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    Funny pic/gif thread...

  2. td873

    PPV-Alex Pagulayan Vs Tony Chohan-$150,000 One Pocket Champions Challenge-September 23-26th

    Guess I gotta have 2 streams running at the same time tonight. SVB/Chang and Lion/T-Rex. Times are good! -td
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

  4. td873

    Texas Open Performance Ratings

    Cool! Thanks for updating the “magic”! Much appreciated!
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    Texas Open Performance Ratings

    DigitalPool has some cool statistics for the Texas Open. SVB (Shane VanBoening) performing at an unheard of 1060 Fargo rating! Insane. Oi (Naoyuki Oi) performing at 996! Morra rounding out the top 3 performers at 988. Given the strength of the field, the effective performance list is VERY...
  6. td873

    Choosing Pocket Dimensions for New Table

    If you play any straight pool, get 4.5". If you just play rotation and one pocket, 4.25 is fine. At 4.25, Diamonds play hard but do play fair. At 4.5" it'll still be challenging. Also, what durometer rating do your shims have? Are they stapled in making them too solid? It sounds like...
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    Diamond Pocket Problems and Black Marks...again

    Yeah - it’s one of the minor issues with the table. I still get marks on my balls. Now, it’s primarily hard shots where the ball hits the back of the pocket square, but it happens. I do wish they had sorted it out before, but I’d rather have a Diamond that occasionally marks balls vs any...
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    Arizona Open - U.S. Pro Billiard Series

    I think that was a predator one replay. The main tourney didn't start streaming until 11:00 MT. -td
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    Arizona Open - U.S. Pro Billiard Series

    Jeremy did the commentary for the 2 matches I watched. No issues here.
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    Arizona Open - U.S. Pro Billiard Series
  11. td873

    What ever happened to the Sardo rack?

    @jtompilot - I’m south on 45 in Pearland area. -td
  12. td873

    What ever happened to the Sardo rack?

    Sardo!! Mine is on the wall collecting dust. -td
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    Do I need a dehumidifier?

    I live in Houston and we have a lot of humidity. I started using a dehumidifier last month and it makes a noticeable difference. Getting my pool room down from 65% to between 40-45% has the cue ball rolling more than a foot farther and the balls pocket a hair easier. So, it does speed things...
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    Is there a "smart" cue ball yet?

    I'd be interested how someone solves the charging port and rolling problem (that is, inserting something into a ball and still having it roll true). I mean, you'd have to get the thing perfectly centered. And all the components would have to be able to take a million impacts. (I don't think...
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    can use break app, etc. to determine draw stroke speed?

    I thought Digicue had a stroke speed report? But, like others have said, I’m not sure that value is a meaningful data point. Draw is easily measure on the table whereas break speed is not. For example, you can set up a straight in shot with 2 diamonds between the balls and see how far the cue...
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    Placement Pool Challenge (PPC 100)

    Yes. Always in order. Otherwise people would do the hard ones first and just keep starting over until they had a good run started. -td
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    Placement Pool Challenge (PPC 100)

    No worries. Sorry to make you edit the list for my oversight. I ran upstairs and gave it another go tonight. Ended up improving my old score a bit -> 94. Couple little flubs, including one easy 8-ball. ha! I can definitely see 100, but I would need to be in "pool mode" and catch a roll I...
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    Placement Pool Challenge (PPC 100)

    Dave, I got a comment on my video. It looks like I skipped a pattern (#8). So you can pull my score off the list as it looks like I didn't complete the whole drill. I'll have to give it another go in the future. doh! -td