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    BCAPL New Area

    I was reading the thread about the USAPL and it made me look up availability of leagues in my area. While they don't have any it appears that the BCAPL is now offering leagues in the Scranton Wilkes-barre area. That is Awesome. Up until today I thought all we had available in this area was APA...
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    Scranton 7 ft Diamond tables

    I know I live in scranton and own a 7 ft Pro-am. I have a dilemma though I do not drink alcohol and am not in a bar league so I have very little reason to go to bars. I was wondering if there are any public places like a bar that have 7 ft Diamond tables in this area? I hear there are some down...
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    Pool almost dead?

    Was just thinking about the state of pool especially after reading a few of the recent postings.So here is the questions I have. What are sponsors actually doing for the players it sponsors? For example if a player is sponsored by Diamond Billiards what do they get out of it other than a patch...
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    Disappearing threads

    Early this morning I replied to a thread that had to do with a new projection learning tool. Now I can not seem to find it. Was this thread deleted by Admins along with all the replies? If it has not been deleted can someone please five me a link to it. I would like to know the answers to the...
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    aiming systems and Digicue

    Quick question will using an aiming system like ProOne CTE cause Digicue to vibrate? Seems like it might if you are lining up one spot on the cue for the practice strokes then hitting center ball on the follow through.
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    Importance of climate control in a pool room

    Recently I added air conditioning to the room with my pool table. I was literally in shock on the difference it seemed to make both in my enjoyment of the game as well as the way the table seems to respond. This was only one more thing on my list of creating the same experience at home as I...
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    Idea for Diamond Mod

    I was thinking the past few days about my Diamond table. It is a 7 foot table with procut pockets. Ever since I got it I have wanted to upgrade the cushions to Artemis as I believe it would make the table a lot more responsive. It would also have a much longer warranty then the Black Diamond...
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    Break jump cue or tip

    A few years ago my girl bought me a break/jump cue ( about $80 ) for Christmas. I was never really impressed with it. Still i used it regularly. I went to SBE yesterday and had a new tip put on it. The cue mechanic suggested I try a Zento tip. He installed a green tip on it for me. I got the...
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    Importance of lighting

    I just installed a proper overhead table light above my table. After about a year playing with lights around the room and table i Have noticed a big difference. It makes me wonder how important good table lighting really is. I know that all table environments are different especially when it...
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    bar light help

    I ran across a bar box light recently that I have never seen one like it before. I was wondering if anyone could tell me any information or history about it.
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    Is there another tournament at same time as SBE?

    I was wonering why so few pros are registered.
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    Deleting Threads

    When I did a search for this topic I got a result but it did not answer the question I have. Is there a way for an OP to delete their own thread? If the answer is no then why cant there be?
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    Ball cleaner polisher comparison

    I was looking online at ball polishers this week. I recently read someones opinion that Diamond makes the best pall polisher but they are also very expensive. I was wondering if most people on here thought that same way. I see Ballstar polishers far cheaper but they do not look very heavy duty...
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    How popular is it really and whats the value of it?

    How many times per year does the average american shoot pool? I thought I read somewhere this past week it is less than ten times per year. I don't know if it is true or accurate though. If it is even close then there is very little hope for success in any part of the billiards industry unless...
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    Instructional Materials

    I was thinking about this AzB and believe this forum is one of if not the largest pool related forum. There are members that are among the top in the industry. There is a section for instruction and ask the pros. Part of that section is dedicated to instructor reviews. Would there be anything...
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    Is betting on pool legal in your state?

    I know it would depend on where you live. I am wondering specifically for Pennsylvania but Other states would be nice to know as well. I know betting on a game of chance is gambling but I am not sure if pool is considered a game of chance or skill? I know most pool halls I have been in have...
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    Jump Shots

    Do or is it likely that properly executed Jump Shots Damage your slate? I know it can put spin spots on your cloth the same as a masse might as well.
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    What is league night for you?

    Hello Everyone, As some of you may know from my past postings on here Im technically a member of the APA and an associate member of the BCA. I have never joined any specific bar league teams. I have never been ranked or handicapped as a player. I do however own a table and practice pool...
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    Merry Christmas

    I wanted to wish all my friends and family on here a Merry Christmas and a safe happy holiday season. Hope everyone has a great year in 2017.
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    To spin or not to spin?

    I have watched a a series of videos lately that promotes using center ball (without right or left) for positioning at first then adding right and left afterwards to be used only rarely in 8 and 9 ball. It indicates most players tend to use spin on most every shot and that is why they plateau. It...