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    Lock down finally cleared, and i cant hit the broadside of a barn.

    So lock down finally cleared this friday in my area. Have not hit a ball in months. I picked up a new tasc during covid and took it out for a spin this weekend. Played about 15-20h. Thursday through sunday. I love the new cue, and i got weight and speed down, but the rattles were non stop...
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    Any easy way to determine a Half splice vs Full splice without taking a wrap off ?

    Good day, I was lucky enough to get a tascarella the other week, and it plays amazingly. unhit, 3 shafts. definitely makin this my player. absolutely love it. The seller was unsure if it was a full splice or half splice. he had bought from the Pete's a few years ago, and had it in storage...
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    Are there any AZ Meetups ?

    This is my first expo and was wondering if there are any AZ meetups ? I am relatively new to the forum, so wouldn't mind saying hello to some folks.
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    Solid Maple Shafts and Grain

    Good day folks, I play with solid maple shafts, across different cues. I was wondering about the wood grains. Some shafts I see have very fine grains and the whole shaft looks clean and white. Other shafts have visible darker ring patterns throughout the shaft. this seems to be more common...