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  1. Celophanewrap

    Help me place a value on this

    Greetings, I have a buddy that would like to purchase a cue that I have, but my history is that I’m really terrible at making deals with friends. So I wonder if you all might help a brother out. I have a Predator P3, black with the Predator Luxe wrap, has the Z2 shaft that came with it, also has...
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    it just never occurred to me that I might one day need to get something different...

    Please excuse me for asking this, it just never occurred to me that I might one day need to get something different. A few years ago I began to try and work on cues, I became pretty good at tips, cleanings and some other simple stuff. I feel like I owe a big thanks to CueJo (Darcy), his videos...
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    Gambling 101

    Hello everyone. Recently our own ChrisinNC brought us a thread "Gambling Scenario - Opinions" It got some interesting response, or at least I found it interesting. Personally I don't gamble, maybe because I'm careful, or maybe because I'm...
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    If you carry 2 or more shafts

    Do you carry 2 or more shafts with your regular player? For those of you that carry 2 or more shafts with your regular player - are they identical or different? What's your thinking behind this? If you don't - why not? Have you ever been in a position where you wished you did?
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    Anyone else like me?

    So from time to time I'll have a conversation with someone and inevitably the question will come up, "What do you do for fun?" "I like to play pool", "I haven't played in a long time, maybe we can get together and play sometime" I kind of cringe at that. I guess I'm really odd as a pool...
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    Anyone else like me?

    Oops, wrong forum. Sorry
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    Pin Size

    Does anyone have any idea what size the Segen pin is? It looks like a radial, but it's smaller. Anyone?
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    Your Regionals, Cities - LTC's. Tell me about them

    How do your Regionals, Cities - LTC's go? Does your LO get a Hotel Grand Ball Room or an Event Center or some such other space and bring in tables and vendors and the whole works, or does your area have LTC's in a big pool hall and they bring in a mobile tip repair guy, or is your area small...
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    Schon, Whats the difference?

    I've seen many different Schon cues (as we all have), every now and then I come across someone looking for a "Gold Letter" Schon. Does that mean with the 'Schon' logo written in gold on the butt? What would god letters indicate? Also, wonder if you Schon folks could have a look at the pic...
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    girl fight...
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    What makes a break cue a break cue?

    I got to looking at the cues I call my breakers and then got to thinking about what other people break with, they're all a little different, some are really different. I personally prefer a lighter cue with a harder tip, about a 12.5 - 12.75 with a longer taper. If I change the shaft on any of...
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    Samsara - More that just a pretty face?

    So I'm really considering looking into a Samsara. They're beautiful and intricate, highly detailed, impeccable artistic works, but how do they play? From everything that I can find the general opinion is that they are a pretty stiff cue and now they are available with the Samsara LD - The...
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    How many cues do you carry around?

    How many cues do you carry around and why? I was recently evaluating what comes with me when I play and I got to wondering just why it is that I would carry what I carry. I have a great custom case that I got from Gil Castillo a couple of years ago but I really can't justify all the room. I mean...
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    Predator Ver. 3 vs. Ver. 2

    To those that have been able to try both: Is there any discernible difference in Predator version 3 shafts (Z3, 314-3, Vantage) from the Version 2 shafts? If you've been able to try a couple of the new ones which do you like better and why and was the tip a factor?
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    Predator, Ver 3 vs. Ver. 2

    Sorry, wrong forum. But to post correctly, I have a 30" 314-2, Kamui Brown SS, rarely used. Excellent condition, no nicks or dings, $165 shipped
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    A Revelation

    There are moments in a drunkard's recovery that are referred to as "A moment of clarity", people that other than a drunkard might refer to these moments as an "ephifany" or an "ah ha" moment. For that instant you see things clearly, your vision is better, your hands are magic, for that moment it...
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    Looking to acquire a Predator Z2 (or Z3), black collar 5/16 X 14

    Greetings, I'm looking to trade for (or trade + cash) a Predator Z2 (or Z3), 5/16 X 14 joint, black collar. to offer for trade or sale I have a Jacoby Hybrid Edge same joint and collar, or a 30" 314-2 same joint and collar, or a 314 cat uniloc, thin black collar. Any of these are in excellent...
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    Hoping to trade for a Z2 (or Z3), black collar, 5/16 X 14

    Greetings, I'm looking to trade for a Predator Z2 (or Z3), 5/16 X 14 joint, black collar. ..or in the alternative perhaps you'd like to purchase one of the following... to offer for trade or sale I have a Jacoby Hybrid Edge same joint and collar (5/16 X 14 joint, black collar), or a 30" 314-2...