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    WTB: Brunswick Centennials TV-Edition

    Looking for a set TV-Edition Brunswick Centennials new or used (in good/excellent condition). Shipping to the UK would be ideal but can also be shipped to California.
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    Wanted: Old style Predator Joint Protectors

    Looking to get my hands on a 5/16x14 old-style Predator joint protectors. Can also just be for the shaft.
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    WTB 2x Schon Logo Joint Protectors

    Shipped to the UK!
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    Butt Extensions

    Looking for a 6" Viking Butt Extension kit as well as a Falcon Butt Extension for an FA series cue.
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    Ordering from Schön Cues website

    Has anyone had any issues ordering from the Schön Cues website recently? Ordered some items directly from the website, got an email confirming that my order had been received and was being processed. Followed up by email a couple of weeks later but have yet to receive a response.
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    Master Chalk Colours

    Hey y'all Seeking some clarity from experienced members of the community. Not sure if this was sited for the Main Forum so posted here instead. I recently purchased a dozen of Master chalk in Forest Green and another in what I thought to be Spruce. However, upon reviewing both they appear to...