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    Sold Bluegrass Merry Widow 30th Anniversary for sale

    For your consideration is an opportunity to own a rare Bluegrass 30th Anniversary cue. This cue has about 50 hours of one pocket play by me in a smoke free environment. It is in perfect condition, zero dings, dents, or scratches. Price is SOLD via PayPal includes fees and insured USPS Express...
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    New Bluegrass 30th Anniversary Cue

    I was fortunate enough to talk Greg A. into selling me what I consider to be a "Grail" cue for me. Being able to get one of Richard's 30th Anniversary cues in my favorite playing configuration (merry widow with a wrap) is a dream come true. Thank you Greg and thank you Richard and Donna for...
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    Sold EDC - Jules Patterson 4-Point Player For Sale

    For your consideration is an opportunity to own an awesome player from a maker that you don't see in the for sale section very much I am only giving up this cue because I have an opportunity for to get a Bluegrass anniversary cue. This is a used but in overall very good to great condition Jules...
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    Sold Tascarella Rosewood Merry Widow For Sale

    For your consideration is a mint Tascarella Rosewood Merry Widow that is in excellent condition. There is one micro-ding just below the joint that can only be seen in the right light otherwise the cue is free of any scratches or dents. I would rate this cue 9.5 out of 10, with 10 being perfect...
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    Sold 99.9% New Mezz Tulip into Ebony six pointer with Ex Pro Shaft

    For your consideration is an essentially brand new Mezz CP-135SW Cue with an upgraded Mezz Ex Pro shaft. Purchase price was $850.00 and I will sell it for SOLD shipped USPS Express in the continental US. Price is firm and no trades please. i shaped the tip and hit balls with this cue for about...
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    Aaron Astle Cue For Sale

    For your consideration is a 99% new Aaron Astle cue. I picked this up from Aaron and it is a beautiful cue, but I decided to stick with wrapped cues. Everything about this cue is perfect, one shaft has about two hours of play and the other has not been hit. Price is a firm SOLD shipped in the...
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    Sold Tascarella Ebony Merry Widow w/all the Upgrades

    I picked this beauty up from Joe and now it is time to let it go as I have another. For your consideration is a mint jet black Ebony Merry Widow Tascarella with upgraded natural joint, ferrules, slotted rings and an awesome perfectly installed leather wrap. Price is a firm Sold shipped in the...
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    New Tad Big Pin Player

    I had the opportunity to pick up a big pin Tad player from my friends at J&J and as always they did not disappoint. Here are a couple pictures of my latest player.
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    WTB - Bluegrass Cue

    Looking for a Bluegrass six pointer if anyone has one for sell shoot me a PM. General specifications below: Length - 58" equal split 29/29 Shafts -12.90mm - 13.10mm Weight - 18.7 - 19.7 Thanks -don
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    WTB Jules Patterson EDC Cue

    Looking for an EDC cue in the 18.7 - 19.5 weight range with 12.8+ shafts. Thanks -don
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    Looking for Blue Grass....

    Looking for a Blue Grass full-splice or Merry Widow in excellent condition. Ideal specs below. Shafts - 12.8+ Weight - 19-19.8 Thanks -don
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    99% New Mezz WX-Sigma Shaft for sale

    For your consideration is a Mezz WX-Sigma shaft that I picked up from Mezz USA. Nice shaft just not my cup of tea. Shaft has about 30 minutes of test hitting by me. My loss is your gain. These shafts go for $270 and I am asking SOLD including USPS priority shipping within the continental U.S. I...
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    Tascarella BEM Merry Widow Hoppe

    New Arrival, can't wait to hit some with it tomorrow!!!
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    Wes Hunter Merry Widow for Sale

    For your consideration is a 98% new Wes Hunter cue. I picked up this cue from Jamie (Worminator) and while it is unbelievably beautiful it is just a little too thick and stiff for my taste. One shaft has about five hours of one pocket play and the other is un-hit. The cue is perfect with zero...
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    Big Pin Tad BEM Player For Sale

    SOLD - Thanks Brian and AZ Billiards
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    Predator Vantage Shaft 3/8-10 For Sale

    For your consideration is a very nice Predator Vantage shaft. I don't know about the age of the shaft as I purchased it here on AZ and used it a few times. It is in mint condition with zero dings and is butter smooth to the touch as I cleaned and polished it on my home lathe. i will take Sold...
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    99.9% New Revo, white vault plate, 12.9, 3/8-10 for Sale

    Sold I picked up this Revo from Seybert's and do not like the fit on my cue. I ordered the shaft with a Zan Medium tip. Other than screwing it on the butt of my cue and hitting about five balls the shaft is unused. I have taken a little off the top of the Zan tip as I don't like super tall tips...
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    New Predator 314-3 Shaft - 3/8-10 FS

    New unused 314-3 shaft for sale for Sold shipped in the continental US including PayPal fees. This shaft has never been chalked and is brand new. These are $289.00 new, don't miss this opportunity to get one of these great shafts well below reatil. Pictures below.
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    New Predator 313-3 3/8-10 Shaft For Sale

    Created a new add as this one had an incorrect title. Thanks -don
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    Tascarella Classic 4-Point Rosewood for Sale

    For your consideration is a really nice Pete Tascarella. This cue is available for SOLD including PayPal fees and free insured USPS Priority shipping in the Continental United States. Will ship in a nice hard 1x2 case pictured below in the thread with pictures of the butt. No Trade Offers...