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  1. mdavis228

    Cue Caps by Alton for my Tascarella

    Always a pleasure to deal with my friend, Alton Takata. His attention to detail and drive to deliver excellence is a gift. We worked with the Tascarella shop to get veneer pieces & thick NS rings for the project. They were very accommodating & friendly. Alton included a number of design, and of...
  2. mdavis228

    Maple varieties - perceived "hit/feel" differences or characteristics?

    Nevermind... I think the title I chose doomed serious responses to the question...
  3. mdavis228

    Nice Titlist Conversion by Ryan Theewen

    Very nice Rosewood with ivory ferrules, joint, and Hoppe ring. 29/29 split. Butt 14.9. Two shafts, both very full 13mm. Joint .840 ivory sleeved over wood. Ryan got the donors from a customer (there were two made), along with some original Brunswick parts/materials. The butt cap and all ivory...
  4. mdavis228

    Wonderful McDaniel Cue <<<<<<

    Here’s a beautiful McDaniel Q88 in superlative condition. Butt 14.8. McDaniel shafts full 13mm, right at 4 oz - melamine ferrules, both unused. Comes w/ a lightly used OB1 fit for the cue by Jess June at the McDaniel shop. Butt only lightly used, but looks new (approx 97%). Ivory inlays...
  5. mdavis228

    1930's Titlist done by Andy Gilbert

    Just got this a few days ago. Per usual, Andy & Vicki hit it outta the park. From 1930's vintage blank I got on here from jacobyguy. 3rd from left in the first pic. Really happy with it. I'm NOT a photog... Pics won't do justice.
  6. mdavis228

    My new Denali Break Cue

    This is a lively, HARD hitter. Delivered on spec, and on time. Purpleheart forearm, full spliced into a Gaboon Ebony handle, with a PH butt sleeve, and PH shaft. See review section for more comments. My thanks to, and recommendation of, Bob Flynn at Denali Cues.
  7. mdavis228

    Denali FS Break Cue

    I recently received a new break cue from Bob Flynn at Denali Cues. Bob was very easy to work with, knowledgeable about helping you get what you want from the cues he makes, communication was excellent, and he delivered on time - nearly to the day of estimate. The cue is a purpleheart forearm...
  8. mdavis228

    Happy Birthday Tony Zinzola

    Getting an early start. Tony's B-Day is tomorrow, 10/11. Hope you have a great day, Tony!
  9. mdavis228

    Happy B-Day to pooldawg!

    Hope you've had a great day!
  10. mdavis228

    Happy Birthday to Dennis Searing!

    Hope it's a great day, Dennis!
  11. mdavis228

    Olathe 9 Ball

    Starting in a few... Bowman & Gunia in a winners side match.
  12. mdavis228

    "Chris' Case" by JB Custom

    This was a case that sprang to mind after seeing John post a case he called "Chocolate Love" some time back. I contacted him with my ideas & he returned my call promptly (allow for him being on the other side of the world). He was real easy to work with & accomodating in helping bring my wishes...
  13. mdavis228

    Happy Birthdays to ghost121 and CMD

    Wanted to say Happy Birthday to my good friend, Steven, from England - ghost121. Also Birthday Wishes to Chris - CMD, who still owns my favorite Sugartree cue to date! Both great AZ members & fine people. Have a great day, my friends!
  14. mdavis228

    Happy Birthday, Dave Sutton

    Hope your day is a good one. Best wishes!!
  15. mdavis228

    Happy Birthday - Lee Peppers

    Hope more people will see this in the Main Forum. Sending Happy Birthday wishes to Lee Peppers of LP Custom Cues!! Have a great day, Lee!
  16. mdavis228

    Names in blue font??

    A friend of mine who is a member asked me about this & I had no idea. Maybe someone who's been here longer will know... Why are some names - such as mine - listed in blue font at the bottom where it shows those who are on line, have been today, etc? Anybody know?
  17. mdavis228

    Happy Holidays & Best Wishes

    Wanted to say a hearty thank you to all the great cue makers & tech's that do so much to help & support us on the forum. There's a wealth of solid advice available to guide people with their purchase, repair, and maintenance concerns; as well as common sense help with determining what it is that...
  18. mdavis228

    Wooden Cue Cases

    Wooden Cue Cases - Info Please Guy I know is interested in having a 2x2 to 2x4 wooden cue case made. Hardwood, suitcase variety. Can anyone provide info on folks that do this kind of thing?
  19. mdavis228

    SS vs Ivory piloted joint

    Hey, folks... I use 5/16-14 piloted exclusively as my playing joint, and have always used & liked the SS variety. Lee Peppers is doing a 2nd Titlist conversion for me (purpleheart this time), the design of which would lend itself particularly well to an ivory piloted joint. To say I'm happy with...
  20. mdavis228

    Purpleheart Titlist

    Looking for one for conversion. Any help?