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  1. Jaden


    Why are none of xradarx's posts showing. Can't find a search of then or anything. Only quotes of his posts show up. I've never seen anything like that, even for banned members??? Jaden
  2. Jaden

    Beating a top 100 player in the world???

    How many players that post here on AZ billiards do you think can say they've beaten a top 100 player in the world in competition without a spot coming into play???? I'm honestly curious. Jaden p.s. feel free to chime in if you have.
  3. Jaden

    Audio blog thread moved to NPR????

    Why was my audio blog thread moved to NPR... It couldn't be any more related to pool if you tried...It, by definition it's Pool Related???? Jaden
  4. Jaden

    SVB t-shirt (dream)

    I had a dream early this morning that Shane was wearing a t-shirt that stated "If nothing else works, grab SVB" and Earl strickland had his arm around Shane wearing a t-shirt that said something else, I can't remember what.. but I thought it was hilarious so I thought I'd share. Jaden
  5. Jaden

    I know it's long shot... Wenatchee Wa

    Any decent places rto play within an hour of wenatchee?
  6. Jaden

    Phoenix area local tourneys...

    Just moved to Gilbert, and I'm interested in any local tournaments in the area or If any Azers want to meet up and hit some around. Jaden
  7. Jaden

    Matchroom releases initial Team SVB

    I was looking at the initial 14 player pool for Mosconi cup and there's no SVB, I guess not being willing to commit to them was enough to keep America's best player off the team... Jaden
  8. Jaden

    Castle billiards new Jersey

    I'm not looking to gamble, but if any azers in the area any to hit some around I'll be here most of the night. Jaden
  9. Jaden

    Best rooms in Minneapolis?

    What are the best rooms in minneapolis mn?? Jaden
  10. Jaden

    Duluth Wisconsin

    Anyone know any good pool halls in the Duluth Wisconsin area? Jaden
  11. Jaden

    swanee memorial...

    Anyone know what time the doors open for the swanee??? Jaden
  12. Jaden

    Bumpers in Huntsville

    So I'm in Huntsville can I decide to come out and practice a little bit. I find bumpers and I get here and there's 16 Blue Label Diamond seven-footers and eight blue label 9 Footers. I don't understand why there aren't more serious players in here I haven't seen a single one. Plus it's only $6...
  13. Jaden

    keep getting bad gateway 502...

    I keep getting a bad gateway error on a lot of the threads, but only on specific's kinda weird, anyone else seeing the same? Jaden
  14. Jaden

    Cues Stolen...

    My brother stopped at a gas station to get a drink yesterday and while he was inside some punk little *****es broke into his truck and stole his cue case. His main playing cue (dennis' old Tiger) and a break cue and a bunch of shafts were in there. This does have a happy ending though... He...
  15. Jaden

    POOL: Little Epiphanies...

    Getting better at pool is about having little epiphanies... They can come from many different sources but almost always are realized at the table. Some people might say "Duh, where else are they gonna be realized?" That's not what I mean by that though. The information and the...
  16. Jaden

    I've heard there are two unknowns heading to the swannee..

    I've heard a rumor that there will be two unknowns at the swannee this year that everybody should be watching out for. Yeah a couple of guys that have just mostly played in their basements and garages that are looking to take the world of billiards by storm starting this year... Can't divulge...
  17. Jaden

    Shane vs. Alex..

    Is anyone watching Shane vs Alex in the nineball? Can we get a update? Jaden
  18. Jaden

    Think about it this way...

    If you had to pick one player, and they had to win the US open at least once in the next five years... Who would you Pick???? given that the US open continues for another five years. Jaden
  19. Jaden

    nail biter with Shane and Rob...

    Shane manages to pull out a win over Rob hill-hill after being down most of the match. His next match against Earl will be a tester for sure... Jaden
  20. Jaden

    Josh Roberts vs. Joey Gray.

    ok guys. I can't give a play by play like I did last time but after some loose play Joey took the first game to get up 1-0. This is a completely different game than last time. Much looser and more aggressive play here with these two youngsters. Jaden