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  1. lakeman77

    Pocket size?

    4.5" is tight enough. Smaller pockets won't help you get better at cue ball control, game strategy.
  2. lakeman77

    Break cue suggestions

    Buy the Predator break speed app for your phone. $4.99 at Google Play, works like sonar. I think you will learn it's all about technique.
  3. lakeman77

    Daughter Building Another Cue Case

    very nice work !!!
  4. lakeman77


    Diamond to GC is easier, Diamond pockets are deeper and not as forgiving for me. I had a GC3 "Diamondized", still not the same, can't change pocket depth easily or at all.
  5. lakeman77

    Why buy a custom cue over a national brand?

    I can think of many custom cues that are far prettier than national brands. Are they made better, play better? Seems to me, the gap vanished 10 years ago.
  6. lakeman77

    which type of side pocket is easier?

    I thought Chinese 8 ball side pockets were easier, but I've only played a few hours on Joy table.
  7. lakeman77

    brunswicks and diamonds

    To me, both are good. They play different. Not better or worse. I find it helps to practice on what I am going to play league or tournaments on. Like Chinese 8 ball, if you play it, better practice on a Joy 8 ball table.
  8. lakeman77

    SVB vs Deuel Chinese 8 Ball tonight

    Played once on a Chinese 8 ball table in Bangkok, Joy as I remember. The cloth has nap, hit 'em too slow they roll off, hit 'em too hard they rattle :-) Speed matters. Good fun.
  9. lakeman77

    what's the best cue you ever hit with, and why?

    I think ShootingArts said it best.
  10. lakeman77

    what's the best cue you ever hit with, and why?

    Forget all the "hit" talk, the question should be which cue is easiest to make balls.
  11. lakeman77

    Would This Cue Flaw Bother You?

    Gives it character, wouldn't bother me a bit. It's not a $2000 cue. And I would bet Schmelke will promptly replace it for no charge.
  12. lakeman77

    Archer's Place, Marietta Ga...??

    The skill set needed to play great pool is completely different than the skill set needed to successsfully run a difficult business, epsically today.
  13. lakeman77

    Anniversary, GC or Diamond?

    For a table at home, choose what you normally play on at your local rooms. If you practice on a GC and your local room has Diamonds you will be "behind the 8 ball" as they say :-)
  14. lakeman77

    Question about Builder Jim Baxter - Cue Quality

    Jim is a great guy. I have a Dufferin sneaky conversion he did. It plays as good as any cue I've ever had.
  15. lakeman77

    Has anyone raised their pool table because of back pain?

    I did it and am happy. As you know, snooker tables are higher.
  16. lakeman77

    Queens Gambit - Netflix

    it's good
  17. lakeman77


    Van der Valk is a new cop series on PBS Masterpiece Theater. Filmed on location in Amsterdam. The second episode starts in a pool room. Any one know the name of the room? Is it Poollokaal De Gracht?
  18. lakeman77

    Ignore List

    Ignore List function doesn't seem to be working consistantly. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Anyone else have this problem?
  19. lakeman77

    Green Threads

    On main forum page there are 13 light green colored threads that seem to be permanent. They take up almost half the page. Is there a way to delete them permanently for when I log in? thanks in advance