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  1. CPB614

    2015 Bob Manzino W 4 Shafts

    Take a look at what just arrived in our inventory…. Gorgeous 2015 Bob Manzino W/4 Shafts and a 9” Extension Butt 14.7 Shaft 1 4.0 13mm Shaft 2 4.3 13mm Shaft 3 3.9 13mm Shaft 4 4.0 13mm Extension is 9” and 4.0 Oz Custom Matching Jointcap for the buttsleeve Fancy Ringwork [emoji836]️IV Joint...
  2. CPB614

    New Jacoby Player

    [emoji840]🟧New Jacoby Cue🟧🟠 Chechen forearm and buttsleeve Elforyn Joint Radial Pin Leopard Jasper Rings Black/ White linen 19.2 oz 12.75 MM Ultra Pro Shaft Tiger Everest Tip This cue looks amazing and has unique rings and the Chechen looks almost 3D… The Jacoby Shop makes some of the best...
  3. CPB614

    Eddie Cohen

    🟤[emoji838]🟣Eddie Cohen 🟣[emoji838]🟤 [emoji810]Look at this beauty[emoji810] Butt 15.4 Shaft 1 3.8 13mm Shaft 2 3.8 13mm 4 Ebony Prongs Birdseye Maple Forearm W Bridged Veneers Birdseye Maple Buttsleeve W/ 4 Ebony Veneered Boxes Notched Diamond inlays Fancy Matching Ringwork @ All spots Juma...
  4. CPB614

    South West Pin 324 17

    SOLD. THANK YOU!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. CPB614

    South West 9 Point Pin 370 11

    SOLD!!! Thank you
  6. CPB614

    Wayne Gunn

    Wayne Gunn 1980’s 6 Solid Ebony Points W/Dots and clovers Solid Ebony Buttsleeve W Maple boxes, dots and clovers Dots and clover inlays are said to be made of pool balls Maple Ringwork at all 5 spots White/ Black Linen Finished over Butt 16.3 Shaft 1 3.5 12.25mm Shaft 2 3.4 11.80mm Butt is...
  7. CPB614

    Dale Patten Ebony

    SOLD!!!! Thank you
  8. CPB614

    (2) Pechauer Rogue Shafts

    Pechauer Rogue 12.8 3/8x10 30” Used but in great shape 4.3 oz Rolls straight Pechauer Rogue 30” 12.8 Radial Joint Used but in great shape Rolls straight 3.7 oz $365.00 Each Satisfaction Guaranteed Kevin Stier Integrity Cues Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. CPB614

    ‘04 Shawn Putnam Player

  10. CPB614

    Looking for Rich Cues

    Looking to add a few more cues to my collection. If you have one for sale please send me a message
  11. CPB614

    Eddie Laube Cue

    SOLD Thank you all!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. CPB614

    Tascarella Hoppe

    SOLD!!!! Thank you
  13. CPB614

    Joel Hercek

    Gone Thanks for the interest
  14. CPB614


    Any size Leather JB case
  15. CPB614

    (3) 1x2 Vintage Cases Look!!

    Tan Kelly Case $325 Gray Centennial Case $395 Black Felini SOLD!!! 2 cases are in very good shape Lids work, Locks work Came from a private collection Prices posted PM if you need more info Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. CPB614

    (4) Joss West Cues

    #1 Joss West 8 Pointer Stained BEM Forearm 4 High ebony points W/Spearheads 4 Low Ebony points W/Spearheads 8 Diamond Inlays in the prongs Ebony Buttsleeve with 8 large diamonds and 16 smaller alternating diamond inlays SS 5/16x14 joint White Dash ringwork White/ black spec linen Loaded with...
  17. CPB614

    (3) Arthur Cantando Cues....

    Arthur Cantando Cues #1 Arthur Cantando 4 Point Birdseye Maple Forearm 4 Tall Ebony Points Veneers of Black, yellow, green and Natural Solid Ebony Buttsleeve w/ veneer stack above buttcap Leather wrap Flat faced Radial pin Butt 15.3 Shaft 1 3.8 13mm Shaft 2 4.0 13mm Good ferrules Amazing...
  18. CPB614

    Burgundy O’Neill and McDermott Hard Cases

    GONE!!! Thank you!!!
  19. CPB614

    George Balabushka Cue

    SOLD another one!!!
  20. CPB614

    George Balabushka Cue

    SOLD!!!! Thank you!!!