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  1. Dartman

    McDermott M7-QR5 (Defender) FS

    Never used cue. Retired by McD in 2009. Rolls true. Includes 2x2 case. $375 OBO. edit 8/22 - sold on ebay .
  2. Dartman

    Simonis Heads Up

    If you're thinking about getting some Simonis cloth you may want to act sooner rather then later based on this news - Billiard cloth factory Simonis heavily damaged Last week's floods severely damaged the Iwan Simonis factory in Verviers in Belgium. The market leader in billiard cloths does not...
  3. Dartman

    Additions to Mechanics Directory

    Do you know someone that does excellent pool table work that should be included in the Mechanics Directory? Post their name, number and state in this thread so they can be added.
  4. Dartman

    Where next for Brunswick

  5. Dartman

    Changes to the Mechanics Directory

    It's been a while since I added anyone to the Mechanics Directory and in looking thru some of the threads it appears some AZ members have had good experiences with installers/mechanics that are not members here or may have not been aware of the AZB forum. That said, I'd like some community...
  6. Dartman

    Pool Table Mechanic Directory Update

    To all that are listed in the Mechanics directory, be advised that I will be going thru all the listings and deleting those that no longer show pictures of work. If there are any new mechanics that would like to be added to the directory please review the sticky instructions and then pm me...
  7. Dartman

    9' Gandy Big G Table

    Hi guys, I posted this over in the for sale area in case any of you are looking for a Gandy Big G. 9' Gandy Big G pool table in good condition for sale. Located in Delray Beach, FL. Pick up only. PM if interested.
  8. Dartman

    Gandy Big G Table

    9' Gandy Big G pool table in good condition for sale. Located in Delray Beach, FL. $875 OBO. Pick up only. PM if interested.
  9. Dartman

    Trapezoid shaped cushions?

    A customer said he had trapezoid shaped cushions on his table and sent this picture Then he said his table was a Brunswick Dunham (shown here). Anyone know what to use as replacement cushions for this table?
  10. Dartman

    Jack Z or Josh E - Michigan?

    Hey guys Do either of you get up into Michigan - specifically around Holland? Thanks
  11. Dartman

    Keno Pool Boards

    Just done making a new batch of Keno Boards. I have them finished or unfinished. Get one here Finished Unfinished
  12. Dartman

    Keno Pool Boards

    Just an FYI - it has been awhile since I last made Keno Pool Boards but I have a batch almost completed. If you or someone you know is looking for one let me know. I will have them for 7', 8' and 9' tables. Thanks.
  13. Dartman

    Pool Table Mechanics Directory Review

    I've been out of the loop for awhile and would like to ask the veteran members to scan thru the "Directory Sticky" and let me know if any of the mechanics listed are no longer on AZ so they can be removed. Additionally, if you have suggestions to improve the Directory kindly post them here...
  14. Dartman

    Name the Flaw

    New slice of 860 Electric Blue installed within the last 2 weeks. Customer states cloth looked fine when received but noticed whiteish spot after install (unknown installer). Any comments on what might have caused this white spot? Doubtful it came from Belgium this way. Thanks
  15. Dartman

    Did you go to the BCA Show

    2013 Anyone go? Anything new and different?
  16. Dartman

    Is it the cloth or the install?

    Here's some pics sent to me of a recent recover (not by me) using ProForm worsted cloth. The table owner is insisting the cloth is defective. I tried to explain to him on the phone it was a bad install when he described the cloth as "growing" and wrinkling even before he sent me these pics. He...
  17. Dartman

    Anyone Need Some Corner Miter Sets

    While rummaging thru some storage boxes I came across 2 sets of new table corner miters. 1 set is aluminum with a brass finish. 7 3/4" tall with no blemishes. The other set is plastic, 7 1/4" tall and has some scuff marks but a coat of paint will fix that. The blind width on both sets is 3/4"...
  18. Dartman

    Unloading cloth remnants

    SEE UPDATE IN POST # 6 These are misc yardage of billiard cloth remnants and most are enough to get at least a rail set. Simonis 860, Sim Green, 1 yard 78" wide *sold Simonis 860HR, Sim Green, 1 yard *sold Simonis 760, Sim Green, 1 yard *sold Velocity, Pro Green, 2 yards Titan, Tourny Green, 1...
  19. Dartman

    Ewa Mataya Topps Card

    You know you made it when you have a Topps baseball card :cool: Don't know if this has been posted before or if any other "names in pool" have been honored by Topps. Naturally, Ewa's card made it to eBay. Topps Card News
  20. Dartman

    Pics from BCA Show in Chicago 7/18

    Besides Ewa and Tom Rossman pictured below also noticed Stefano, Corey Deuel and Nick Varner walking around. Seems the past few shows have had less of the well known name players in attendance then in years past. Wasn't aware they have 2 styles of chalk now. .98 and 1.21 (edit)...