue storage. There are a few scratches per pics but the case is in pretty good...
  14. Cuemaster98

    Sold 3x6 Custom Whitten Case and 2x3 Custom Whitten Case for Sale!!!

    Hi Guys, Here's are two classic Whitten cue cases that I'm looking to move. 3x6 ostrich custom leather case that was basically new and was only used for cue storage. Looking for $SOLD Shipped FIRM via Paypal FF. This case new will now cost over 2K and 1 year plus in wait. Both custom side...
  15. Cuemaster98

    Brand New Mezz Exceed Cue and use Kai Break cue Set - For Sales - 2K - OBO

    Hi Guys, Here's a brand new exceed cue with used Kai Break Cue that was recently acqurired: 2K or OBO EXCEED Yellow Heart and Black Stained Curly Maple Grip Cue with Ex Pro Shaft, Wavy Joint (Limited Edition) - EXCEED Telescopic Extension (black leather) Kai Wrapless Break Cue with used...
  16. Cuemaster98

    Sold Solid Ivy Joint - 3/8-10 full splice hoppe with Lizard Wrap and 3 shafts

    Hoppe Tascarella with ivory and 3 shafts: $SOLD FIRM Shipped. Paypal FF Only to The cue has one of the cleanest and dead straight grain maple forearm with 4 points of exotic vera wood and 4 veneers. Not sure if the name of the wood is correct but it supposed aged to a tin...
  17. Cuemaster98

    Sold Tascarella with 3 shafts, IVory joint, Ivory Hoppe Ring for 2850 !!

    Tascarella with 3 shafts, IVory joint, Ivory Hoppe Ring!! This is the best deal on AZ - Ivory Joint Tascarella hoppe with 3 shafts on AZ. [B][COLOR="red"][COLOR="Red"]Hoppe Tascarella with ivory and 3 shafts: $3250 FIRM Shipped. Paypal FF Only to The cue has one of...
  18. Cuemaster98

    High End custom Mike Bender Box cue with Bender rare Jump break cue w/ Whitten case!!

    I've decided to Stick to one playing cue so I'm looking to get these cues some new home so that they can be played. High End Custom Mike Bender Box Cue Set with Jump Break cue $11500 Shipped Here's a beautiful one of kind box cue by Mike Bender with a custom Bender Jump Break cue specs for the...
  19. Cuemaster98

    Tascarella Pool cue with 3/8-10 Ivory Joint Hoppe, 3 Shafts!!! 3K Shipped!!!

    Please reference the new listing here: