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    revo shaft for sale

    hi selling a like new revo used radial shaft. the tip has some wear.....12.9 mm..... 415.00 sent as a gift and ill get shipping... check my itrader….George....307-870-7599 give me a call...…..SOLD....SOLD......SOLD
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    keilwood shaft

    I am looking to buy a keilwood shaft...…. 3-8/10 joint or radial joint----- 12.75mm tip or 13mm tip
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    custom fullsplice cue for sale

    hi ….I have a custom made blacktulip cue made of hornbeam black,white and paduck.the cue is used in good cond. it has a 3/8-10 joint,weight is about 19oz and it has an 11in extension that scews in the bottom. you can see a pic of the cue on here under anton-bzh3.the first cue on his for sale...
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    Cuetec cynergy shaft

    hey again....for sale,cuetec cynergy shaft for cuetec cue. played with for 2 weeks,still like cuetec box with everything it comes with. 400.00 sent as gift ill get the shipping......price lowered to 350.00...
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    Cuetec cynergy shaft,,3/8x14

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    predator series 2 for sale or trade

    hi all...…..the PREDATOR SPORT 2 SERIES GONE GONE GONE GONE is like new.something has come up .sorry to say I have to sell. the predator sport 2 series with a 314-3 shaft please check my itrader.please look it up as I don't do pics.i know its a pain...… 307-870-7599 if you want to...
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    Cuetec cynergy shaft,,3/8x14

    hi...this shaft is for a cuetex cue.3/ never hit a its box. 449.00 sent as a get everything else.307-870-7599 check my itrader. george
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    joss lovers

    hi all......FOR SALE....two joss cues..a joss N-13 and a joss-mike sigel-model SOLD SOLD SOLD the N-13 is in great does have about a 1/8 chip in the handle just above the wrap,19oz everything else is stock. the butt of the sigel model is in real good cond.the stock shaft has a...
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    510.00 package for sale for 315.00

    hi again...….im selling all my cues do to my health.this package is the first. SOLD......SOLD...….SOLD SOLD if you ever wanted to try cuetec here is your chance. this is a steal 1st...cuetec 724 140.00 plus a cuetec extension ----- my price=..paid as a gift plus shipping...
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    trade cutec playin cue for cuetec break cue

    hello again-----been some of you may remember I don't do pics. I do have over 140 itraders----must say something???????? ill make this simple..i want to trade a like new cuetec-CT724-19oz-playing cue with a new- never used-butt extension and a SST shaft,,,,,,, trade for...
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    Pure x break jump

    hey everyone,hope your well. TRADED----TRADED I have a like new players,19oz,4 piece,black, break jump that I want to trade for a cuetec WCT break cue. my cue is in like new cond.would like the WCT to be in great cond,or at least close. I realy would like to trade,however I will sell for...
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    wanted----joss n-11

    a friend is looking for a joss n-11.had one when he was a younger man. he can be reached by me on this forum.or call 307-875-7915 ask for George thank you--------george
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    2 willie blade cues for sale

    hi-----im selling two willie blade cues ….. these cues are new,i received then a few months ago. I fell down a flight of stairs,hurt pretty bad.done playin. these cues have been played with a couple of times.and I got a couple of dings in each one.yes that really stunk.i never should...
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    cues for sale

    hi again for sale,.-- an older licos 6 point,southwest copy in great shape for its age.2 shafts one used one only test hit,13mm, around 19ozgreat older is used. second cue traded buy the cue for 225.00 .-----hay its Christmas.let me know what you think. email for pics or pm here...
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    nick varner break jump for sale or trade

    hi,like the title says.i want to trade for a PLAYER b/j, 14mm shaft or a J&J break jump same size shaft.or whatever is close.the NV is in real good cond.19oz maple and ebony.want to trade however I will sell for 80.00.shipped and ill get paypal. sorry I don't do pics.check my itrader,i like to...
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    ob-break shaft-3/810

    hi,i have an ob break shaft for sale.its in 95%+ condition. it has a touch of blue on it.i didn't break more than 15 racks with it. they sell new for about 220.00 ill sell for 185.00,i think that's a great price. PRICE LOWERED TO 175.00 PRICE IS NOW 165.00...
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    ob-break shaft-3/810

    hi- FOR SALE GONE-GONE-GONE-GONE I have a ob break shaft for sale.its in 95% + condition. it has a touch of blue on it.i didn't break more than 15 racks. they sell new for about 220.00.ill sell for 185.00 I think that's a great price. and ill get all fees. if it sells before wen I...
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    bj case-players b/j-lucasi lzd5 package

    jb-case-players b/j-lucasi lzd5 package hi again,im selling this package for 375.00 as a package. 340.00 package deal the package is 525.69 new. the jb-john barton- case is a new,3pocket, black 2x3.this case is new. sell for 200.0 the players jb5,b/j is used, in good cond.19oz,14mm...
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    phillippi shaft for trade

    hey all,---GONE GONE GONE GONE like the title says.i want to trade for a jacoby 3-piece jump cue. the phillippi is in very,very good cond. about 29in long,13mm,4oz,radial joint.looks like black and white railroad tracks ring work. wonderful shaft,with a kamui tip.a 1and 1/8 in long...
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    viking exact shot shaft

    hi all, I have a new,played with a couple of times,5/16-14 Viking shaft with a mid. kamui tip. they are pretty pricey.over 250.00 selling for 165.00 and ill get shipping and paypal.please reply.check my itrader.i would trade for a 200.00 or so break cue. please reply. george