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  1. TomHay

    5 in 1 Tip Shapers

  2. TomHay

    Happy 4th from UltraSkin Tips

    Stay safe, best to you and your family Tom
  3. TomHay

    My New Searing

    I have yet to hit a ball with it but stroking playing air pool, a monster. I am not on as much as I have been, email me
  4. TomHay

    Respirator - Fast affordable

    We all know the problems with Spraying Urethanes Clear Coat. It is the ISO and it can be a killer. I have developed a way without electric to stop the ISO from getting to you. I am projecting a cost of $25.00 for a 10 Pack. The Tech on this comes simply as an after thought from another...
  5. TomHay

    Small orders of UltraSkin Tips

    ONLY IN USA 3 Tip Special AZB member special Mix or Match Black comes in PRO, VS, Soft, Medium, Hard, HH Ivory comes in Soft, Medium, Hard Fire comes in Soft Medium, Hard How to buy Paypal as GOODS and SERVICES if you do not I don't get your shipping info $13.00 covers the...
  6. TomHay

    UltraSkin Layered Cue Tips Thanks, Tom
  7. TomHay

    UltraSkin MIX OR MATCH

    Shipping only in USA This is an sale for AZB Members Mix or Match 10 Mix or match Tips for $25.00 plus $3.00 for shipping, additional Tips add $2.50 per Tip.. You must specify on Paypal which tips and what hardness. If you fail to specify the Black will be sent Paypal is The...
  8. TomHay

    UltraSkin Black, Ivory and Fire

    USA shipping only UltraSkin Black, Ivory and Fire are now available on my Web Site for Mix and Match. Thanks, Tom
  9. TomHay

    New UltraSkin Fire Tip

    This is the new UltraSkin FIRE Tip. It comes in Soft Medium and Hard. The firmness and elasticity is right in between the UltraSkin Black and Ivory. You can mix or Match them with the AZB prices but must mark Ivory for Ivory and Fire for Fire or the black will be shipped Thanks, Tom
  10. TomHay

    Carbide Fiber Shafts

    I was thinking of having a Carbide Fiber Shaft made for my playing cue. From what I understand the players like a smaller mm at end of shaft where the Tip goes. I would like to know what mm you like and hopefully why you prefer it. Thanks, Tom
  11. TomHay

    UltraSkin Black - Ivory FS

    Sale is in USA only New Pool Season - DOUBLE mix or match for Cue Makers and Cue Repair People. You can now mix or match both the Black UltraSkin and the Ivory UltraSkin. Hardness options PRO, VS, Soft, Medium, Hard and HH Hardness Options - Soft - Medium - Hard. This sale is NOT on my Web...
  12. TomHay

    FS - UltraSkin's BLACK or IVORY

    UltraSkin's BLACK or IVORY Sale is in USA only New Pool Season - DOUBLE mix or match for Cue Makers and Cue Repair People. You can now mix or match both the Black UltraSkin and the Ivory UltraSkin. I have sold over 1,000,000 of the Black UltraSkins in the last 8 years Hardness options PRO...
  13. TomHay

    NEW "Ivory" UltraSkin Layered Cue Tips

    SORRY, shipping to addresses in USA Only Introducing the UltraSkin "Ivory" Layered Cue Tips 8 Layers of Japanese Pig Skin 14mm This Pig Skin is put through a Chlorine type solution and Rinse before Tanning When I started my UltraSkin Journey about 8 years ago I made a promise to the Cue...
  14. TomHay


    LoreeJon is breaking new ground to promote Pool Due to a name change she is not easy to find on Facebook She is a true legand. The Woman have probably given Pool 1/2 of the games showing on TV. Go in, like her page and keep up with the things she is...
  15. TomHay

    For my two day up today

    I Just wanted to wish everyone and their family's and friends A Happy and Safe 4th of July
  16. TomHay

    Sale on UltraSkin Layered Cue Tips

    This weeks special is a Mix or Match, not on Web Site for USA. 10 - $25.00 20 - $50.00 Add 2.50 per tip above that, shipping remains the same Please add $2.70 for shipping. PayPal put tip break up in Paypal notes
  17. TomHay

    UltraSkin Layered Cue Tips FS

    Pick of PRO VS Soft Medium Hard HH Mix or Match 10 for $25.00 $2.70 Shipping in USA only Add additional tips for $2.50 per tip, shipping remains the same EMAIL PAYPAL to put Tip Breakdown in Paypal notes. PAY under GOODS AND SERVICES so I get your shipping address. THANKS
  18. TomHay

    It has been brought to my attention

    It has been brought to my attention by email and notes put in Paypal notes that a very small group of people have been bad mouthing both my name and product, UltraSkin Layered Cue Tips. I hate to find myself sinking to their level but feel if they have something to say let us bring it here as...
  19. TomHay

    WTB big time

    Does anyone know where I can buy the round individulal plastic tins this person sells tips in...
  20. TomHay

    FS SIB Layered Tips - New Web Site

    Thanks for looking, constructive comments wanted.