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    $10,000 club

    I don't care who you are or how you play, if you took home 12K in a tournament that is fantastic! Congrats to you.
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    Confusion!.......Spin the Cue ball or Center Cue ball MOSTLY?

    One thing I've experienced in life is that greatness at something does not make someone a great teacher. I'm not referencing the OP, just making a statement. A friend of mine said he recently took lessons from CJ Wiley and how it opened up many ways at looking and approaching things. He couldn't...
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    Sold Porper 3x6 Oval cue case

    Very nice, good luck with your sale.
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    Sold Porper 3x6 Oval cue case

    I see a nice looking Runde in there:)
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    Butch, who are these guys?

    Keep an eye out for Joe LeFors;)
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    Funny Comment from a teammate on my cue.

    I haven't either. I've played with his stainless and micarta jointed cues, but hope to try one of his ivory jointed cues. His stainless aren't as stiff as the Schons.
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    Funny Comment from a teammate on my cue.

    Have you ever played with one of Bob's customs with an ivory joint? I know you prefer ivory.
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    Kenny Murrell

    When you get it please post some pictures, I've heard great things about his work. Excited for you, enjoy.
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    Good Books for Pool Players

    In most things in life; being a good anything is tied to opportunity, hard work, sacrifice, and learning from those who've walked the path.
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    Diamond Pocket Problems and Black Marks...again

    You're resourceful, a good guy to have as a neighbor. Now help me unthread my old, rusted galvanized steel sprinkler pipe:)
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    what's the best cue you ever hit with, and why?

    I like these threads because they can turn you on to a maker you may have never heard of. I've played with countless production cues, but not many customs. There's my disclaimer. My favorite is a Runde 99. It felt like it was made for me, although it wasn't. The balance and feel are what...
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    Bob Owen "Balabushka trbute" exc cond

    I want to sleep in my bed just a little more than I want this beauty. If I bought it, my wife would have me sleeping in the rose garden. Gorgeous cue, good luck.
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    Horrors! Spirit Airlines and cues!

    Glad the gear is safe. I was wondering recently about pros traveling with their gear. I saw an episode of What's in the Case, where Efren puts a big fragile sticker on his case when he travels. Seems risky.
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    How to get a Fargo rating? I'm sure it's been posted millions of times but I need it.

    Some of us don't want to know what their Fargo Rating may be:)
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    Which case do you prefer -tubes or felt liners

    I bought a Porper case, roughly 30 years old, that was foam on the inside. It was a really good case, but it had lived its life. I was mainly looking for a cheap case that I could use for storage. I bought one through Seyberts, not really looking that closely at it. I had never used a tube case...
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    Forgive me if this has been mentioned, I haven't read every post on the thread. I was watching a match on YouTube the other day. Gorst vs Gomez I believe from a few years ago. Wilson and Nick Varner got into an interesting discussion on tips. Wilson talked about after trying so many tips, he...
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    I greatly appreciate you sharing that story. It means a lot. I don't want to get into a cheesy story, so suffice it to say I knew when I saw the 99 I had to have it. You're spot on about the cue and I have no doubt you shot like that with it. I'm sorry about Barry, and I'm grateful to have...
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    I picked up the Runde 99 a few months ago. It just felt like I had it forever, such great balance and feel. It led me on a search to add one or two more. Received the wrapless, Runde 14 and the Runde 17, R12 rendition yesterday. I appreciate the work Bob does and glad he's still at it. I...
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    Mark Wilson - lesson

    After a 20 year hiatus, my game is much better now than ever. All because I changed my stance and created a pre-shot routine. My aiming is taken care of before I get down for the shot. There's still a lot to work on, but those long shots aren't near as intimidating as they used to be.
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    Mark Wilson - lesson

    I think that is the ideal formula for anyone that wants to excel in any field, whether it be pool, guitar, carpentry, etc. You learn from those who are better and more knowledgeable than yourself, then you work your tail off. Of course there are other factors involved, but there is no substitute...