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  1. conetip

    New method for installing inlays

    Before NC , there were pantograph inlays and also skilled people making the inlays by hand tools and templates. Now days, many people like the symmetry, repeatability of CNC produced inlays etc. Now with cell phones and the very high resolution cameras, errors of 1/2 thousandths of an inch...
  2. conetip

    Very interesting video about glue joints

    One thing that was not very clear , was how long the glue was to sit before putting them together. What the moisture values of the woods used. I also noticed that he did not have them clamped for more than 2 hours, and I must have missed the pressure used to clamp the test parts together with...
  3. conetip

    Technique to bore ID of trim rings

    When making Brass or copper shims, I have a semi fixture that I use. It has a plate with a spigot on it, that is held normally in the 4 jaw chuck. The layers of shim are places between two plates of sacrificial Al plates. Clamped through the corners, and then bore the inner hole. They can then...
  4. conetip

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    He should have been disqualified for that.
  5. conetip

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I have noticed that there is no marketing to sell meat as if it is cauliflower and broccoli flavoured for the vegans.
  6. conetip

    Carbon fiber vs Graphite?

    It is one and the same thing.
  7. conetip

    What's your worst screw up?

    Making my 1st carbon shaft using carbon socking.
  8. conetip

    Ferrule Idea - Is it new?

    My carbon shafts from 04 to 2012 were hollow with a ferrule insert and then had the tapered tip holder attach to that. I did do a shaft with an end cap and one tip. The problem was getting a new tip, it had to come back to me. With my tip system, I just post a replacement tip that they can...
  9. conetip

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    That used to be called the widow maker. A reason that you need to really pay attention and be prepared to move away as quick as possible.
  10. conetip

    Inlays in the forearm ...?

    They have come down alot in price from what they used to be. Last used one around 1996 or so.
  11. conetip

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    They all need toolkits to get their bikes up to the minimum weight anyway.
  12. conetip

    Inlays in the forearm ...?

    A lot of the routers are short on height. The edge finders work. I have the 10mm ceramic one as well as the 6mm version shown above. I still prefer the method I mention with a scrap piece to get the centreline if it really matters. The camera system does work if correctly set up as well. So does...
  13. conetip

    Inlays in the forearm ...?

    So I set up a scrap piece into the dividing head/ indexer. I just by eye estimate the centre line. Then make a cut into the test piece enough to get a test roller or ball into the groove , enough that it is in there for location but out enough to see the centre line of the test roller or ball...
  14. conetip

    Inlays in the forearm ...?

    I use gauge blocks to get the cutters on the centreline of the setup. So cut a groove on a blank, put a dowel in the groove. Measure its height then rotate 180 and measure its height again. half the difference and the cutter is on centreline. Measuring the cutter itself is not guaranteed...
  15. conetip

    Inlays in the forearm ...?

    On my home setup, I have a piece of material that gets a hole routed into it. It is set at some nominal distance from the coordinates of the workpiece to be made. The advantages of this , is it is close to the actual job, and reduces the effects of temperature changes in the shop as well. In the...
  16. conetip

    Sanding a carbon fiber shaft

    Get some super glue remover or (Nitro methane) to dissolve and remove the super glue.
  17. conetip

    Serious question about today's cues.

    After showing my carbon cue to some at the Billiards expo in 2008, I got a call from an arrow shaft maker, wanting to know how I was making my cueshafts . They were having difficulties in getting the low deflection aspect of the shaft. I guess they have that solved now. Yip, someone who did not...
  18. conetip

    Best way to do my own tips?

    Buy a cue lathe, learn to do your tips and for anyone else in the area. Win win if you ask me.
  19. conetip

    ID help for a bench top lathe

    Not sure where it was made. The chuck comes off and a milling cutter holder or a drill chuck goes into it's place. The turning stuff comes off and a milling slide goes onto the slide for milling parts. They had lots of tooling options for them. Last time I saw one was around 2002 or maybe...
  20. conetip

    13mm shaft feel vs. Carbon

    Robin, have you tried diffent tips on the carbon shaft? The same shaft, different people , is a different tip to find what they like about it. After about 10 people the tips are the same for a few. This is what I found with 10 different tips with carbon shafts.