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    Looking for Mali Cues

    I have a Mali T-15 available. If you're interested, PM me and I'll provide more info.
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    A little Roasted Fun.......

    I know everyone has a preference, but damn, why would you want to cover up that beautiful bubinga?
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    New room, Ox Billiards in Seattle

    Seattle is a very expensive area in general, look at the housing market ! 🤯 This is a fair price for that market. It's nice to hear of a place opening instead of closing.
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    US Open QUestion

    Go to YouTube and search "matchroom" . Should be one of the first videos available.
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    Some Irons

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    Sold 30" Diveney Kielwood shaft

    What is the joint diameter?
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    Newbie question

    There's no such thing as overkill. Test a bunch of shafts out, find one that feels good to you and stick with it. A standard maple shaft will work just fine and have good feedback. Low deflection shafts can make it easier to learn aiming with English. Carbon shafts are dent resistant. But...
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    [UPDATED] APA complaint advice - My new-to-pool player went to a 7 in 7 matches (?!?!)

    Explain to them exactly what you said above and they'll review it. It certainly could be an error, losing and still going up is pretty odd, especially if the inning count is high.
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    Interesting podcast about choking

    This is the real reason. It's difficult to perform when you cannot be in the proper mental state.
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    Sanding a carbon fiber shaft

    Using fiberglass cloth, products can look just like CF if dyed properly. I'm sure many people could not tell the difference if they don't have previous experience with both.
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    Bumper for cheap cue (non threaded)

    Schmelke may have something that will work for you...
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    How low can deflection go and still be a useable shaft?

    Of course it's possible to make a shaft with less squirt, or "near" zero squirt, but how much would you be willing to pay and what benefits would it have? Anything is possible with enough money. As PJ said a shaft with a hollow tip and small shaft diameter, this can already be achieved (meaning...
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    Serious question about today's cues.

    Which pros are not being paid to cue specific cues. I would gather that the majority of top level pros are As for waiting for a custom cue, you're waiting and paying for craftsmanship, not mass production.
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    Show us your Merry Widow Cues!

    To my untrained eye, that looks much more like a fantastically executed Jerry -R- ;)
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    Best Racker of All Time

    The best rack manipulator is Corey, in my opinion. The best at overall rack knowledge would be Shane.
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    Case- leather care

    Those guys are top notch coblers and know a thing or two about leather!
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    Figured PH for sale

    I'll take 4. Let me know your PayPal info via PM. Thanks.
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    Looking for a Custom Cue

    One if the better deals on here in my opinion --->