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  1. Travis3c

    Brunswick 9FT Slate-Is it universal between tables?

    Found a decent deal on a 9ft Brunswick Home Style Table. Just curious if the slate will match a Gold Crown Slate. I guess I am asking is Brunswick slate universal with their rail mounting holes. I am trying to find a set of slate for a gold crown 3.
  2. Travis3c

    Table work from Sharky's Billiards in Lancaster CA.

    Not sure if this will work but here is some of my work from Sharky's Billiards in Lancaster, CA. John Schmidt showed up and had a 204 ball run and came up to me while I was working and told me the tables are looking and playing great. Hopefully this link works.
  3. Travis3c

    Need some gold crown return pockets. 1, 2, and 3

    Need a good source. I need pockets for 18 tables. Thanks
  4. Travis3c

    Lancaster, CA--Sharky's Billiards--Gold Crown 2 rail rebuild-Need the experts

    It is time to recover the tables again at Sharky's billiards. I did them 4 years ago. They needed recovering again 2 years ago, lol. Anyways I have been telling the owner for the last 8 years that the rails are shot (Worm Wood) from many years of recovering. Some tables have the lowered k66...
  5. Travis3c

    Tournament Aramith TV edition-Nice set with Aramith Case
  6. Travis3c

    Simonis 860 rail cloth-I need two pieces in Burganey.

    I have managed to scrounge up enough cloth from laying around to complete one last table. I am short amount of cloth that will cover 2 rails for a 7 ft table. Anyone have any laying around. Thanks.
  7. Travis3c

    80's Porper Cue? Ballpark Value

    I am trying to come up with a good estimated value for this cue for my friend. I understand it all depends on what someone is willing to pay for it. Just trying to get a ballpark. It is a well used cue. I don't have any other specs on it other than the what is shown in the pics. Apologize if...
  8. Travis3c

    Early 1900s Brunswick 9 ft table FS--750.00 OBO.

    Helping advertise a friends table. He is asking 750.00 OBO. The table is located in the hi desert of Southern California in Rosamond, Ca. I dont know too much about it but I can put you in contact with the owner if interested.
  9. Travis3c

    Irish Linen Press-unknown brand

    Dusty and could use a good cleaning. Not sure on the brand. Cleaning out garage and selling all my old cue repair equipment. $30.00
  10. Travis3c

    Classic Pool/Snooker/Carom Table Rail T-bolts

    4inch threaded shank. Hard to find these. I have 17 of them. $170.00 4.5 inch threaded shank. I have 11 of these. $110.00
  11. Travis3c

    Gold Crown III- craigslist find-- Bakersfield, CA $500.00

    Just spotted a Gold Crown III on craigslist for $500.00
  12. Travis3c


    Someone is having a bad day.
  13. Travis3c

    Probably a Dumb Question-- About Search function

    Ok so I have a chance to buy a Wes Hunter cue at what I believe to be a good price. I wanted to do a search on the forums to do some personal research on these cues. I type in "Wes Hunter" in the search field and it splits the words up and searches for each word. How can I prevent this. The...
  14. Travis3c

    Looking for-Lower Blind Corner casting for Anniversary

    Before I call Ken, just maybe, hoping someone has a spare one just sitting around deep in a corner somewhere. Doesn't have to be pretty, just able to mounted. If you are willing to let it go, PM me a price. Thank yall.
  15. Travis3c

    Where can I find this jack? 5:30 mark
  16. Travis3c

    Proper use of pre-made snooker bends?

    Ok, by looking at the design of snooker bends. It looks like snooker bends are designed to be used strictly on rails with mitered pocket openings versus snooker rails with curved subrails. The snooker bends has an angle molded into the glue side. Is this a true statement? I have a snooker...
  17. Travis3c

    Staple gun options

    My Harbor freight gray framed $20.00 stapler has served me well but it is starting to have feed problems. I went back to harbor freight to find out the hard way that the newer stapler with the red color is not the same and doesn't take 1/2 crown staples even though the box says it does. Some of...
  18. Travis3c

    Starrett 98-12 Replacement Vial?

    Has anyone ever took on the job on replacing the glass vial. Must be the temperature change here in the high desert. I just opened my pelican case to find one of my 12s with a broken glass and leaking. I really would just like to replace the whole tube if I can.
  19. Travis3c

    Cushion Replacement on a early 70s GoldenWest

    Well I would like to share some cushion replacement work I done this afternoon on a GoldenWest OS 8fter. Original Cushions have turned to dirt. Stripped them off the wood The old glue came off pretty good with just using a razor as a scraper All clean now and ready for new rubber
  20. Travis3c

    Old lathe I found on craigslist.

    Do you think I could use this for a repair lathe?