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  1. Roy Steffensen

    «Winning One Pocket» & «Shots, Moves & Strategies»

    I was on Ebay looking around, and noticed that the book «Winning One Pocket» is for sale for $ 850. Luckily I bought the book from the author himself 8 years ago, and the «Shots, Moves & Strategies». I thought it was pricey back then, but I have to admit I got it cheap compared to prices...
  2. Roy Steffensen

    Old threads

    Hi folks. I am trying to find threads from my trips to Philippines, but I have only found a few of them. I can't find them, not even while seaching, and I am wondering if they somehow have been deleted? If anyone can help me find the threads I wrote in Janyary/February 2007 about my first...
  3. Roy Steffensen

    Animated childrens show involving pool

    Pat & Mat playing pool. It's an old children show from the former Czechoslovakia. Remember that this was sent on tv for children in the 80s back home in Norway. Here's an episode with Pat & Mat involving pool
  4. Roy Steffensen

    Custommade cuecase

    Don't know where this thread belong, but I'll try here. I am not playing pool anymore, just once a month or so, but I've for a long time wanted to order a custommade cuecase. I don't know exactly what I'm looking for, but I do think I want it white. I have a breakcue, jumpcue and regular...
  5. Roy Steffensen

    Efren was in Norway this weekend :-)

    Efren Reyes was invited to Norway this weekend by the owners of a poolhall in the city of Bergen, to play in the Bergen Open 9-ball. 110 players entered this handicap-event, with $ 100 entryfee and about $ 2000 added. Players got games on the wire based on their skillevel, and could get as...
  6. Roy Steffensen

    John Morra

    He is in Manila again. On my last trips here I have seen him in more action than anyone, only local hero Lolong is in more action. (Lolong, the guy with more wifes than teeth) Lolong is now giving a whale 5-6-7-8-9-10 race to 17 for lots of pesos. He is up 45 000 so far, winning 17-2 and 17-8...
  7. Roy Steffensen

    Shame on you, Derby. Should be same rules for everyone...

    At my first DCC I played Brumback in one-pocket, and ran 8-and-out to make it 2-2 and my break. I collected the balls, realized I owed a ball, and we called the TD and he said I lost the game, and lost the match 3-1 instead. Now Darren did the SAME on the TV-table. They replace the balls, and...
  8. Roy Steffensen

    AZB Player Money List - top 10 last 5 years (After IPT)

    Here is the top 10 earners from each of the last 5 years. Please note that many tournaments are not included. Many European and Asian tournaments are missing, but these numbers are from the AZ Money List which is probably the best updated list in the world right now. There have been a different...
  9. Roy Steffensen

    Mosconi Cup

    You know, I don't care much about this event anymore, cause it's way too easy for us europeans to win, so I'm just wondering if we have won yet?
  10. Roy Steffensen

    Mosconi Cup

    Anyone got results from day 1?
  11. Roy Steffensen

    In Philippines again - loving it as usual

    I'm in Philippines again, and like so many times before I got another chance to play Efren. Last Monday he drove hours from his hometown Angeles to Manila just to play me some cheap one-pocket, and then drove back home. That's how much he loves to play. Amazing. Can you imagine Tiger Woods...
  12. Roy Steffensen

    14-1 race to 1000, Stephan Cohen vs Nick van den Berg

    From Nick van den Berg's facebook: What an experience. Played my first race to 1000 in straight pool against Stephan Cohen (former world 14.1 champion). I started of very strong but in the end i was struggling with concentration due to fatique ;). Stephan came back on me but fell just a little...
  13. Roy Steffensen

    Have anyone else tried I tried iSnooker and iPool 7-8 years ago, and it's the same just on a new website. Now they have tournaments where you can win $ etc. It's pretty realistic, and cool to play. I've downloaded and paid (free 15-days trial), and let me nephews on 5...
  14. Roy Steffensen

    Match in Stavanger

    Me and Ine Helvik are now practicing 9-ball. The format is race to 10. We are using an another version of alternate break, where we are breaking 3 times each. First to win 2 sets win $ 200. Right now Ine is talking in the phone, so gonna start again in a few minutes. I'm up 2-1 in the...
  15. Roy Steffensen

    A feel-good thread about pool :)

    I started this thread for almost 3 months ago, after feeling sick of pool for almost a year. "I'm sick of pool" Well, things have changed a bit since then :D As some of you know I'm living on a small island with only 500 people, but I've...
  16. Roy Steffensen

    Pool in Argentina, Buenos Aires?

    A friend of mine is staying a couple of weeks in Argentina and was wondering if there are any poolhalls there? Can anyone help?
  17. Roy Steffensen

    One Pocket videos on youtube

    I'm addicted to one pocket, but can't play it because no one in my area like the game. I played it last weekend, and that was the first time since Derby City Classic. In 2010. :embarrassed2: It doesn't help to tell them we can gamble either, because no one will bet more than $ 5 a set, and then...
  18. Roy Steffensen

    Cool shot

    Played a practice-match against Line Kjorsvik today, and when faced with the layout below I spent some time trying to figure out what to do. It was impossible to go rail first because of the centerpocket, and I could only see a tiny part of the 5-ball so I couldn't get a good safety by hitting...
  19. Roy Steffensen

    I am going to heaven - Las Vegas here I come

    Just a friendly warning guys. I have now booked the trip for Las Vegas and the US Open One Pocket Championships! If you don't like drunk Norwegians, stay at home! :D
  20. Roy Steffensen

    I'm sick of playing pool... :(

    Pool has been my biggest passion for so many years now, and I've spent countless hours practicing and playing this game. I've had the pleasure of travelling around the world playing pool. I've played in qualifiers for the World Championships, Eurotour's, Derby City Classic and in front of...