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  1. IbeAnEngineer

    Funny Comment from a teammate on my cue.

    A teammate cracked me up Thursday night after league. This teammate plays with a light cue, <19 oz with a thin carbon fiber shaft, and to my knowledge has always used low deflection shafts. He picks up my cue (1980's Schon R-1 20oz with standard 13mm) and hits a few balls. After a few shots...
  2. IbeAnEngineer

    Cue Question - Willie Elder brand?

    Hi all, Just got a text from a buddy at pool hall. He just picked up a cue with a clear plastic window in the butt that has Willie Elder's Finest in foil under the plastic ring. Don't have any pictures yet and was wondering if anyone here has an idea what he has based on the label in the but...
  3. IbeAnEngineer

    UPA League of Champions

    Hello All, I was approached this evening by someone who was recruiting players for the UPA League of Champions. Does anyone on the board have any input or had any experience with this league? I checked out their website and there was not a lot of specifics listed. Any info or experiences...
  4. IbeAnEngineer

    Need dimensions for metal rack to hold triangle on a GC II

    I currently have a and older GC table that is missing the metal rack that holds the triangle. Rather than ordering/ buying a replacement, I was going to fabricate one out of some 1/4" round bar that I have out in my shop. However, I need the dimensions. Could someone who has access to the...
  5. IbeAnEngineer

    Players Booted for Gambling?

    Just got home from BCAPL in Vegas. While out there I heard from 2 different people that some players were 86'd from the Riv/tournament area for gambling. Would have happened prior to Tuesday A.M. Did anyone actually see this?
  6. IbeAnEngineer

    Shaft Storage - Which is Best?

    Question for the cuebuilders. What is the BEST way to store shafts? I am sure that there are several ways to store them. However, given your choice how would you store them. Thanks in advance
  7. IbeAnEngineer

    Newer Valley Tables Pocket Size

    Hi All, Has Valley changed the pocket size/configuration in the last couple of years on their 7 foot bar boxes? The reason I am asking is that I play in a traveling VNEA league and a couple of the locations we play at have newer tables and they seem to be quite a bit looser (pocket size and...
  8. IbeAnEngineer

    Tip Lathe

    Hello all, I have been doing my own tips and a few for friends for years with a razor blade, roll of masking tape, some sandpaper and a lot of patience. Lately, I have decided that I would like to invest in a lathe to do tips and possibly a ferrule every now and then. For just a player...
  9. IbeAnEngineer

    Old Ball Sets

    Is there any market for old ball sets? I have a coworker who obtained around 25 old balls via an estate. Not sure at this time if they are ivory, clay or celluloid. There was however one of the balls that is a striped 16 ball? My buddy is bringing them into work tomorrow and will post...