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  1. JumpinJoe

    ** Schick Cue **

    I’ll get the specs up tomorrow sometime, been meaning to post this for a couple weeks, then AZB was down, then I forgot till I was just laying in bed.......... $5750 (Nearly Mint, 9.9/10) I have like 7-8 pics, but it’s only letting me attach 1, anyone know of the reason possibly. I guess PM...
  2. JumpinJoe

    ** Scruggs Cue & Whitten Case **

    New Post......
  3. JumpinJoe

    Bonus Ball

    I heard it was starting back up on Super Bowl Sunday. 50 teams, every state represented. Anyone heard?
  4. JumpinJoe

    *Jacoby Jump Cue* $115 Shipped*

    Used 1 session, like brand new. Retails at $165 plus shipping, so about $175 from Jacoby.
  5. JumpinJoe

    *** Hanshew Jump Cues *** The best ever made ***

    $200 shipped... PM me.
  6. JumpinJoe

    *** Turkey Day Sale Only *** Hanshew Jump Cues

    Regular price $225 shipped. Turkey Day Special is $185 shipped. You save $40. PM me, this offer is void once Friday hits. Turkey Day Sale only while supplies last.
  7. JumpinJoe

    ** Hanshew Jump Cues ** Last batch till March **

    Get em while you can, there will be no more made till March. I have 12 now. The price is $200 shipped in the U.S.
  8. JumpinJoe

    Where's all the SVB haters...

    Here's your chance, you guys always say how the taiwans are superior. You can have your guy and a price. I got 5k to bet on the Finals. Come to The Action Room. Time to put up or shut up... Been waiting for this match Win or lose I don't care. I want to see how many actually believe and...
  9. JumpinJoe

    ** bonus ball **

    Anyone know when BONUS BALL is starting back up? I miss it, obviously it's sad that the greatest pool game ever is not in session.
  10. JumpinJoe

    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    Ride the 9. Work Hard. Play Hard.
  11. JumpinJoe

    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    Pic 3.....
  12. JumpinJoe

    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    Pic 2......
  13. JumpinJoe

    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    What needs added? I know I'm forgetting something, no better spot to ask then here. This was once the garage.
  14. JumpinJoe

    *** Hanshew Jump Cues ***

    James Hanshew Jumpers for Sale. The best Jumper on the market. $175 Maple Butt (This is the new style, slightly longer) $185 Colored Butt (Rarely makes these) Add $7 shipping. * PM me if interested, I may not see your reply in the thread His prices are going up on his next batch to $200 and...
  15. JumpinJoe

    Pin Yi Ko - The Best ?

    Pin Yi Ko cant be the best, no way possible, until he wins the BIG event (U.S. Open) on AMERICAN SOIL, no way in the world can he be regarded as the best. Some of you people are amazing, this guy got beat by a women for Christsake. Until he wins the U.S. Open event, I don't want to hear it...
  16. JumpinJoe

    *** The 3rd Annual Big Tyme Classic - $$ 10,000 Added $$ - May 28-31, Houston,Tx. ***

    The 3rd Annual Big Tyme Classic $10,000 Added Guaranteed. Main Event played on Diamond Bar Tables -- 2013 Main Event Champion - James Walden -- 2014 Main Event Champion - Sky Woodward -- Last years event with same tourneys at Big Tyme paid out over $82,000 total , looking to top that this...
  17. JumpinJoe

    Banks Ring Game - Sky Runs All 10

    Did anyone see the game where Sky ran the whole rack out? Bank 8 single rail shots, then a 4 railer, and the last ball was hanging in the side, he 3 rail kicked it in. Then he broke and ran 7 more. It was sick.
  18. JumpinJoe

    ** Mosconi Cup is a Joke ? - What do you think **

    Why are we not playing team England or Greece, etc. why do they get to choose from all of Europe and we only get the U.S. European population is like double the U.S. And if we included all of North America we would still have a smaller pool to choose from. My feeling for years is they didn't...
  19. JumpinJoe

    *** bonus ball returns ***

    Does anyone know when it will return? Johnny Archer, Rodney Morris, Dennis Hatch, Charlie Williams, Freezer, Nathan, etc. any of you higher up guys know. I mean you guys said it was the best thing ever.