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    needing info on colorado springs weekly tourneys

    will be in colorado springs tomorrow night so monday night thru friday night and looking for any bars or pool halls that has weekly tourneys thanks for any info.
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    4 DENTON CUES 4 pointers 4 veneers with inlays

    stimulus special PRICED REDUCED LIMITED TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 750.00 plus shipping WE HAVE 14 SUPER NICE CUE LEFT WITH ALOT OF INLAYS ETC. P.M. ME FOR MORE INFO . CUES ARE SELLING FAST dont miss out out on these super great hitting monster feeling, beautiful looking ball making machines...
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    DENTON CUES 5 custom cues fresh off the lathe

    5 cues just finished this past week. Beautiful 4 pointers 4 veneers Some very nice inlays Cues weigh 18.6 oz to 19.6 oz Shafts are 13.05 mm Very nice fit and finish 850.00 with 1 shaft 950.00 with 2 shafts Shafts are made with 12 year old shaft wood Please contact me at 913 334 8414 they text...
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    looking to buy a 3 or 4 headed cnc machine

    please any info on a source where i can buy a 3 or even better a 4 headed cnc machine and if someone know a really greatly priced place to buy all the parts to make my own thanks for yalls help in advance
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    Sold fullsplice wrapless 4 point 4 veneer conversion by DENTON CUES

    sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shipped and paypal f&f very nice fullsplice blank that we converted and turned out really nice blank is approx 25 years old butt 15.5 oz shaft 4.3 oz 12.97 mm veneers are black. blue. orange. natural stainless steel joint with 5/16 14 pin...
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    Sold sneaky pete conversion DENTON CUES with linen wrap

    DENTON CUES sneaky pete conversion. fresh off the lathe turned out really nice. sold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shipped and paypal f&f butt 15.9 oz ... 29 inches shaft 3.7 oz .... 29 inches 13.04 mm please contact me at 913 334 8414 text for super fast response thanks for your support
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    Sold 5 more new DENTON CUES merry widows

    all have sold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have 10 total merry widows which is 2 separate listings in the for sale section {5 cues each listing} fresh off the lathe super nice fit and finish. ready to ship. cues turned out super great $ sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shiiping included paypal f&f cue 6 b.e.m. merry...
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    Sold !!!!!new DENTON CUES merry widows!!!!!!!!!

    all have sold !!!!!!!!!!! fresh off the lathe 5 merry widows 10 total for sale in 2 separate listings in the for sale section. cues turned out super great. $ sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shipped included and paypal f&f cue 1 b.em. merry widow with blk and red...
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    DENTON CUES 10 fancy merry widows!!!!!!!

    650.00 shipped and paypal f&f finish coat and buff and wax going on them this week. have a batch of 10 fancy merry widows coming to be finished this week coming up. some will have inlay in the ringwork and a few inlays throughout on some. also a selection of different wraps these are super...
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    Sold "DENTON CUES" converted dufferin red leaf

    super nice and clean fresh off the lathe dufferin vintage sneaky pete turned out great. 225.00 shipped and paypal f&f butt 15.8 0z 29 inches shaft 3.6 oz 29 inches 12.90 mm please text me at 913 334 8414 for a super fast response thanks for looking
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    Sold SCHON for sale ebony 6 pointer

    nice schon for sale i took on trade. fire sale 425.00 shipped and paypal f&f butt 15.7 oz 29 inches shaft 1 4.1 oz 13.0 mm shaft 2 4.1 oz 12.35 mm please contact me on my cell for a super fast response 913 334 8414
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    new!!! DENTON CUES fullsplice converted from Blank 4 VENEERS 4 POINTS

    375.00 shipped and paypal f&f another super clean and beautifil fit and finish full splice blank. fresh off the lathe brand new cue butt 14,3 oz shaft 3.7 oz 12.89 mm pin is 3/8 10 modified brass please contact me on my cell phone 913 334 8414 text as i dont check this site but a...
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    'DENTON" Another fullsplice 4 ven. 4 pointer w/blk&white linen wrap

    355.00 shipped paypal f&f. fresh off the lathe nice 4 pointer 4 veneer. made from a fullsplice blank. pics do not do this cue justice butt 14.6 oz 29 inches shaft 3.9 oz 29 inches 12.78mm pin is 3/8 10 modified please text me at 913 334 8414 for super fast response as i only check this site...
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    Sold "DENTON" another fullsplice blank finished 4 veneer 4 pointer

    im tryin to get pics on here now lol admins. please dont delete 375.00 shipped and paypal f.f. Super nice fresh off the lathe fullsplice blank. wrapless with hoppe butt Butt 15.1 oz 29 inches Shaft 3.6 oz 29 inches 12.65 mm Butt cap and joint material is tomahawk Contact me at...
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    Sold "DENTON" B.E.M. MERRY WIDOW w/linen wrap

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shipped and paypal f.f. fresh off the lathe birdseye maple merry widow with black and silver stitch rings at all positions white tomahawk joint over stainless steel butt 15.1 oz 29 inches 5/16 14 pin shaft 3.9 oz 29 inches 13. mm...
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    Sold "DENTON" another full splice converted blank

    sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! super nice finish and fit blank conversion butt 14.6 0z 29 inches shaft 3.8 oz 29 inches 13.0 mm pin 3/8 10 modified brass ferrule butt cap and joint are tomahawk material lepro tip get ahold of me thru text for super fast response at 913 334 8414 cause i only...
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    Sold "DENTON" full splice conversion

    sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! another very nice full splice conversion fresh off the lathe this past week very nice fit and finish on the cue. butt 14.8 oz 29 inches shaft 3.9 oz 29 inches 13.03 mm pin 3/8 10 modified ferrule joint and butt cap are tomahawk material...
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    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!SOLD!!!!!!!!!!! ....... i had it cross listed..... thanks so much fresh off the lathe fullsplice conversion 4 veneer 4 point blank finished this week super nice looks and fit and finish butt weight 15.5oz butt length 29 inches shaft weight 4.3oz.... shaft length 29...
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    Sold DENTON "BAR" CUE CONVERSION brand new

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!! sold in 25 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!! fresh off the lathe DENTON bar cue conversion with stitch rings super nice balance and great fit and finish on this cue brand new weight butt 16.01oz.........;. lenth butt 29inches shaft weight . 3.9oz shaft length 29 inches shaft...
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    Sold sneaky pete dufferin conversion for sale brand new

    ******** sold ******* shipped and paypal f.f. fresh off the lathe dufferin sneaky pete conversion finished this week cue is brand new never hit butt weight 15.8oz butt lenth 29 inches shaft weight 3.6oz shaft lenth 29 inches 12.90mm pin 3/8 10 modified stainless contact me...