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    handicapping and pool

    I thought i would start a new thread,because nobody gets past the first page and my post would have been on page Well the problem with handicapping is you have people that dont play pool or are room owners and play at an APA 3,4 level doing the handicapping and dont have a clue what...
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    handicapping and pool

    The old handicapping question, Is handicapping good for pool? I guess it depends at what level you play at, if you are a local one or two night bar banger playing leagues you probably love the hell out of it,if you are a serious player and one of the top players in town,you hate the hell out of...
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    playing the ghost

    i stopped playing the ghost about 3 months ago after i couldnt beat it on my buddies GC with 4.5 inch pockets, the pocket size wasnt the big issue, he had diamond rails put on it and it plays too fast really,he even agrees it does,hes going to change to artimus cushions. Anyways i beat the 9...
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    thinking about moving to Atlanta Area

    Any good pool rooms in the Atlanta Georgia area with 9 footers to play pool.
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    tournament results

    Does anyone have the results of the tournament in Beloit ,Ws
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    Brunswick Gold Crowns

    Did Brunswick quit making their Gold Crown series of tables...i played on some GC 4's about 15 years ago,i thought they had made a GC 5 since then. I looked online on their site and it didnt show that model anymore. They did show the Centurion model,but the rest were furniture tables, with claw...
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    Bonus Ball

    i watched my first episode of Bonus Ball tonight, i didnt think i would like it,but once you learned the rules a little it wasnt that bad, you can definitely seen elements of all the other billiard games in it, and the team element was cool, as well as the almost round robin type formatt. Iam...
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    pattern racking

    Has anybody ever pattern racked and broke and kept track of where the balls see how well you can control the balls on the break. I would be interested in looking at the statistical outcome of it if someone has done it. I know there are a lot of variables to control when breaking,but i...
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    playing the ghost

    I have some rules questions about playing the ghost....i have been playing the ghost as It much as i can stand it...just to see if it will improve my concentration and position play a little...It all started after talking with a buddy about Dennis Orcollo playing the ghost on the 10 ft. tables...
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    about bonus ball

    I cant imagine all these people hanging there hopes of pool growing on this game,what...dont we have enough games that challenge our talents,what we need is another good movie with some big name actors that everyone knows to make pool more in the mainstream, maybe even some college action with...
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    using criss cross system for kicking at balls

    I used to use the criss cross system for banking balls,and it seems like their was a way to use it to figure out the exact contact point on the rail for kicking at balls also. Anyone know how to use the criss cross system for kicking at balls across the table. The criss cross system is pretty...
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    englishing cue ball

    I have a question for yall,i read Bob Bynes series of books, and Jack Koehlers book years ago, and it seems like i remember them saying it doesnt matter how far out on the cueball you go left or right ,that you get the same amount of English transfer from the cueball to the object ball. The...