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  1. warfdiesel

    James White 5 pointer!! Ivory Joint!!

    Gone Gone Gone Gone
  2. warfdiesel

    Beautiful Tascarella

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD This is a very nice perfect Tascarella custom cue. Nice rosewood sleeve and points. Nice grain. Full splice cue. Everything white is the good stuff 8 diamonds in sleeve. spear in each point and ebony and i***y spears at tips. A perfectly done perfect smooth leather wrap...
  3. warfdiesel

    Ebony on Ebony SW Style Olney

    Sold sold sold sold
  4. warfdiesel

    Beautiful Joel Hercek

    Sold sold sold sold
  5. warfdiesel

    **** 5 point Andy Gilbert ****

    **** 5 point Wrapless Andy Gilbert **** 59 inch Andy Gilbert 5 pointer I***y 5/16x14 joint Burl handle I***y Hoppe ring Boxes in the butt sleeve 2 full shafts Weighs right at 19.3 oz with either shaft. (trying to find my scale) Rolls straight. Not mint but very nice. Has a few spots where the...
  6. warfdiesel

    ***Two Brand New Andy Gilberts***

    sold sold sold
  7. warfdiesel

    ****ebony richard harris****

    Sold sold sold sold
  8. warfdiesel

    Cheap Jacoby Custom

    Lower end custom Jacoby cue. One piece maple butt stained gray. Friend of mine had it made in Oct 2017. Butt is straight and mint. Shaft is straight and just a little dirty. Plays good. Almost new Kamui Clear Soft tip. Butt weighs 14.4 oz Shaft is 12.74mm @ 3.9 oz Radial Pin Price is 300 shipped
  9. warfdiesel

    Brand New BK3 FS/FT

    Sold sold sold sold
  10. warfdiesel

    2x4 Castillo Case FT

    Nice 2x4 Castillo nylon case. Bought at derby and love the case, but would like a nice leather case. Looking to trade this case and up to $300 cash. Let me know what you might have.
  11. warfdiesel

    Whitten 2x4 FS/FT

    Nice older Whitten 2x4. Has a few marks here and there but in nice shape. Like the case but would prefer something butterfly. Would love a JB rugged butterfly or would consider anything else. Cash price would be $250 plus shipping but I couldn’t ship until Wednesday when I get back from Derby...
  12. warfdiesel

    Help getting started

    I am thinking of trying to learn about the cue building process. Thought about buying a lathe that I could set up and start tinkering with some old dufferin cues I have laying around in the basement. Was wondering what kind of money it would cost to get a basic setup that would let me do...
  13. warfdiesel

    LNIB Springfield XDS 9mm

    Gone ........
  14. warfdiesel

    Older Steepleton table

    I have an older Steepleton table I would like to know a little about if possible. It's an oversized 8 footer. Really nice claw foot legs and solid oak frame. Crazy heavy. Three piece slate that looks to be almost 2 inches thick. Needs new felt and cushions. Has leather drop pockets. I was trying...
  15. warfdiesel

    Sweet Glock 23 for trade for a cue

  16. warfdiesel

    WTB: Justis 2x4

    Looking to buy my first Justis case. I talked to Jack and know what a new one would cost. But wanted to see if I could get a deal on one here first. Text me offers to 606-875-8080 or shoot me a pm. Thanks in advance.
  17. warfdiesel

    ><><><>< Wrapless Sugartree ><><><><

    Wrapless Sugartree $900 shipped obo Beautiful wrapless Sugartree for sale or trade. Excellent condition. Two shafts, one of which has an ivory ferrule. Both shafts are Sugartree shafts. Length: 29 inches + 29 inches = 58 inches Weight: 19.1 oz. with either shaft; the butt alone weighs 15.2...
  18. warfdiesel

    Mint Samsung Galaxy Note 4 FT

    Traded traded traded traded I have a mint white Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that I would like to trade. Phone is white in color and 32gb. Comes with an OtterBox commuter case. Still have all the original box and charger and everything. Phone is global unlocked and will work with any carrier...
  19. warfdiesel

    ♤♡♢♧2×4 J. Flowers FS/FT♤♡♢♧

    Sweet J. Flowers 2x4 case for sale or trade. Very very good condition. Still have little black bag it came in. Open to trades. Maybe a nice sneaky or something. Cash price is 325 shipped obo. Text me for a faster response at 606-875-8080
  20. warfdiesel

    ******Bob Frey ebony sneaky******

    Sold. Sold. Sold. Sold.