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    Sold JB Mason 2x4 case

    JB mason case SOLD 2x4 interior in blue. This case is used and does show some scuffs but overall in very good condition. I ordered this case direct from JB and hate to sell it but I have more cases then cues and also just have another mason. This case will hold your longer cues, see pics. I...
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    Sold South West birdseye satin for sale

    This cue is a great player with 1 shaft. It had a spa visit in the SW shop in 2018. They installed a new black and white wrap and cleaned the butt up. It has seen very little play since then. It rolls good separate and together. I also have a 3pc set of joint protectors Baxter made. They are...
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    Sold Fellini case for sale

    Up for sale is this great Fellini case. It shows some beautiful use marks that give it some amazing patina. $400 obo shipped within the USA paypal FF or add the fees. Sorry No Trades
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    Sold JB Mason 2x4 brown leather case for sale

    Selling my new JB Mason leather 2x4 case. $475 FF shipped USA only This Leather Mason Case holds 2 butts and 4 shafts. Maximum interior length capacity is 31.5". This case is made of durable Veg tan / Saddle Leather with reinforced leather stress points. Features an UltraPad interior and very...
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    Sold JB 4x8 Butterfly case

    Up for sale is a brand new never used JB butterfly 4x8 case. The case is grey and royal blue with a blue interior.
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    does your room use break clothes?

    just curious how many rooms across the US require their customers to use a break cloth? My local room uses break clothes and I'm working on some custom ones for them. So I want to see if there was enough of a market out there to offer it other rooms to have custom break clothes. Cost to the...
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    looking for southwest 365-08

    I'm looking to find southwest cue pin # 365-08. Let me know if you have it or know where it is. Thanks
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    Any rooms in Baltimore near the Fells Point area?

    I know some rooms have opened and some have closed since I was last in Baltimore so looking for info on rooms in the area. Heading down for work for 6 days and may have a day or 2 of down time. I'm staying in the Fells Point area and won't have a vehicle but will do uber or cab. Let me know...
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    what is the going rate from Southwest on a refinish?

    I have a sw satin that I have been playing with for about a year now that I love but it is a little beat up. Also just found another satin I may pickup that is in great shape. So my thought is get the second cue and send the first to SW and have it redone but trying to figure out the cost...
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    Looking for places to play between Summerville SC and Charleston SC.

    Hello Everyone, I'm helping a buddy out that doesn't use the internet. He is looking for places to play between Summerville SC and Charlston SC. What he is hoping to find is a few nice rooms that are open during the day with a decent regular group of players. Are there any rooms in that area...
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    Anything going on in the greater Dallas TX area pool wise Nov 9th-15th?

    I'm going to be traveling to Dallas for work the 9th -15th and was wondering if there are any good tournaments to sweat or good action rooms that I maybe able sweat some action. The 9th - 12th I will mostly be working during the day and hanging with my boss in the evening for dinner and some...
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    Any good rooms south of Philadelphia and north of Baltimore?

    I will be heading to Baltimore in july for work and hoping to find a room to play in. Heading down the day before I have work obligations so would love to play in a new room hopefully with some diamond tables. Thanks Bora
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    Las Vegas AZber's or recent visitors to Vegas ?????

    Sad to hear Poolsharks is closing down. That was always my go to room when I went to Vegas. I will be heading to Vegas in Jan and want to try and hit balls atleast one night while there(to keep me from spending all my time in the casino). So what room(s) do you suggest? I would love to go to...
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    Cleveland/ Akron Ohio poolrooms and tournaments????

    Any of you Ohio AZbers can point me in the right direction? I'm heading to Chagrin Falls Ohio Nov 6th- 10th and will have a little free time in between family functions. I get in early on Friday the 6th and probably be looking for a place to hit some balls Friday night. I would prefer to play...
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    Any good rooms in the Charleston SC area?

    A friend of mine is looking to buy a vacation home that will become their regular home when his wife retires. He just wants some place to hang out during the day with 9ft tables, beer and a good amount of regulars. Any info is greatly appreciated.
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    I need a table mechanic in Basking Ridge NJ.

    Just as my title states I'm looking for a table mechanic to install a 8' Brunswick Sheldon. Table is in the room in the basement where it is being installed. All parts and cloth are there and this is only the second time this table has been installed. Any suggestions or recommendations are...
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    North Eastern Ohio pool rooms????

    Heading to Ohio to visit some family over the July 4th long weekend and will be looking to hit balls a few times. I'm staying in Solon and my family lives in Chagrin Falls. So any rooms in that area? I used to go to one room east of Chagrin Falls just past a race track but can't seem to find...
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    help Identify this lathe

    I picked this lathe up today at an auction and can't find any markings on it. Can someone tell me from my horrible pics what it is? Thanks
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    What are the must see Pool Rooms in the Nashville area?

    What are the must see pool rooms in the Nashville area? I have to travel to Nashville end of May beginning of June and want to check out a few rooms while I'm in the area. Also any rooms that are suggested if you could give me some details on the rooms like type of tables, food, and etc that...
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    Chat for tonights TAR?

    is there a chat people are using for tonights TAR match?