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  1. TAP

    McDermott Rely c/f shafts

    I am interested in buying a Rely c/f 12.0 shaft. I have heard that they are whippy. Does anyone have one yet, and is it whippy? Thanks for your response. tp
  2. TAP

    12.4 Radial REVO

    Does anyone have a 12.4mm RADIAL REVO, they would be interested in selling? Cant find a 3/8 x 10, so, a RADIAL would work. Thanks. TAP
  3. TAP

    3\8x10 plugged 12.4 Revo

    Does anyone have a plugged and tapped 3\8x10 12.4 Revo they'd be willing to sell? Love the Revo, but need 3\8 x 10. Let me know. Tap
  4. TAP

    Prevail diamondwood 2 piece break cue

    Prevail conqueror break cue Looking to trade my beautiful PREVAIL DIAMONDWOOD break cue for a 12.4mil REVO UNILOC shaft. This is a two piece, 60 inch solid break cue with a 3/8x10 pin. Weighs 24-25 oz, solid wood, no weight pin, valued at $650.00. If a 12.4 REVO is not for you, let's trade...
  5. TAP

    Bca 8 ball rack

    In Bca 8 ball, rules state that the 8 ball must be in the center of the rack and a stripe and one solid on alternate rear corners. So, my question is- is a HOLLYWOOD RACK (all stripes on one side, and solids on the other a legal rack, as it meets the two requirements? Thanks. TAP
  6. TAP

    Wanted: New/used, in good condition. Predator or OB radial shafts.

    Looking for Z shafts, 314's, OB's for Radial Predator. What have u got, how much? Thanks. TAP
  7. TAP

    Want to buy-1st Gen. Butt end Extension for IKON

    I have PAYPAL CASH available immediately for the purchase of a Predator 1st Gen. Butt-end extension. Must be the one with a "radial type" pin, that will fit a Predator IKON 1,2. Will pay minimum of $60, or lowest price above that.
  8. TAP

    Want to buy - Predator Butt-end Extension kit

    Looking for a Predator Butt-end extension with full kit. Show me what you have and best price. Looking to buy now! TAP
  9. TAP

    Want: Best price -Simonis 860 9 ft with rails

    Let's see the best price available on Simonis 860 for my 9 footer with rail cuts. Tournament Blue - send responses to: "
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    Does anyone out there have an extra "measles" cue ball that would be willing to sell? Been using red circle, but joined league that uses measle ball on 9 foot tables. Need one for practice. Send me a pm. Thanks.
  11. TAP

    Andy cloth

    Does anyone know where to get Andy Cloth for my 9ft Olhausen? Or, what else might be available? Thanks.
  12. TAP


    I have known Jim Pierce for a LOT of years. Most like him, some don't, however, I guess I can be called, "One of his Cronies". No matter what, whenever I ask Jim to make a cue, he has always gone above and beyond what I asked for. I drew out my design in actual size. He did EXACTLY what I...
  13. TAP

    ANDY Billiard Cloth

    I am interested in buying some ANDY cloth for my 9' Olhausen Table. I haven't been able to find it anywhere. Any suggestions? Thanks. TAP
  14. TAP

    Edep12 - attention!!

    Check out "BARON" post of 4/21/14. He has an awesome four-point with burl inlays for sale for about $1,000. This is one hell of a cue, made by Jim Pierce. Can't go wrong with this one. Wow! Good Luck!
  15. TAP

    Nyc tourney

    Hello!~ Is the MIH the tourney being held in NYC?? Rodney Morris is playing in New York, and I wonder if THIS tourney is being streamed?! Any input? Thanks.
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    I'm watching Allison fisher and Karen Corr play. I see that Allison is playing with a different cue. Has she left Cuetec? Or has she moved on to another builder?
  17. TAP

    Trade Custom Cue for 12 gauge Shotgun

    I am looking to trade a custom cue made by a popular cue maker for a 12 gauge pump security style shot gun. Cue is firey red cocabola with black leather grip. Weight prox 19.75oz. one shaft - 4.0 oz prox, 13mm triangle tip. Very Nice cue, very little play, like new. Value $525 - $575...
  18. TAP

    Wtb***predator air jump

    Show me what you have and how much you want. I will buy immediately if price is right. Will pay with "Moneybooker" (like paypal only cheaper), postal money-order, whatever....
  19. TAP

    BCAPL - Natn'l Finals - LAS VEGAS!!

    WHAT A RUSH!! Vegas is as usual, wild ass competition, great people, and lots of POOL! This is the final year for the Riviera, as 2013 will see the National Finals at the RIO in LAS VEGAS, IN JULY INSTEAD OF MAY!! Those of you who have been able to attend in the past because of kids in school...
  20. TAP

    Going to las vegas in may??

    Hey, wouldn't it be great to have an AZB room at the RIVIERA, where all of us who have visited over the years could get together and really meet? Just thought of that. I'll be there, and a bunch of other players from Central California. Let's put up a sign somewhere that says "AZB". How...