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  1. JusticeNJ

    Pool stuff you bought🤮, tried or used, and said never again.🤮

    For me it was too messy and I just felt like it didn't have any quality above and beyond any other chalk.
  2. JusticeNJ

    What is this cue worth?

    The the nice thing thing about the internet is that there’s always going to be someone available to tell you that you’re doing it wrong, often in the the most explicit way possible.
  3. JusticeNJ

    Pocket size?

    I almost only play 14.1 on my home table. I’ve got 4.75” pockets on my GCI. I’m considering going to 5” next time I get it refelted.
  4. JusticeNJ

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Dave!

    Yo happy bday to the good Dr. Dave!
  5. JusticeNJ

    $1000 max, what's your playing cue?

    You do you man! Danny DiLiberto was playing with a Gambler last I knew of, so you keep good company.
  6. JusticeNJ

    Do cue tips go bad over time?

    I bought a Richard Black a few months ago made that was made in 1990. It had never hit a ball before. The one shaft I play with has a single layer tip that looks like a LePro. It plays great. The tips held up better than the finish, which settled into the wood in a few places.
  7. JusticeNJ

    Veneers or Recut? You like one better?

    I like both. Well done recuts look super clean. Skip Weston had great looking recuts. But I’m also a sucker for good looking, classic veneers.
  8. JusticeNJ

    66 Ball Rack (Video Reuploaded)

    I know him from another forum. He's Russian, I believe, and is friendly with or runs in the same circles as Fedor. He has a video of a 200 ball run - very capable 14.1 player. 145 Ball Run: 200 Ball Run:
  9. JusticeNJ

    keilwood for suckers

    Agreed - that was actually the main reason I wanted to try roasted maple, as weird that might sound. The sound of a cue is one the biggest factors for me. I can't remember where I read this, but Dennis Searing once said that he could tell Mizerak was playing by the sound of the cue going...
  10. JusticeNJ

    The PAUSE in pool stroke

    I tried the back stroke pause for a bit and when it work for me it was an eye-rhythm sort of thing. I don’t use it anymore, but that’s how it worked best for me - pull back, eyes on target, shoot.
  11. JusticeNJ

    keilwood for suckers

    As in my prior post - the torrefied red spruce top on my J45 is absolutely incredible. Dry, crisp, airy. Sounds like it’s ancient.
  12. JusticeNJ

    keilwood for suckers

    I have a torrefied spruce topped Gibson J45 and it sounds amazing. The torrefied wood is meant to mimic what very aged wood sounds like without the centuries long wait. Enamored with torrefied guitar woods, I bought a kielwood shaft. It was too light for my preferences and I couldn’t really see...
  13. JusticeNJ

    Cash cues vs Ca$h Cues = "cash" vs "$" which is which?

    Agreed with one exception. I would pay Pete Tascarella for a whole cue, up front, and not think twice about it.
  14. JusticeNJ

    Thing of beaty from Accustats and GOAT!

    Looks like it, with a young Landon Shuffett.
  15. JusticeNJ

    Sold FS: Beautiful high-end Scruggs

    This may be the most beautiful Scruggs I have seen except for one extremely nice box cue.
  16. JusticeNJ

    Mike Sigel vs CJ Wiley

    Not that I'm aware of, but the DVD is only $10.
  17. JusticeNJ

    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    Not to mention all of his wins were against Asians. Alcano, Dennis twice, Lee Van, and Chang lol!
  18. JusticeNJ

    What cue would you buy (piloted stainless joint)?

    Scruggs Block letter Joss R Schon -R- Plain JW Black Jensen I think all of these hail from the "stainless era" though a few them were known for ivory joints, big pins, flat faced, etc. These are just my preferences. I'm sure you won't have a hard time finding a piloted steel joint custom cue.
  19. JusticeNJ

    SVB vs Chang Update Thread

    I tapped (passed) out at like 230AM EST and expected Chang to win it. Never thought I'd wake up to 115-115 and they said "screw it let's play another 40 tomorrow."
  20. JusticeNJ

    SVB vs Chang Update Thread

    Shane ran out from nowhere to get it to 96-103 in favor of Chang. Fantastic out from SVB.