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  1. rackmsuckr

    Exciting Tournament and Sponsorship Funding

    There is a fabulous new crowdfunding site called Developed by pool player Kim Jones, it supports funding pool tournaments and players, whether events or individual sponsorships. Our first campaign is funding the Western BCA 8 Ball event in March, and the companion event, the...
  2. rackmsuckr

    Going to Charlotte next week - anyone want to meet up?

    I know I posted earlier this month but I can't find the thread, so I thought I'd put it out there again. I'll be in Charlotte from next Monday to next Friday. I'm hoping to play at the Wednesday night tourney. Any AZB friends want to join me? I'm staying at the Marriott Residence Inn uptown...
  3. rackmsuckr

    Anybody want to play in Charlotte?

    Hi there, I'll be coming to Charlotte, NC on the 1st and staying through the 6th. Anyone want to hit some while I'm there? I won't have a car or my cues, but I'd like to play in a tournament or practice with some locals. Let me know; I'd love to meet fellow AZBers! Linda
  4. rackmsuckr

    Hi folks, I need help as WPBA Media Guide Director

    Hello, everyone, I am the Media Guide Director for the WPBA. That means that I am in charge of getting the media guide/program put together and selling the ads, as well as publishing their newsletter. I am asking for help in 2 ways: 1. Some of the ladies are having a rough time getting me...
  5. rackmsuckr

    Hi AZers!

    It's true, the Queen has been gone for some time now. I came on because I heard the BCA brackets were up for Vegas and thought for sure I'd find them here, but I didn't. :sorry: I'm mainly hanging out on Facebook now, so if you want to talk, you can find me at I...
  6. rackmsuckr

    New TV Show for Pool?

    Hi folks, A friend of mine, Larry Nathan, got the idea to spread his love of pool to every day viewers who might be interested in picking up a cue, so we shot 3 episodes and this is the first one that got produced, although it was the 2nd one we shot. (The first one, I covered fundamentals...
  7. rackmsuckr

    I'm coming to Chicago!

    Anyone interested in shooting a few racks with me or showing me their favorite room or playing in a weekly tournament? I will be in Chicago Sept. 3rd and 4th. Those are the only evenings I can get away. I will be staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont. Would love to meet fellow AZBers...
  8. rackmsuckr

    Have a Laugh. I was the Athlete of the Week

    Hi Everyone, Thought my old AZB friends might want to catch up with me. I was on the local news here as Athlete of the Week. I was excited to get pool recognized as a sport. I posted this on my Facebook page (which is where I have been hanging out lately) with comments, so thought I would...
  9. rackmsuckr

    Any tournaments in AZ in January?

    Hi folks, I'm going to be in Scottsdale from January 2-6 and was wondering if there are any good weekly tournaments to play in around that area. I will have a car and a girlfriend along. Old buddy, Jason Burkhart has promised to play, but thought maybe I could meet a few other AZBers while...
  10. rackmsuckr

    Western Regional Tour Championships Today

    Here's the link with the bracket boards. I'm in a tough bracket. Only the top 2 from each board make it into the final 16 board and into the money. I get to play OMGWTF. :p Wish me luck today... I'm gonna need it after playing bar box 8...
  11. rackmsuckr

    Some Fun 9 Ball Caroms

    I won a tournament last night (race to 2 on bar boxes, 9 Ball) with a few caroms and thought I'd share. This first one, I was playing my husband, Mike Zimmerman, and had to draw to the back side of the 9 to make it. I won the next game too. Later in the finals with him, I played safe on the...
  12. rackmsuckr

    Old IPT Video of Bustamante

    Thought some of you might like to watch this video from the King of the Hill tournament in FL. It's a partial 8 ball game and he gets stuck on his blocked 8 ball. Forgive the camera work. It was my phone back then, plus I panned rather fast, lol You also may want to watch the other 3 vids I...
  13. rackmsuckr

    Anybody in Orlando or NY?

    I will be in Orlando at a convention April 30-May 2. I will be staying at the host hotel without a car, but I will bring my cue if anyone wants to play for fun or we could go to a local tournament. I don't care what game - 8 ball, 9ball, straight pool, one pocket...I'm game. Let me know...
  14. rackmsuckr

    How much are heiresses worth? (Billiards related)

    I've been MIA, mostly because of my new business and playing on my iPad, lol. But I thought you folks might appreciate the billiards humor on this website.
  15. rackmsuckr

    Anyone going to Amateur Nationals?

    Even though I haven't been playing except once a month on big tables, I am making the jaunt to Denver this weekend. Is anyone else going to be there? If so, does anyone want to room with me? I'm going alone and have a room reserved with two queen beds. If you're interested just email me at...
  16. rackmsuckr

    Jerry Olivier Cues, Talisman Case, and RT9 Art FOR SALE!

    Gorgeous Jerry Olivier cues for sale. My buddy needs money and is selling her beautiful cue, break cue, Talisman case (just like mine!) and some RT9 art. The original #9 with the ivory crosses was originally valued around $1250. And, the break stick was $550 if I remember right. The...
  17. rackmsuckr

    The Hottest Man in Pool!!!!

    We found a winner in the Hottest Female in Pool, so I thought I would reverse it and let the ladies decide. I think anyone with a cue stick in their hands (or not!) qualifies. Here are some pics to get us started. Note: pics are lifted from the internet and everywhere, so if I have infringed...
  18. rackmsuckr

    Update on Rackmsuckr, The Queen - I'm baaaaack! =)

    Just wanted to let you know where I've been since last year. Mike and I moved to quaint southern OR from the bustling metropolis of Seattle. I found a foster sister that had been looking for me for 40 years and it seemed that even though I loved so many people in and around the Seattle area...
  19. rackmsuckr

    New Cue Holder?

    Has anyone tried out the new cue holders made by Ellen Van Buren? Basically, they are a piece of that grippy material we used to use on the shelves of our RV so things wouldn't slide around. I passed by some at the dollar store and one was a really pretty salmon color so I bought it to try...
  20. rackmsuckr

    What can I do to help an up and comer?

    I was at a tournament this weekend and a 14 year old kid came down from Portland and showed amazing skills. This kid has everything it takes to become a champion except competition and seasoning. I have seen a lot of kids that showed promise, but this one is good to go now! He has an amazing...