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    Merry widow photo request

    I'm thinking of having a Merry Widow-style cue built w/ either cocobolo or bubinga for the forearm & buttsleeve and curly maple or (less likely) jarra for the handle. I know what these woods look like on their own but am not good at visualizing components together. Does anybody have pictures of...
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    Chip in clear coat

    I dropped my cue during a practice session and put a large (1/2" x 3/4") chip in the clear coat near the bumper. The wood is fine. I'm the type of guy who is bothered by such things & was wondering if refinishing is a complicated task. I don't know the local cue makers & am wondering if it's the...
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    Ball quality & playability

    For the past year & a half, I've been using the used balls that came w/ my used table. They play fine & have some scratches, but no nicks or chips. I believe they are phenolic. Just for kicks, last night we played w/ a set of Cyclop Ladons I bought off eBay a few months ago. My wife & I both...
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    Snap judgments on 6 CF shafts

    I have a Revo 12.4 & am considering purchasing a 2d carbon fiber shaft for my backup. I was able to visit Seybert's & play around with several different models. Everyone will have different thoughts on how a shaft feels & plays & I concede I did not spend enough time with any of these shafts to...
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    Preserving wood's color

    I just bought a cue w/ purpleheart in it, which I know can darken over time. The cue stays in my basement where it would not receive direct sunlight but would get some filtered light, depending on the time of day. Is it fine to leave it in my cue rack or should I store it in my case? I wonder...
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    2020 CF shaft opinions

    There were several carbon fiber shafts released this year & a lot of us seem to be gear hounds. There were new CF offerings this year from (at least): Lucasi Viking Universal OB Has anyone played around w/ these? Thoughts? Is Anyone getting one for Christmas?
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    For Tor Lowry fans

    My wife bought me the Full 11 Hour Collection (Pattern Play + Kicking / Banking / Secrets 2) for Christmas. I can't open it until Christmas, but I am enjoying the bonus materials that came w/ the DVDs. For those that have seen Tor's videos, is it worth getting 12 Instructional Videos (or any...
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    New cue for Christmas

    I expect to get beaten up over this question, but here goes. I am looking at 3 cues as a gift to myself: !. A purpleheart into curly maple 4 prong Schmelke w/ radial joint & a torrified maple shaft 2. Predator Roadline w/ Uniloc joint & 314-3 3. A used Mezz w/ united joint & WX700 All 3 are...
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    Predator cues w/ radial pins

    I noticed some of Predator's more expensive Roadline cues & most of the Sport2 line are available w/ radial pins. Most Predators still come w/ the Uni-loc & I thought Predator may have even owned that technology. Does anyone know why they have started offering cues w/ a different joint?
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    Mezz CP-13SW Series- composite wood

    I was wondering if anyone could explain the benefits of these cues. The butts are made w/ composite laminated wood "to increase stability, accuracy and deliver more cue power." When I hear composite wood, I think of particleboard or MDF, which would usually be inferior &/or less expensive than...
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    Phenolic ball Q

    I just bought some Cyclop Ladons on eBay. They seem very nice, but at 1st glance aren't that different than the used balls that came w/ my used table. I would have expected to get a cheap set of balls w/ the table, so now I'm wondering how do I tell if a ball is phenolic or a cheapo?
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    McDermott Defy

    While researching CF shafts, I've noticed very little feedback on the McDermott Defy. Even smaller companies like GO Customs have more reviews out there than the Defy & when reviewers do mass comparisons it usually isn't included. Given McDermott's size & presence, it D/N make sense to me. If...
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    OB Phoenix, Kielwood, Java shafts, etc.

    I think these shafts are attractive & they sound good in theory, but I have a couple Qs I was hoping someone could help me with. 1) I've read these shafts are "harder" b/c of the reduced moisture. Shouldn't that increase, instead of reduce, deflection? Either the shaft or the cue ball has to...
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    Carbon Q- lesser known manufacturers

    I currently play w/ a Predator 314-3 on a generic butt w/ Uniloc pin. I like it, but am looking for something more personalized. I am considering having a simple 4 prong butt made to pair w/ a carbon shaft. I've been disappointed the cost of these shafts hasn't come down more & was wondering...