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    Well the Pool world has lost another unique colorful player Frank Zummo of Cleveland Ohio. In the 60's to the 80's Frank was a top Pool player with Straight Pool being his best game and passion. He has owned several Poolrooms in Northeast Ohio the latest being Franks Billiard in Wickcliffe Ohio...
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    I heard King of Billiards in Akron OH is closing.
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    Rest in Peace -Big Joe Masci

    From the 1990's thru 2010 anyone attending the US Open , SBE, or Derby City has seen Big Joe. He was impossible to miss because of his size. The majority of the time he would be sitting by Don Sherman's booth he was a fixture there. Joe had a real passion for Cues and bought , traded and sold...
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    Just to let all interested parties know the Hustler will be on TCM on March 12th at 9:45 PM.
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    Would anyone know how to get the action room forum if it does not show up as a choice? This is not for me but a newer Gold member Joesephs 1. If you can PM him with any info it would be greatly appreciated. I have not been able to help him. Thanks in advance.
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    Florian just did a few trick shots on the Steve Harvey Show.I just happened to catch it . Florian is a good ambassador for Pool in my opinion. I have been seeing more and more Pool tables in commercials and shows.
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    F/s tad

    This cue is being sold by a friend of mind. He now has pictures of his 8 point Tad. I am just doing him a favor by posting this here.His name is Steve his home # is 440-333 -1903 , his cell ph. Is 440-503-8855. He lives in N.E. Ohio.He does have a really nice Tad.
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    A friend of mine who played in the legends of One Pocket in 1991 is looking for a group photo taken of the players .If anyone would have any info on how to track one down it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Steve klapp

    I just received my cue back today ( a refinish ) and a new shaft with Steve's old growth shaft wood. I am very very happy with the refinish and that shaft. The cue a 6pt. Boar looks brand new and Steve also did a great job on the leather wrap.I have hit about 50 balls with the new shaft and it...
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    Tad 8pt.

    This is for a friend. He is in the process of getting pictures taken.He has a very fancy 8 point Tad in very good condition.He can ans. any questions better then I can.If you have any interest his ph. # is 440-333-1903 his name is Steve , best to call am before 1pm.You can tell him you saw this...
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    Last July Skyscraper Chris held a design contest for Chalkholders, I was fortunate to be one of the two winners. My design was in honor of the movie The Hustler.Chris notified me abt. 3 weeks later that my design needed to be modified since the faces of the main characters would not look right...
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    Food channel

    Nine PM tonite a episode about a Billiard room / Sports Bar struggling to survive.It will be on the Food Channel.
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    Dec.18,Joel Herceks birthday

    Happy birthday to a great cue maker and the nicest guy in the Pool world!
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    Birthday boy on Dec.18th.

    Happy Birthday to Joel Hercek a dear friend and a great cue maker!
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    The 1st. Hercek MOP

    My 1st. conversation with Joel Hercek was July 31,1999.I had brought up MOP inlays and Joel was not receptive to the idea.From that point to now I have had the privilege of owning over a dozen of Joels full spliced cues and have loved them all.This morning I received a package from Fed Ex that...
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    John O'neil

    John and I go back 46 plus years.Our friendship was renewed in 1994 and we discovered we still both had a passion for Pool.the next 15 years was a flurry of Pool Tournaments, playing Pool, sweating matches, and cue collecting.John was a type of person that lit up a room with his outgoing...
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    Cue Show in Chicago!!

    Just wanted to mention there is serious talk abt. abt a Cue show Nov. 5th.If anyone has anymore info on it , Hotels room cost etc.