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  1. mvp

    John Barton us open ban

    I friend told me John barton got into a altercation and head butted someone at the us open????? Any truth to this? Sounds made up to me
  2. mvp

    Greatest drill site ever

    Check out for their yearly subscription to hundreds of drills. I signed up yesterday and absolutely love it. It’s got hundreds of drills with the mirror sides also, a list of rules, videos of some pro completing it, and you input your score. The site will then chart your score...
  3. mvp

    Ever experience this?

    I practice about 4hrs a day and yesterday about 3shots into my loosening up process the table looked unleveled side to side, like by inches. I grabbed another ball and was gonna shoot one long shot and it looked like it was uphill? No joke!!!!! I immediately quit for the night. But before I went...
  4. mvp

    Cuetec shafts out?

    When is the mass release of the carbon Cuetecs? Everyplace I can think of has a wait list or they don’t have a release date yet to fill the back orders! Anyone got any insight?
  5. mvp

    Post your fargorate;

    I thought this would be interesting to see Fargo’s I’ll start I’m a 625 starter rank
  6. mvp

    Rotation for a drill?

    What’s an instructors take on rotation type practice? We all play the ghost etc. I know a lot of pros practice this way but doesn’t this qualify for the HAMB theory? Some say ball in hand after the break while others say no, practice push outs and safeties against yourself. What would you tell...
  7. mvp

    Low Derby fargorates ??

    I hear a lot of “non pros” play at dcc for the experience or the ability to spectate with less restrictions. With this being said, what’s your guesses on the lowest Fargo ratings participating? What’s the average player rating?
  8. mvp

    Fargorate list

    I've seen the top 100 list, is there a list that ranks all players? At least one that goes deeper into the amateurs???
  9. mvp

    Student preparation?.

    as instructors what do you like to see from a student? do they need to bring anything? Notepad, list of goals, weakness's etc. what makes a great student before or during the lesson? Not after that's up to the student lol the reason I'm asking I'm about to take my newly humbled but to see a...
  10. mvp

    Fargo question

    How does a person get a higher than normal starter rating without having any stats to pull from?
  11. mvp

    Who won? Grinder vs black widow

    Who won between April Larsen and Janette Lee?? I saw they were doing a race to 9 9ball !
  12. mvp

    Diamond PRC hazy

    I wiped off my black prc diamond pro am and the black turned hazy???? I used a damp towel? It's almost like I'm smearing the oils from players hands into table? Anyway I can get it to shine black again?
  13. mvp

    Calling all ball experts

    Reading all the cyclop post latey had wondering (of course I could of searched but this is a forum) what's the differences within the aramith sets? I've only bought the mid priced premium balls! Aramith seems to have sets for all price ranges, at what level does it stop getting better and your...
  14. mvp

    Diamond ball polisher storage

    How do you store, or display your diamond ball polisher in your personal home? Do you have an custom oak stand, on the floor, in a closet, etc. I wanting mine out for convenience but also want it to look nice! I’ve seen a poolhall have one on a rolling 3 drawer tool cart with all supplies. That...
  15. mvp

    Ghost variations

    i just learned of a different take in playing ghost. Maybe it's been around a while and I never paid attention but here's what I picked up on for ghost practice: The amount of balls vari based off of skill but start off with 4 balls hitting them in rotation with BNH after break, when this is...
  16. mvp

    Camera ideas

    I'm closing on my new house in a few weeks and get to re-do my pool room. I recently ordered a new diamond table, holding off on 2nd 1/2 of payment so I can finalize the table size. I may have room for a nine fter this time!!!!! But best to make sure. Anyway one of the things I want is the...
  17. mvp

    Louisville places

    What's the best place in Louisville to play? Reasonable hourly rates I hope. My interwebz searches don't seem to be in the pool players interest, they advertise more of the entertainment and bar aspect of the business. I'm just looking for some decent table time to get back into it! Thanks
  18. mvp

    Dumb derby city question

    Curious........ How many average guys (guys with no chance of winning 1-2rounds) actually play in the nineball event? I'm considering playing in next years for the experience only. Is there others like me???? It's a real option for me now that I moved near by!!
  19. mvp

    Ever hear of "the club" Evansville Indiana?

    I was just told of a "club" in Evansville Indiana that had approximately 6 pro-am diamonds and maybe 2 9ft diamonds. I guess membership is 30$ a month for a front door key.It's possibly located next to Obrien's sports bar. Any southern Indiana players out there who can varify this????? Sounds to...
  20. mvp

    G10 pin today?

    im looking to have a new cue made during my time away from pool this winter and was considering a g10 pin. I know they were the new next best thing a few years back and are still available today. But was wondering how they are viewed today?????????? Do they add value or subtract from the cues...