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    John Barton's Criteria for evaluating a case.

    Old thread but relevant comment: JB Cases have even improved since this thread and they are top notch in every way. Comfortable, great looking and protect your cue better than any other case. Fatboy Approved
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    Actual Brunswick Gold Crown iii vs Brunswick Centurion review

    ibuycues is one of the most respected people in this little world we call pool/AZB. He’s not a railbird talking with hear himself talk. He’s been around the block for probably 45-50 years. He’s also one of the nicest most generous people here. He can walk the walk. When he says something...
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    I'm back

    Welcome back, I took 7 years off AZB, I don’t use the internet much anymore. Pretty much just here. I came back a few months ago-been great. Miss a few people who aren’t here anymore, but AZB is still a wonderful place with good people (mostly) and good fun! Hope you stick around for a while...
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    Paul Huebler

    My first real cue was a H-14
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    Sigel and Strickland 14.1

    At that time mike was not playing any pool at all. He was fishing-notice his tan. He catches a gear and settles in for a solid run in the middle of the match.
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    Sigel and Strickland 14.1

    I watched that match yesterday. Hell of a match for sure. Not the highest level 14.1 but great commentary and both guys played great all things considered. Was fun sweat!
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    'Criminally good' O'Sullivan shot..................

    ‘Twas a throw in…..😳
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    Jim Baxter Shop NOT For Sale .

    I have never been on FB, not sure what I missed, I’m fine without it. Hope all works out for you, you have always had my respect as a cue maker. Best Fatboy PS my dad was raised in Buckley from 1929-1939 roughly. Then he went into WW2.
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    What is this cue worth?

    Thx Jay, I’m still working on my writing. It’s falling into place. However story telling is still a bit difficult for me-or writing a book. Long form stuff is a whole nother school of fish. See Ya soon, I’m in Fla now, then off to SC and Atlanta and home. Best Fatboy 😀🦩
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    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    We are cool Danny. Always have respected you. Not a issue ever. Looking forward to seeing you down the road someday. Wishing you the very best along the way. Fatboy
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    What is this cue worth?

    Is there a difference between the interwebs and internet? 😉 Best Fatboy 😀
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    Archer's Place, Marietta Ga...??

    Me2!!!😂🤣 I never miss, lol
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    Diamond pro am questions

    I miss Rob Sheets….
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    Diamond pro am questions

    Let me see the cost. It’s possible to buy Bwick tables a little back of retail sometimes. Not always but I’ll PM you the number. I’m not selling anything-this is a favor. Best Fatboy
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    Pool stuff you bought🤮, tried or used, and said never again.🤮

    I ripped off a tip with that thing once. Garbage
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    Archer's Place, Marietta Ga...??

    Brand new! I’m sure you can open them up like any barbox and let the balls run through. But they are not going to do that. Pay per game is the plan as of now, which I think is the right idea on the 7’ tables and hourly on the 9’ boxes. Best Fatboy😃😃
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    Archer's Place, Marietta Ga...??

    They are pay tables. He isn’t opening them up by the hour. Idk about cards. Possibly I’ll find out. There’s a app coming where you can lock up the table and start paying time before you get to the pool room, idk if that’s happened yet. But that’s the idea bwick has for them down the road...
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    Archer's Place, Marietta Ga...??

    Yes brand new product They had 3 prototypes in the wild for a while. This is the first full installation of them. They look cool, I expect they play good. I haven’t spoke to anyone who’s played on them. I’ll know in a week. It’s bwick response to the 7’ Diamonds. Albeit a bit late to the...
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    3 Brand New Jack Justis Cases For Sale

    Green sure is nice😍😍
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    Bar box topic we can agree on. Maybe lol

    A Wyoming invention 😉 Nice tourneys there and great people. It’s a bit out of the way, but worth the trip to go. Always a fun time.