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  1. conetip

    Needing a glove with carbon cue shafts

    How many people think that they need or feel that the carbon cue shaft is better when played with a glove? Yes with a glove ? Yes ,I would buy a product that allowed me to play without a glove. No , I would not buy a product that would make the carbon cue shaft play smooth like using a glove...
  2. conetip

    Cue Smooth for composite cue shafts

    We have a new product for sale to those who clean and service carbon or glass covered cue shafts, or for customers who want a super smooth composite cue shaft and want to play without a glove. This is NOT for wood shafts. We call it Cue Smooth. It is USD$20 for the 2 pad set posted to the USA...
  3. conetip

    72mm-80mm-spindle dust collector

    I have drawn up and are getting printed a plastic version of my cardboard dust collector. The new version is magnetic holding onto the 80mm diameter of the spindle bottom plate. The brush nozzle is magnetically connected to the main body and can have different brushes to suite the specific...
  4. conetip

    Spindle taper repaired

    I could not find the thread about spindle run out. Anyway, this spindle was OK but needed fixing. I centred a boring bar in a vice, in line with the X axis. Then did a short program to run from the edge of the boring bar to trim up the inside of the spindle. I went from X3.4 Z0.192 to X0...
  5. conetip

    Re installing Mach3

    Does anyone have any experience in Re installing Mach3 ? How do I make a backup of the Mach3 settings etc. I don't want to be in a situation of the machine not working. Some of the extra's are trial and I want to buy them. It makes more sense to me to use the latest version of Mach3 when buying...
  6. conetip

    Leveling CNC Router

    Just curious how people are leveling their cnc Router machines ? I was thinking about leveling the rails that the X axis runs on and leveling the rail of the y axis. Any thoughts appreciated. Neil
  7. conetip


    Not really cue making, but some interesting clips of machinery and a neat tapering tool. Lots of food for thought was my thinking after watching it. I got it through Facebook, so hope it will work if you don't have facebook. Neil
  8. conetip

    outsville tips/chalk

    Has anybody been able to buy Oustville chalk or tips? I paid for an order back in June this year, now I can't get pm's to him, nor do I get replies to emails. Am I the only one with his issue,? Looks like I will have to go to PayPal and try to get a money return. Neil
  9. conetip

    AutoDesk Fusion360

    Has anyone tried the cloud based Fusion 360 ? It has hsmworks 2d and 3d. I do not know if it work with a 4th axis. Does anyone know about this software and it's use etc for cuemaking ? any replies appreciated, Neil
  10. conetip

    Twin start threads

    Does or has, anyone made pins with twin start threads, like a 5/16-18 with a 9 tpi lead? I did a search, but nothing came up, not say it has not been done before. Just curious, Neil
  11. conetip

    New Ferrule tip system

    Here are some pics of my new ferrule tip system. This allows players to change or try different tips on the same cue shaft, or to have a spare of their favourite tip. It is made as a ferrule that is replaced on the end of the cue with all the detail of the taper seating system being completed...
  12. conetip

    Valley Junior World 8 Ball Championships

    Who is going to the Valley Junior World 8 Ball Championships, in Battle Creek, Mi, ? Does any one know who is going to be there doing tips etc? Just being nosey. There is a team from NZ on there way there today. Neil
  13. conetip

    Timken taper bearing Taig spindle

    This is a picture of my ER40 Taig spindle that has a Timken taper front bearing and an aircon clutch bearing in the rear, preloaded by double wavy washers. The spindle is like a cartridge so is all inside a steel housing assembly. The through hole in the spindle is 31mm, does not have the...
  14. conetip

    Hardinge type thread clutch.

    I just brought a magazine with plans to make a gear train clutch for threading like the Hardinge HLV lathes. "Projects for your workshop" vol1 Graham Meek, published by Tee Publishing Ltd, UK. People have adapted the idea to grizzly lathes and others. I am planing on making one for my Myford...
  15. conetip

    gif test

    ferrule giff test
  16. conetip

    Neil's Radius Thingy

    Initial Cad pic. Instead of pictures in this thread, I have chosen to give you a link to my Albums page. Here below, Anyway, it is just a radius turning attachment but a little different. I have taken some pics along the way, and have some...
  17. conetip

    Router to trim tips

    Does any one use a router to trim tips similar to the Tiger set up or some other configuration using a router and profiled cutter? I have seen the Tiger video, but have noticed that their system shown is no longer available for purchase. Those that have one or use one, how long does the cuter...
  18. conetip

    Drill bore tools

    Just to let people know, I do have some of the Drill bore tools left. They are 6 inches long. Can be sharpened on both ends if required. Please PM if interested. Here are some pictures. Neil
  19. conetip

    Wood allergies

    I get very severe reactions to Cocobolo. Would it fair to say that I am allergic all the Rose wood varieties? I am fine with maple. Any ideas apart from just keeping well clear of those woods? Thanks, Neil
  20. conetip

    Identify the ferrule material ?

    Can anyone shed an ideas of this ferrule material. It is soft and when I faced it gave off a strange odor that I am not familiar with. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance Neil