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  1. Jimmorrison

    Minnesota contingent does well in Virginia

    Congrats to D.J. and J.E. for making the final 16 and going on to tie 5th! Another Minnesotan was one win away. Great showing, in a tough field. Results are in the news feed, here on AZB.
  2. Jimmorrison

    Any updates on World results?

    Thanks in advance
  3. Jimmorrison

    Salotto and FargoRate

    Do both players have to have the Salotto and FargoRate apps on their phones to make this work? I am going to set up a match with someone local and would have to let him know, if he needs it.
  4. Jimmorrison

    Consensus on quality ball set?

    I’ve had a table for two months, cloth looks like it’s ten years old. Friction burns and wear tracks all over. Chalk is part of the problem. Amazing how it gets everywhere. I’m about two thirds of the way through first cube. You’d think I dumped a truck load on there. I’m switching to Toam, and...
  5. Jimmorrison

    aramith duramith

    Aramith Tournament ball set, are they the only set with duramith resin?
  6. Jimmorrison

    nine ball break on a valley

    The wing ball is going high, why?
  7. Jimmorrison

    Where is SVB this weekend?

    Where is he shooting this weekend?
  8. Jimmorrison

    Strange match

    Watched a John Morra vs Shane McMinn match from the April 2012 Four Bears tournament. Morra should have been up 3-1 but, did not flip the number over. Then later he breaks two racks in a row, which makes it look like they are on serve. Morra seemed kind of out of it, shot great, but then made...
  9. Jimmorrison

    Ruxton Billiards?

    Anyone have any knowledge or experience with this company? Ever buy or play on one of their tables? I did a search on AZ and got zero. I also searched Wisconsin Craigslist and got zero.
  10. Jimmorrison

    Knock down cabinet

    I have a good space with very poor access. Looking for recommendations on a good table. Would have to be 3 piece slate and able to disassemble and reassemble. Plenty of room for a nine foot.