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  1. triley41395

    Palmer cue - time capsule

    What the have all the cool stuff. That probably one of, if not the only one,in that shape left.
  2. triley41395

    Items for sale

    For anyone interested I had a very smooth transaction ,,,,Thanks again Dave
  3. triley41395

    Cues you presently own?

    Meucci x2, McD's x2 ,Viking x1, Schon x3, Schmelke x2, Brunswick x3, Brunswick 1piecex1, and 10 custom. And a couple 5gallon buckets with house cue butts.
  4. triley41395

    When to avoid old tips?

    Can't answer for tips but with leather it think storage is the key, I have some leather pouches from WW2 and they are in excellent condition.
  5. triley41395

    Jessie Andrews your cue is finished...

    Very appropriate for today...I love it.
  6. triley41395

    Items for sale

    PM sent on drive pins and linen.
  7. triley41395


    What is the AZB name?? You have been asked on several posts. Not sure what you expect from AZB users if we have no idea who you are talking about.
  8. triley41395


    Well if he doesn't want it, I wouldn't mind trying it.
  9. triley41395

    Best Custom Joint Protectors

    The best I have ever seen come from alton period....says he's retired but......
  10. triley41395

    Logo Decals ??

    Are you still building cues? I thought you had hung up the lathe, if not that's great.
  11. triley41395

    Romanian bound Vigus cue

    Those points look like they could draw blood. Very nice.
  12. triley41395

    Vintage high-quality unfinished work from mystery maker

    I would think by the style the one with the turquoise style rings would be 1970's or made to look like it was. That was pretty popular in the 70's
  13. triley41395

    Vintage high-quality unfinished work from mystery maker

    No idea of the maker but would like some back story. Where they came from, when you acquired them, are you finishing them. All the good stuff.
  14. triley41395

    Cue Identification Library

    I do not know the exact years these were used but the top is Pre-1990 and the bottom is 1996. Schon may have used other scripts also but these are the two types I have.
  15. triley41395

    Guess the Maker

    Probably too obvious a guess with your hint but how about Richard Black
  16. triley41395

    Original Morri Tips

    I think cueman on here aka Chris Hightower might have mentioned he had some. I can't remember for sure if it was him but can't hurt to ask.
  17. triley41395

    Cue Identification Library

    Ryan Jones
  18. triley41395

    Cue Identification Library

    Sherm Adamson
  19. triley41395

    Cue Identification Library

    Kevin Joiner
  20. triley41395

    Cue Identification Library

    Jerry Olivier