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  1. dabarbr

    Centennial pool table for sale nine footer

    Picture of the 9 foot Centennial pool table and light that is for sale. $7500 obo. Must sell. You pick up. Text me at 909-996-6366. Southern California area. Near Los Angeles
  2. dabarbr

    9 foot Centennial pool table for sale

    A Centennial nine footer for sale with custom light. Text me at 909-996-6366 for more info. $7500. You pick up. So California area. Moving soon , need to sell asap. Will send pictures
  3. dabarbr

    Sudden death APA Masters

    After watching some of the Masters APA in Vegas a couple of weeks ago a few of us got into a discussion and now I'm looking for more opinions. The Masters is a race to seven with a combination of eight ball and nine ball. Race to seven with the winner of the lag having the choice of either...
  4. dabarbr

    10 ball ring game bar table

    For those in Southern California. Come and join the fun.
  5. dabarbr

    My pool table project

    I just finished refinishing the rosewood rails on my Centennial table. A previous owner of the table got the brilliant idea of cutting into the beautiful wood rails to insert score keepers. He put in Gold Crown score keepers and not the after market score keepers that were available for this...
  6. dabarbr

    Ball skid

    I know we've all shot a key ball and had it skid causing us to lose that game. Normally a ball shot with low speed. My question have you ever shot one that skidded and the skid helped you win a game. I don't recall that ever happening to me. Has it to you or have you seen someone win because of...
  7. dabarbr

    Silly BCA eight ball question

    Talking with my teammates yesterday one of the guys asked this silly question. You just broke the balls playing eight ball with BCA rules. You made all the solids on the break and the eight ball is still on the table. Question is, can you now shoot at the eight since you still haven't...
  8. dabarbr


    Jay Helfert found this video. After watching this we should never complain about ever missing a shot. This should inspire all of us.
  9. dabarbr

    Ten ball tournament Saturday May30th

    For those of you in the area we're having a Ten ball ringgame tomorrow at the Golden Cue in So El Monte Ca. Limited to the first 36 to sign up. $50 entry. Played on 9ft gold crowns. Sign ups at 11am and play starts at noon.
  10. dabarbr

    APA regional decision, What's the call?

    Not too long ago I was watching an APA match between a couple of low level players. Winner of the match goes to Vegas for the National singles in their level group. It was a match with two women and one is a skill level three and the other is a skill level two. The three has to win three games...
  11. dabarbr

    Another ten ball tournament

    The last tournament was so well received so here's another one. This is to be played on the bar box in Yucaipa. Just east of Los Angeles. Yucaipa Billiards has some of the best bar boxes in the area and the entry is only $30. Ned Morris the very talented cue maker is making a jump cue that will...
  12. dabarbr

    Last Call for ten ball ringgame tourny

    Tomorrow is the day at Stix in Rancho Cucamonga. Still time to get in. See details at
  13. dabarbr

    Got game?... ten ball tournament

    Still time to get in and claim this.
  14. dabarbr

    Got game?...ten ball tournament

    Still time to get in and get this.
  15. dabarbr

    Spote still open for ten ball ring game tournament

    A few spots are still open for the ten ball ring game tournament at Stix in Rancho Cucamona Ca. Dec 6th Total offensive, no safety play, no waiting hours between matches, 100% payout with $400 added. Second chance mini $10 buy back tournament with added money. So be prepared to play all day...
  16. dabarbr

    Ring game tournament

    Something new for the Southern California players.
  17. dabarbr

    Ring game tournament

    Something new for the Los Angeles area players.
  18. dabarbr

    Who's the best, past to present

    I wrote this a few years ago in reference to a couple of threads here on AZ comparing yesterdays players against todays. This is my opinion. Who's the best By Frank Almanza I have been asked many times to compare the players from yesteryear to today's crop. This question has always been...
  19. dabarbr

    A little about straight pool

    I just thought some of you might enjoy an article I wrote a few years ago about straight pool. Who's your Daddy? By Frank Almanza Once upon a time, a long long time ago, born to the green felt was a little game. During his toddler years, he was known as "little line up", and in his adolescent...
  20. dabarbr

    This happened to me in Vegas last night

    I'm in one of the tournament rooms in Vegas last night about midnight talking to a couple of friends when a guy with a couple of beers in his hands comes up to us and wants to know if one of us wants to play some 20 dollar eight ball. He's playing the drinking man part. I was going to practice...